Chihuahua Puppies For Sale In Fort Wayne Indiana

Chihuahua Puppies For Sale In Fort Wayne Indiana

Chihuahua Puppies For Sale In Fort Wayne Indiana – Some of the cases are so horrific that dog rescuer Catherine Lumsden can’t find the words to express how angry she is.

Hong Kong (CNN) – Some cases are so horrific that dog rescuer Catherine Lumsden can’t put into words how angry she is about them.

Chihuahua Puppies For Sale In Fort Wayne Indiana

One night in August, the founder of Catherine’s Puppies, an animal shelter in Sai Kung, a district in northeastern Hong Kong, got a call about Chloe, an 18-month-old Chihuahua mix and new mother of three.

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Chloe was found by volunteers a few days ago, heavily pregnant and without paws or claws on all four of her legs.

“The vet said he wasn’t born that way and it wasn’t an accident,” said Lumsden. “At one point they were cut by a human, not a vet. I have absolutely no way of finding the monster that did this. “

Chloe could not bear weight on her left front leg, the pressure was too much on her fragile bones. The vet suspected that it might be an infection and that surgery might be needed to ease the pain, but that would mean he would lose even more bones. According to the vet, x-rays are needed to better understand his condition and he may need a prosthesis in the future.

The costs mounted, and Lumsden — who runs the shelter on donations and says she barely makes ends meet each month — took to the shelter’s Facebook page to appeal to her 22,000 followers.

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Chloe’s cake face and elf ears melted the hearts of animal lovers across the city, and donations poured in for her treatment.

Almost 50 kilometers (30 miles) away in Discovery Bay, an affluent development on Hong Kong’s Lantau Island, Preeti Sharma didn’t have to think twice.

Sharma, a mother of two, took in Chloe and her two puppies (the third has already been adopted), adding to the family’s growing collection of rescue dogs.

“There was no doubt that we had to save Chloe and her puppies,” said Sharma. And within the first five minutes of the taxi ride home, he knew he wasn’t going to let Chloe go.

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“When he first came home, he was scared and everyone was scared. He did not allow anyone, especially my son, to come near him,” Sharma said, adding that this led his family to believe that his legs had been chopped off by a man.

Chloe hid in the yard for hours, only coming out when she saw the puppies.

“If anyone tried to approach Chloe, she would capitulate, close her eyes and cry,” Sharma said. “So we believe his ‘husband’ also beat him.”

But slowly, and with the help of another Sharma rescue – Ivy, a former breeder dog who is completely deaf, partially blind and suffers from cancer and epilepsy – Chloe’s peculiar personality began to assert itself.

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About two months later, the family officially announced. Chloe was adopted and became Sharma’s seventh rescue dog.

“It took him three months to trust and live without fear and to understand that no one beats him in his house and everyone loves him,” he said.

However, to give him the best chance of a comfortable life, they ordered special boots for his two front feet, which will arrive from Sweden at Christmas.

“His back legs are great and he stands like a kangaroo,” Sharma said. “But he uses his legs to walk, and you can tell it’s not comfortable because he’s constantly shifting between his two front legs to keep his balance.

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“We hope it will help him, but he may still need a prosthesis,” said Sharma, who plans to run 200 kilometers (about 124 miles) in January to raise money for it.

Lumsden, who cares for about 90 dogs at her shelter, says worrying about money is “beyond the stress every month.”

In October, she launched a public appeal to help pay off a debt of more than 123,000 Hong Kong dollars ($15,000) owed to her local veterinary clinic for her dogs. Medical bills, as well as maintenance of the animal shelter and, among other things, the purchase of beds and blankets for the dogs, make the situation increasingly difficult.

“It goes beyond what you can imagine,” he said. But it’s worth it to see Chloe — and all the other dogs she’s rescued — thrive in their new home, she added.

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At Sharma’s house, Chloe spends her day playing in the garden with Sharma’s other rescue dogs and getting lots of hugs and cuddles.

“Chloe is a special soul who has a special place in our hearts,” said Sharma. “He became the love of our life.”

© Copyright 2024 Allen Media Broadcasting, 3707 Hillegas Road Fort Wayne, IN | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy (NEXSTAR) – A New Jersey woman’s post promoting her ‘demonic’ Chihuahua for adoption went viral for its openness and humor, and now the dog has found a forever home.

Taifani Fortuna announced on Facebook that Prancer, who she described as a “Chuck doll in a dog’s body,” had been adopted.

TODAY found the new owner, Arielle Davis of Connecticut, who said she came across Fortuna’s Facebook post and was inspired to adopt.

“I had a dog that I probably adopted about seven years ago, and I raised him as a puppy, and he was a Chihuahua-Jack Russell terrier mix,” she told TODAY. “He had many of the same characteristics as Prancer, a bit neurotic and very barky and not doing well with other people and other animals.” I spent a lot of time with him, got to know his personality and learned about myself through him.”

“Okay, I tried. I have spent the last few months trying to get this dog adopted and trying to make sure he sounds great. The problem is, it just isn’t there. “There is not a very big market for neurotic, man-hating, animal-hating, child-hating dogs that look like gremlins,” writes Fortuna in a post that has been liked more than 73,000 times on Facebook.

“But I have to believe there is someone out there for Prancer, because I’m tired and so is my family. Every day we live at the hands of the demonic Chihuahua hellscape he has created in our home.”

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“He is incredibly loyal, but his complex about understanding the secret is only a condition for his fear,” she wrote. “If someone tries to kill you, I guarantee they will run away screaming. But when it comes to companionship, you’ll never be alone again.”

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