Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center

Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center

Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center – A state feasibility study helped shape the idea of ​​renovating the old structure into a modern, state-of-the-art cultural center, with about 32,000 square feet of space in the lower exhibit hall, 32,000 square feet of multiple meeting rooms on the main floor. removed It was a major project, adding more than 28,000 square feet of additional floor space to create balcony seating and the largest ballroom and multi-use space in the region.

The ballroom posed the biggest challenge for the renovation, both aesthetically and visually. With a large open ceiling area (about 50 feet at the top) the designer wanted a warm, intimate feel for the ballroom while using the space’s incredible height to create the grandeur of the space needed. He also wanted to use materials to provide the best acoustic treatment possible, as the building was originally constructed with little attention to acoustic control.

Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center

The solution created by Golden Valley was a unique 2-by-7-by-24-inch fiberglass sheet covered with white scrim and an 8-inch compound around the perimeter. These clouds should be installed from the sides of the hall, about 30 feet high in a small circle to a top of 38 feet from side to side creating a barrel effect. To make the clouds, it was to be made using five 4′ x 7′ boards and two 2′ x 7′ end boards that were glued together using dry mesh hanging on resin points on the back of the board. .

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The installed ceiling height also created problems for the installers as the contractor was not allowed to use a lift that could extend more than 30 feet above the newly installed floor. Because the clouds were so large and made of fiberglass, it was almost impossible to make clouds out of the air. After lengthy deliberations between all parties involved, the solution was to build the square from the ground floor and then elevate it at the four corners. The contractor dug the porch wire down to the ground. It works like magic.

The beautifully restored hall has regained its important place on the pulse of Iowa’s great state. In 2009, Polk County hired OPN Architects to renovate and expand the Veterans Memorial Auditorium at the Iowa Events Center to provide an additional 60,000 square feet of meeting, ballroom and exhibit space.

Renovation of the 55-year-old hall will allow the center to host major events including state, regional and national meetings and exhibitions. The impressive renovation included removing 7,200 seats from the auditorium and building a second floor that provides an additional 63,000 square feet of meeting space and a ballroom within the auditorium.

Important design elements include the provision of a room that can be divided to increase flexibility of use and work, sidewalk access, and audio-visual, acoustics, electrical, lighting, and low-voltage systems appropriate for work and space use. can . A new area will be added to house or prepare food service equipment to support the new catering facilities. The design integrates and leverages existing building automation and MEP systems.

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The design and renovation of the Community Choice Credit Union Conference Center was completed along with the interior renovation of Veterans Memorial Hall. Originally built in 1954, the stadium was partially renovated in the mid-1980s along with the West Hall. The renovation focused on public mobility, access, creating outdoor event spaces, celebrating existing cultural monuments, and updating the plaza’s plantings. Emphasis is placed on creating a spacious yet intimate event space, using landscaping and vegetation to define a dynamic space for both small and large events. A special space has also been created outside the event space for small talk and personal reflection.

The project presented logistical and timing challenges. Most important was the need to keep the facility operational and fully operational throughout all phases of the renovation. Creative planning and attention to project timelines allowed the team to meet these challenges.

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