Cps Office Fort Worth Tx

Cps Office Fort Worth Tx

Cps Office Fort Worth Tx – ‘It’s been over 60 days without my son’ Mom fights to get him back from CPS after trip to hospital

A North Texas mother says a trip to Children’s Health Medical Center in Dallas was involved in a child protective services investigation.

Cps Office Fort Worth Tx

Joslyn Sanders says she is overcoming a spinal cord injury that threatened her dream of motherhood and is “temporarily” confined to a wheelchair to deal with the biggest loss of her life: taking care of her “happy, attentive nature.” son, Josiah.

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“Being able to give birth to my son naturally is a blessing in itself and for someone to come and take me away for no reason is a huge disappointment and it’s been more than 60 days without my son,” she told a presser. conference call on Tuesday. morning. “I don’t know what to do other than call for help.”

Sanders had been without her son for two years before Christmas after seeing a doctor at Children’s Dallas.

Sanders says her son’s primary care provider referred her to Children’s specifically for blood work related to a contact dermatitis the child had recently developed.

Sanders says he is “punishing” his son for taking the antibiotic clindamycin and leaving the hospital against his doctor’s advice.

Rd District Court Of Tarrant County, Texas

The mother says that as someone who graduated in the top 10 percent of her class at UNT, she was able to thoroughly research the drug for more than seven hours and came to the conclusion that she did not want her son on clindamycin.

“I think the doctor at the time was maybe a little hurt by the rejection and I think he questioned the authority of his knowledge,” Sanders said. “It wasn’t like that at all, I want the best for my son and I think that particular antibiotic was not the best for my son.”

She says the doctor raised concerns about the baby’s size and whether she was malnourished, which the mother says is not true.

According to Sanders, she breastfed her son for two years and recently weaned him, which created regular challenges with food, but also something a “nutritionist” would help with.

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Her father, Jason Sanders, says the malnourished boy’s claims are short-sighted and don’t take into account the fact that his daughter is small, thin, so his granddaughter will likely be on the “smaller” end of her age range.

Sanders says that once they left the hospital, she went back to her primary care doctor, who prescribed an “alternative” medication for the boy’s rash.

An ACPS investigator and officers from Corinth, at the request of the CPS there, later visited his home.

“He advised us that we could voluntarily take my son to the hospital,” Sanders said. “I said, ‘Yes, ma’am.’ I have no problem. We can take him to Children’s Plano, but I won’t go back to Children’s Dallas because I didn’t have a good experience there.”

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Sanders says he then asked the investigator, who he describes as an intern, if he had a court order to be at his house.

The woman, she says, called someone and returned to inform the family: “We don’t have a chance to take my son to the hospital and she will take my son.”

Coring Police Chief Jerry Garner confirmed the exchange took place after speaking with the responding officers and reading their report.

The department is often called upon to assist CPS workers when they “seize” children and say they are in danger because they are concerned about their medical care.

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In these “often emotionally charged” situations, Garner says his officers are there to enforce the law and make sure no one’s rights are violated.

“What the officers saw was that the child who was with his caregivers did not appear to be malnourished,” Garner said. “He was eating. He was drinking. He had a rash, but they didn’t see anything that made them think: We have to put an emergency on this kid.”

The family disputes CPS’s removal of Josiah, despite not having a signed court order to do so, Garner confirms in an order that CPS only informed officials that the state “requested” the order.

“A CPS worker then instructed the officer to handcuff the child and the officer said, ‘We’re not going to do that,'” Garner said. “Again, there’s no reason to believe this child is in danger. We’re here to keep the peace, but we’re not going to help take this child.”

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NBC 5 asked the police chief why, if the CPS worker removed the child without a court order and his officers expressed concern for his well-being, his removal would not, in principle, constitute an abduction.

“I don’t think it’s a kidnapping,” he replied. “I think you are talking more about a civil situation than a kidnapping. If the officers had seen that CPS was going to do something dangerous to the child, they would obviously have been forced to act and stop it from happening. the child at the doctor is not like something dangerous to the child. qualification”.

Garner did not say whether the mother’s rights were violated by CPS, which will be up to the judge to decide.

The boy’s mother says she is also upset that Josiah’s online “MyChart” record, in addition to being sent back to Children’s Dallas, gave him medication that hospital staff objected to.

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“After [CPS] found out I had seen this information, they blocked my access to his medical records,” she said.

The family was able to get to the hospital but was later told to leave, according to Sanders and his father.

Federal privacy laws prevent Children’s Dallas and CPS from sharing their side of the story with reporters.

A spokesperson for Children’s Health gave NBC 5 a statement that read in part, “The safety and well-being of all our patients is our highest priority.”

Child Protective Services Is Already Investigating Families Over Texas Anti Trans Directive

A CPS spokesperson told NBC 5, “I can confirm that Josiah is in our custody, but he has been placed with a relative.”

According to Sanders, Josiah was placed with a woman who was related by marriage but was no longer part of the family.

Additionally, she says CPS gave her the option to list seven people she would like to place the baby with, and CPS chose a woman who wasn’t even on the list.

Sanders received weekly hour-long visits with her son, although the first visits were not wheelchair accessible.

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Her son was in the top bunk and it was impossible for her to reach him, she said.

“I haven’t been without my son for more than a few hours,” she said. “He is my best friend. I gave birth. It is very painful.”

Sanders and his family are receiving support and guidance from the Next Generation Action Network and state representative Carl Sherman.

“On behalf of the state of Texas, I apologize,” Sherman said at the news conference. “No parent should have to go through what you and your dad went through.”

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Sherman’s research shows that seeking a second opinion often results in the doctor’s initial treatment advice needing to be changed.

“When I think about CPS’s mission statement, it starts with partnering with families and the community,” she said. “This is not a partnership.”

Next Generation leaders are asking the public to call CPS to demand that Josias be returned to his mother.

Almost two years ago, Dallas Children’s faced a similar situation with their child.

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Russell cites long-held perceptions in the black community about health care in the United States, where, for example, pregnant black women in pain are sometimes considered “too dramatic” or not.

“This mother is not an idiot. She didn’t come from an idiot and she’s not going to raise one,” Russell said. “They practice medicine. They don’t know everything. Don’t give everything to people because they have a certain degree.”

Sanders will appear in a Denton County court Wednesday morning to try to regain custody of her child.

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At a Capitol press conference, a child protective services task force outlined the legislation 12 state representatives are working on. The most impactful bill the group will propose would make DFPS an independent agency that reports directly to the governor. Under the reorganization, CPS would operate at the local level rather than at the state level.

“To improve CPS long-term, you have to make decisions within the agency,” said Rep. Richard Pena Ramond (D-Laredo).

“Locally, we can find out which foster homes do a good job with teenagers

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