Best Dui Attorney In Arizona

Best Dui Attorney In Arizona

Best Dui Attorney In Arizona – If you have been arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana in Arizona, you need an Arizona criminal defense attorney. Even if traces of marijuana are found in your system, you may face criminal charges. If you are arrested and charged, you risk jail time, heavy fines, and losing your driver’s license.

Clients who come to our law firm after a marijuana DUI arrest fear the punishment and the impact it will have on their future. You cannot leave this type of crime in the hands of anyone other than My AZ Lawyers. The attorneys at our DUI law firm have experience filing and defending Mesa DUI claims. Experience is essential in these serious cases. We understand that you don’t want one mistake to ruin your future. Talk to us about your problem. We can help. We can protect your rights. Schedule a FREE consultation with an attorney to find out what your options are. Remove your doubts and worries. Understand what you are dealing with. Our attorneys are dedicated to winning, and our team will work to achieve the best possible outcome for each client’s specific case.

Best Dui Attorney In Arizona

Arizona DUI laws make it illegal to drive under the influence of marijuana. Even a single drug “metabolite” in your system can lead to a DUI arrest. This means that your body is still breaking down or metabolizing the drug, indicating that the person has taken the drug. Some metabolites remain in the human body for a long time after taking the drug. If the drug test shows a metabolite of the drug, then the drug is present. Metabolites from marijuana use can stay in the system for up to 30 days. Any trace of a drug metabolite is enough to get a DUI conviction in Arizona. Driving with THC in your system is illegal in Arizona. THC is the psychoactive component of marijuana. Anyone can be convicted of DUI if a driver’s blood or urine contains the disruptive metabolites of marijuana.

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Under Arizona law, it is illegal to drive with active marijuana in your system. Even if the drug did not harm the driver, it is a crime if proven to be in the person’s system while driving. Driving while intoxicated is considered “minor impairment.” This law prohibits driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Arizona law is zero tolerance.

A DUI arrest is usually based on a blood alcohol level measurement. No levels of marijuana. Therefore, any level of marijuana reported in the system cannot judge a driver as impaired. It can only prove the amount of drugs in the driver’s system. The officer must provide additional information about observations that led him to believe the driver was impaired.

In Arizona, it is against the law to have any drug in your system. This includes prescription drugs. Under Arizona DUI law, a person can be arrested and charged with “slightly” impaired driving. For example, even if you have a prescription bottle, RX or medical marijuana card in your name, you can still be arrested. Patients who qualify, register and receive a card with the Arizona Department of Health Services may use or possess marijuana, but cannot drive under the influence.

Arizona residents are allowed to obtain driver’s licenses and medical marijuana prescription cards. These are proof of state approval for driving and smoking marijuana. However, it is illegal to use both licenses at the same time. Legal medical marijuana users are charged with DUI. The tests look for active marijuana in your system, as well as any metabolites of the drug. Driving under the influence of DUI is prohibited if the blood alcohol concentration is above 0.08%. There are actually no legal amounts or percentages for marijuana, known as “legal limits.” So if a driver is impaired and a drug test shows a substance in their blood, it could lead to a DUI conviction.

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A patient diagnosed by a doctor as medically qualified can obtain a license from the Arizona Medical Marijuana Registry. For the average marijuana DUI, a person may have a certain level of marijuana in their system, but not a “therapeutic” level of impaired driving.

It may seem like someone taking prescription drugs is unlikely to face a DUI charge. It may seem wrong for someone who smoked marijuana a week ago to have metabolites in their system and be charged with drunken driving. Well, the same penalties that apply to a simple misdemeanor DUI also apply to any drug-related DUI in Arizona. That includes jail time, a one-year driver’s license suspension and mandatory ignition interlock devices. Mandatory Minimum Penalty for Marijuana DUI.

There are maximum penalties listed above and different penalties for marijuana DUI if you have been convicted of any DUI offense within the past 7 years.

A marijuana DUI conviction will stay on your criminal record forever. There is a legal process to “delay it”, but it cannot be removed or deleted. This means that employers will look at the charges when a job requires a background check or when applying for a job. Some occupations will not or cannot hire someone with a marijuana DUI. An employer may not hire an applicant if he or she has been convicted of drunk driving.

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A fresh look at the facts about medical marijuana and driving in Arizona. Drug Mesa DUI Affordable Mesa DUI Lawyers DUI Lawyer Mesa, Arizona What are all the letters when driving under the influence? What are my penalties for driving under the influence in Arizona? Is the breathalyzer test correct? Can a person be arrested for DUI without showing signs of impairment? Extreme DUI Mesa DUI AttorneysThe Ultimate Phoenix DUI Lawyer (2024) Felony DUI in Arizona? Call for help today. Consultation is free. 602-307-0808

DM Board Certified Criminal Law Professionals Cantor (left to right) Partner Christine Wallin; Founder David Cantor; Partner, Joey Hamby has been ranked Arizona’s #1 DUI Law Firm by Ranking Arizona Magazine for 5 years in a row. (2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024)

134 DUI pleas and Motor Vehicle Jury Trial pleas (ie not guilty on all counts). The largest number for a single law firm in Arizona history.

Be careful. Any law firm or attorney can rewrite the information on DM Cantor’s Phoenix DUI Attorney website with artificial intelligence (AI) and then publish it online as their own “knowledge base.” But they are

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Misrepresenting our jury acquittals or our board certifications as yours. Additionally, many lawyers claim to “specialize” in criminal defense, but according to the Arizona Legal Profession Board, Arizona lawyers can only practice as “Criminal Specialists.”

How do you know who is the best Phoenix DUI defense firm in Arizona? You start by looking at Experiences. David Michael Cantor is a former prosecutor and highly skilled Phoenix DUI attorney who became a member of the Arizona State Bar in 1989 and began working as an assistant city attorney and DUI attorney handling thousands of DUI cases in Arizona. City of Phoenix. Considered a top Arizona DUI defense attorney, he opened his own criminal defense firm and Arizona DUI team, DM Cantor. David Cantor is an experienced Phoenix DUI attorney who knows Arizona DUI law inside and out and will fight a Phoenix DUI prosecution on your behalf. So whether you have a single Phoenix AZ charge or multiple DUI charges, contact DM Cantor today.

In addition to experience in the Phoenix area, you’ll see results and certifications for Phoenix DUI attorneys. In addition to David being a board certified criminal law specialist, two of his partners (Christina Wallin and Joy Hamby) are also board certified criminal law specialists. No other DUI defense firm offers full jury defense like DM Cantor. Our DUI clients have voted us the best criminal defense attorneys in Phoenix and the best DUI law firm in Arizona. When looking for the best Arizona DUI lawyer or the best Phoenix DUI lawyer, look at court experience first. Click on the link below for a list of DUI defense questions to ask when interviewing a Phoenix DUI attorney to represent you at trial.

If you have received a DUI in Phoenix AZ, you need to make sure that the Arizona DUI lawyer you hire as your attorney knows exactly what sentence you are facing in the Phoenix jail. An experienced Phoenix DUI lawyer like the DUI attorneys at DM Cantor knows more about aggressive DUI laws and courts in Phoenix.

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