El Paso County Colorado Arrest Warrants

El Paso County Colorado Arrest Warrants

El Paso County Colorado Arrest Warrants – Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters appears in an August 12, 2021 video broadcast from a cyber symposium sponsored by Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The Mesa County District Attorney and the Colorado Attorney General announced Thursday, January 13, 2022 that a Mesa County grand jury is investigating allegations of tampering with election equipment and misconduct.

The arrest affidavit said Peters kicked another officer with a stun gun and a bullet pouch in his waistband. But her legal team claims the police used “excessive force” and “beat” her

El Paso County Colorado Arrest Warrants

Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters appears in an August 12, 2021 video broadcast from a cyber symposium sponsored by Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The Mesa County District Attorney and the Colorado Attorney General announced on Thursday, January 13, 2022 that the Mesa County Grand Jury is investigating allegations of election tampering and misconduct (via YouTube )

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An arrest warrant for obstructing a peace officer was issued Wednesday for Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters, who is accused of obstructing officers who tried to serve a search on her a day earlier at a Ga. bagel shop. Grand Junction

Grand Junction police briefly detained Peters. on Tuesday Meanwhile, local prosecutors seized a tablet that Peters allegedly used to record a court hearing with her assistant clerk the day before. which is against the judge’s order

The incident is separate from several state and federal investigations into allegations that Peters, a Republican who served his first term as clerk and county clerk. It was involved in a security breach that exposed sensitive information from the county’s online election system this summer.

A spokesperson for the Grand Junction Police Department told Colorado Politics on Wednesday at 5:15 p.m. It did not appear that Peters had been contacted or arrested because of the new warrant.

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“Peters has a warrant out for her arrest,” said Callie Bergson, public information coordinator for the police department. In the message, state “To my knowledge she has not been contacted or arrested at this time.”

Rory McShane, spokesperson for Peters’ Legal Defense Fund Republican political consultant In a statement released Wednesday, accused officers of still using They used “excessive force and threats” against Peters and said officers exceeded the scope of the search by seizing other items.

Video obtained by 9NEWS shows Grand Junction police arresting Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters. Police issued a warrant to seize her iPad. Image courtesy of 9News.

According to an affidavit from Grand Junction Police Officer Vaughn Soderquist, Peters kicked another officer while she was handcuffed. Peters hit her with a stun gun and hit him with a bullet casing in the waistband. Moments later, after police took Peters outside, authorities also wrote that she “continued to resist and became limp and tried to fall to the sidewalk.”

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The police responded to a request for assistance from investigators from the prosecutor’s office. It said it was later determined that Peters thwarted an attempt to obtain an iPad through a search warrant. According to the warrant, investigators are trying to determine whether Peters recorded parts of the trial. after the judge warned Peters that electronic recording devices were prohibited in the courtroom.

The hearing is a case involving Peters’ former chief deputy, Belinda Neasly, who was suspended last year by Mesa County. It was based on allegations that she created a hostile work environment.

“DA investigators attempted to seize an iPad as a search warrant was served on a customer seated at a table,” Soderquist wrote. When the customer remained away from the unit, Peters placed himself between the clerk and the seated customer.

It says in the affidavit the officers can She “grabbed the suspect’s left bicep and attempted to move her to the right,” whereupon she “began to actively resist.” and was handcuffed for obstructing the officers,” while another officer told her not to resist.

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“As I attempted to lock the handcuffs twice, Officer Tafoya attempted to remove the car keys or keys from the suspect’s right hand,” the affidavit states. “At this point the suspect attempted to swing his right leg to attack Agent Tafoya. It missed Agent Tafoya’s body but made contact with Agent Tafoya’s stun gun and the magazine pouch that was in Agent Tafoya’s waistband. I told the suspect, “Don’t. Kick me” ! Do you understand!?’ Sergeant Church also asked the suspect to “calm down” and she shouted “No!

McShane, a spokesman for Peters’ legal defense fund, said her attorneys are “evaluating legal options in response to Peters’ use of excessive force against Clerk.”

After the officers “took the iPad into the cell,” McShane said, “they handcuffed Peters and took her car keys, it said. The officers proceeded to beat the clerk Peters.” It left bruises, bruises and injuries on her wrists and arms. They kept the keys along with the iPad.”

McShane added: “This continues the pattern of excessive violence and harassment that Cllr Peters has had to deal with for many months. Including the abuse that was used at the home during the search.”

Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters Faces Arrest Warrant On Obstruction Charge After Fracas In Bagel Shop

Initially, according to an affidavit released Wednesday. The district attorney’s investigator said he has probable cause to charge Peters with tampering with physical evidence. is a crime But prosecutors later decided to use their discretion. and did not prosecute for having committed a crime.

Some of the interactions between Peters and law enforcement officers inside the restaurant were captured on video released Tuesday by 9News, a Colorado political news affiliate. Another video clip shows Peters trying to whisper something to a person holding a recording device. After officers took her to the sidewalk Bannon, a Peters supporter and former top aide to former President Donald Trump, appeared on the “Steve Bannon War Room” podcast Tuesday, called law enforcement “the worst in the world.” The “Gestapo” during a performance said the incident was an “arrow shot” in an attempt to take control of local election officials.

After seeing the video posted by 9News, showing Peters kicking a police officer, Pam Anderson, a former Jefferson County clerk and Republican candidate for Colorado Secretary of State, told Colorado Politics she was shocked by what she saw.

“Unfortunately, this video shows the unprofessionalism of government officials,” Anderson said in a statement. “I come from a law enforcement family. And we expect our elected officials to follow the law and respect our law enforcement officers as they strive to do their jobs.”

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Christy Burton Brown, Chair of the Colorado Republican Party Her spokesperson said, “We believe that every elected official should set an example for citizens to respect law enforcement and the rule of law.”

State Republican Party executive spokesman Joseph Jackson said Burton Brown had no contact with Peters after the bagel shop incident.

Peters is accused of facilitating election security violations. By flouting election rules and disobeying orders from Secretary of State Jena Griswold, a Democrat. Peters also faces ethics and campaign finance complaints related to gifts she is accused of accepting outside legal limits.

Last month, Mesa County District Attorney Dan Rubenstein, a Republican, and Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser, a Democrat, announced that a Mesa County grand jury is investigating allegations of tampering with Mesa County election equipment and misconduct.

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Peters maintains his innocence. It said she had taken the necessary steps to preserve the electoral record. She also denies any ethical and campaign finance wrongdoing alleged in the complaint.

In October A Mesa County Circuit Court judge found that Peters and Knisley allowed security flaws to be introduced into the county’s election system equipment. and determined that she had breached her duties. Visit the El Paso County records search page to search records from both courts. Search case information by case number, party name and bar number. For more information, contact the Fourth Judicial District Records Center at (719) 452-5000 or by email at [email protected].

Perform a free public court records search in El Paso County, Colorado, including court records, files, transcripts. and search and find cases The El Paso County (Colorado) Court Records search link opens in a new window. and directs you to third party websites that provide access to El Paso County public records.

If you have any questions, please call 719-452-5000 or email [email protected] Records Department [email protected] attached records request form. The journal department has been merged with the reception in room S101 Click here for more information.

El Paso County Sheriff’s Department Incident Report

Future juvenile crime statistics in El Paso County will show if this approach works. El Paso County Government, Colorado https://www.colorado.gov/ El Paso Courts Colorado Courts El Paso County Circuit Court Address: 270 S Tejon St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903 Phone: 719 -452- 5000 Additional Information El Paso District Court

Of course, it’s easy to search for El Paso County cases online if you want information about court records. You must be online.

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