Craiglist Car Sale By Owner

Craiglist Car Sale By Owner

Craiglist Car Sale By Owner – A 1961 Chevrolet Corvette is listed on Craigslist that has been sitting in a yard for 40 years and is still covered in moss.

The seller told Fox News he found it in central New Jersey after receiving a tip from a real estate agent. It’s a gem among half a dozen cars parked in front of a dilapidated house filled with car parts.

Craiglist Car Sale By Owner

It turns out that its late owner built high-performance engines for tractors and stock cars, and the “gasser” style Corvette reflects his craftsmanship.

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The front end of the original white convertible was raised on spacers and mounted on “Slot Mag” wheels with extra-wide Mickey Thompson tires.

The fiberglass body has virtually withstood the test of time and was nearly crushed by two trees that were just inches long on either side of the car.

According to the seller, the chassis is in pretty good shape despite being exposed to the elements for so long. As far as he knew, it rested on a terrace that had since been weathered by the elements but had provided some protection over the years.

The seller is pretty sure the car was a fuel-injected model when new, but when the project was abandoned, it appears to have been set up as a 427cc V8 swap.

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He does have a wire lock though, so he’ll definitely be happy to burn anyone who can resurrect him.

If you’re up for the challenge, there are homes for sale in Eastern Pennsylvania. A mint-condition numbers-matching example is worth over $150,000, while this example with a clean title sold for $24,500. In another case of “I know what happened” craziness, a Craigslist seller in Portland, Oregon, tried to offload a 1993 Toyota pickup truck for nearly $25,000.

It looks flawless (the photos are pretty good too), but the fact that it has over 130,000 miles on it changes things a bit. It’s true that Toyota trucks are nearly impossible to kill, but for some, the price is a bit high – including us.

The owner says of his treasure that its interior is completely original and has never been smoked, and even the letters on the steering wheel buttons look like new. The vehicle comes in Xtra Cab configuration and comes with 4WD, automatic transmission, air conditioning, AM/FM tape, and even has the factory sunroof. In true old-school fashion, camper tops used to be installed the “right way” with clips rather than screws.

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All kidding aside, dealer prices are not entirely different from similar truck prices. In his ad, the owner mentioned that a 1983 Toyota pickup truck sold for $55,000 at the Barrett-Jackson auction. Kelley Blue Book lists these trucks for under $10,000, even in like-new condition, but their “for sale” listings rate them much higher on the company’s own website.

Why are trucks so valuable? They are simple in construction and simple in engineering. Important parts have been redone so only the truck

Sunk in the English Channel and destroyed in a building demolition explosion. With very little tinkering, the truck came to life after all the shenanigans it had gone through, and later became a permanent part of the show’s filming. Like anyone who loves cars and considers himself an unknown financial genius, I’m constantly checking out Craigslist for great deals. But I never actually bought anything, which meant I tortured myself with an ever-growing mental list of missed opportunities.

The Moby-Dick in the catalog is a white Bronco from the ’90s that I saved in 2012 with a 7.3-liter diesel engine and five-speed transmission that was advertised for $5,500. I was hanging out there for a day and decided to take the car out. Triggered, but by then he was gone. My friend said he saw it for sale again not too long ago – for $29,900.

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So when I recently clicked on another Mustang that looked like a bargain, I called the owner and told him to consider selling it. The Bronco in question is a green and brown Eddie Bauer 1996 car with the usual rust on the edges of the rear fenders, but otherwise appears clean with nice paint and low mileage. Price: $3,200.

Granted, I already owned a 1993 Bronco because that original whistle set me on the journey to build a similar version. So this is going to be a fun “fix and flip” project, and my experience with my own truck makes me somewhat dismissive of what should be warning signs. Like when the owner told me he didn’t fill up the gas tank because it was leaking, I said, “It’s probably just the fuel neck. When I realized I put fuel into my shoe, I replaced it with mine too .”Simple fix!

I started the 250 mile journey in my sister-in-law’s Yukon XL pulling a trailer. It’s time to stop regretting the things you don’t regret and start regretting the things you do! I guess how smart I was to see the potential in an old plow truck – yes, this Bronco had a plow, which is a universal sign of a truck going to hell. But the guy sold it because there wasn’t enough snow in Virginia. That’s like saying wild horses were once used as a chicken coop, but then a raccoon killed all the chickens, so it’s not filled with poop like a farm. expect.

When I arrived at the dealer’s house, I immediately noticed rust on the bottom of the Mustang’s rear fender, which was the brown part of Eddie Bauer’s two-tone color scheme. You can’t tell the difference between the brown rust and the brown paint in the Craigslist photo. This is obvious to people.

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I opened the driver’s side door and saw rust on the door sill. The fasteners behind the shiny chrome front bumper have almost completely disappeared. The tailgate is rust-free, but the bodywork inside is made of twisted orange worn metal. My excitement faded before I could get under the truck, which looked like the ruins of a Civil War blockade. This thing takes a lot of work. Those who do should be prepared to get a tetanus shot.

What a confusing vehicle. It’s beautiful from certain angles. But for others, it’s just cash for candy. “I told you it was a carriage,” Bob said. Yes I know. But I don’t want to hear it.

I came home with an empty trailer filled with self-loathing. On the way I called my friend Keith to express my condolences. When I told him about my futile move, he said, “Man, I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me. But hey, no risk, no reward.” Shortly thereafter, I probably Expressed this sentiment to my wife.

I will now initiate a voluntary ban on amateur car price arbitrage. The only way to play this game is to buy a used car that you love, drive and enjoy. Maybe one day you’ll sell it. Maybe even make money. The only guarantee is that whoever buys it will be someone else because they’re convinced they’re missing out on the deal of the century.

Found The Car You’ve Been Looking For On Craigslist

Editor-in-Chief, Columnist. Now he lives in North Carolina, but he still remembers how to turn right. He owns a 2009 GEM e4 that once went 206 mph. These facts are mutually exclusive.

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Can the body return to nature after death? History of Pi Why is the Bobcat such a wild machine?

Standby: Eco Flow 2 Smart Home Panel Don’t Waste Lube How Will UFO Lenses Trick Your Brain? Why does the living human body “not decay”? Currently, there is no better way to reach a large audience for selling your car than Craigslist. It’s a free website that lets you list everything from bulk houses to used sneakers to Ferrari F40s, and the format doesn’t place any major restrictions on what you can put in your ads.

Cars, Photos And More For Sale On Craigslist, Ebay

Even with the proliferation of apps like LetGo and OfferUp, Craigslist remains a significant player for one reason: simplicity.

However, Craigslist is far from perfect. There are the obvious disadvantages of false advertising, flat tires, and dealing with anonymous buyers whose financial status is unknown.

All told, we’ve purchased (let alone purchased) dozens of cars on Craigslist. We collect controllers every day, sell stylish classics, and think about the things we don’t actually need.

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