Immigration Office Las Vegas Nv

Immigration Office Las Vegas Nv

Immigration Office Las Vegas Nv – During the month that President Trump signed the executive order on immigration and border security, and that a few days ago the Department of Homeland Security presented new guidelines for their implementation, there is still uncertainty and uncertainty, especially for foreigners.

On February 17, 2017, John Kelly, Secretary of Homeland Security, released a memorandum implementing the immigration executive order signed by President Donald Trump on January 25.

Immigration Office Las Vegas Nv

In an article published by the Nevada Independent on February 21, immigration attorney Kathia Pereira referred to the documents, which had not been released at the time of the interview.

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Now that the guidelines have been published, I spoke again with Ms. Pereira will give our readers their final opinion.

Immigration attorney Kathia Pereira sits in her office in Las Vegas on Friday, February 24, 2017. Jeff Scheid / The Nevada Independent @jeffscheid

Question (Question): When you read the memorandum, in broad terms, what does it mean? What can you tell your guests?

Mp live a quiet and honest life and devote yourself to your work, so the chances of getting caught and fired are very low.

Crushing Immigration Judge Caseloads And Lengthening Hearing Wait Times

Even if the memo is a recipe for mass deportation – frankly – there aren’t enough officers to deport 11 million people.

This problem is faced by those who are in trouble with the law and have to do with immigration, because these people are the ones who are currently being deported.

The main reason for deportation is if a person is convicted of a crime, that is, if a person is arrested or goes through a trial and the judge or jury finds the person guilty or confesses to the crime.

Currently, the main reason for deportation is anyone who has committed a crime, such as driving without a license or disturbing the peace. It also includes those who have been arrested even though the criminal trial has not yet ended.

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Immigration attorney Kathia Pereira stands in the lobby of her office in Las Vegas on Friday, February 24, 2017. Jeff Scheid/The Nevada Independent @jeffscheid

ANSWER: When the president signs an executive order, he states the purpose, the idea, but does not give details about its implementation. In the memorandum, the guidelines for the implementation of the reasons for the decree are set.

That is why they are so important and we are waiting for them. I said “The decree is very open, but the memorandum will give us a better understanding.” Instead, they confirmed the conversation.

Q: Can you tell me more about 287(g)? For example, when an undocumented immigrant arrives at the Clark County Detention Center, not because of immigration but because of a crime or other reason, that person has an attorney when the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement investigating a detainee?

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A: If someone comes to the Detention Center and is involved with ICE, that person must give their name, but they must remain silent. You don’t have to answer any questions, even from ICE. In that case, all you have to say is “I won’t answer until my lawyer gets here.”

And you don’t have to talk. At the prison, the immigration officer will think that you are a foreigner and you do not have documents, but you will make it difficult for the officer if you are silent and do not move. I don’t answer questions.

But if they ask you “where are you from?” and if you answer “from Mexico” and start answering their questions, you give them everything they need to do their job and get you.

ANSWER: This is a letter that says to the Detention Center: “This is immigration, don’t let this person go out by paying a fine, I will come and get him.”

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A: I don’t think people should make rash decisions out of fear, because it won’t get you anywhere. Now I hear that many people want to sign power of attorney for their children.

In fact, if you have lived in this country for more than two years, if you have never seen an immigration judge, and if you have not been deported before, you do not need to sign a certificate. whatever, because if you are arrested you have the right to see a judge and get bail, so there is no need to sign a certificate. However, if you have been fired in the past or have a criminal record, it is required.

In addition to the latest immigration guidelines from the federal government, there is another situation that worries the immigrant community that understands the extent of police involvement.

In an interview with us on February 18, Officer Jacinto Rivera of the Las Vegas Police Department (LVMPD) explained that since 2009, the agency has decided to cooperate with ICE in one of the two main areas of Section 287(g).

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This agreement allows state and local agencies to cooperate with ICE under a Memorandum of Understanding. State and local governments are given delegated authority to enforce immigration laws within their jurisdiction.

While many welcome the police’s authority to tell the public the details of their involvement in 287(g), some question why the LVMPD is still part of the agreement. and how involved he is with ICE.

In response, LVMPD Public Services Director Chuck Callaway noted that it is the practice of the Metro Police Department to cooperate with any law enforcement agency.

For example, he said, if there is a person detained in the Highway Patrol who is wanted by the Municipal Police and requests to consult with that person, the department must comply with that request, like all other departments. Find access to someone in their custody and if there is a pending case, such as the IRS, ICE, the Attorney General, etc.

J S R , Axxx Xxx 154 (bia Oct. 18, 2017)

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, 400 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, seen Friday, February 24, 2017. Jeff Scheid / Nevada Independent @jeffscheid

Callaway, who has worked for the Metropolitan Police Department for almost 28 years, also explained that it is not about working with ICE, but about communicating with other law enforcement agencies.

Because unlike other police departments that do not participate in 287(g), such as Oregon, Washington and Colorado, where the LVMPD decided to continue the contract, Callaway said the agency is believe that the right balance is struck because other powers are more active. on the streets, and authorities are questioning people about their status in the United States. “It’s something we don’t do,” he said.

“For that reason, for those in prison we have a responsibility to protect the public and we need to know if they have a criminal record and are wanted by other law enforcement agencies. We want to share this information with them. .”

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Callaway also said the Metro Police Department is not waiting for an order and will not make any changes based on Trump’s executive order or John Kelly’s memorandum:

“We have no intention of changing our practices or practices. We do not intend to be active or passive on immigration issues. We plan to do our work the way we do it now,” he said.

But what happens when someone is in the Clark County Detention Center? How does it work? How do they know if someone is undocumented?

Officer Jacinto Rivera explained that if someone is processed through 287(g), which is a computer program, the officer, specially trained to access the database, first asks the person if they were born they were in the United States.

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Rivera replied, “If they say no, it will come that way. Another reason is when an officer suspects someone has lied about their identity. They take a fingerprint and compare it to their previous fingerprints stored by ICE so we can confirm who it is. no one.”

Rivera said if someone is impersonating him, he can tell

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