West Palm Beach Criminal Attorneys

West Palm Beach Criminal Attorneys

West Palm Beach Criminal Attorneys – About Josh I started my own firm in January 2012. This firm specializes in the defense of all types of criminal charges in the state of Florida. The firm defends clients accused of misdemeanors, misdemeanors, DUIs, domestic violence or battery, temporary damages, and evictions after charges are dismissed. I have been practicing for many years and have defended almost every type of criminal charge.

I approach all cases with a deep sense of fairness and integrity and defend cases with unparalleled dedication and skill. I represent every client as I would need representation if jobs were changed. A unique safety plan is designed for each client to ensure optimal results.

West Palm Beach Criminal Attorneys

I try to get the best possible outcome from the time you are charged with a crime until the case is closed. If this case results in probation, community order, house arrest, or jail, I will advocate for you and continue to represent you if necessary. As necessary, I represent clients in complaints, appeals and mediation proceedings. I will try to help you get back to your daily life as soon as possible and protect you from anything that hinders this goal.

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Remember that legislators, investigators and other officials in the capital are often overzealous and prone to abuse their power. I will not tolerate this type of mistreatment of my customers. When this tribulation comes, I will defend you firmly.

My office is located in downtown West Palm Beach and serves most of South Florida, including but not limited to the cities of Palm Beach, Martin, and Broward. This facility is located four blocks from the Palm Beach Courthouse. So we are always in touch with the court.

I stand behind my customers. The video below is from an appearance at the Florida Supreme Court. If you are looking for a criminal defense attorney, be sure to contact me using the form below. Herman Law, P.A. attention represents customers to fight the government’s research power. Many of our clients come to us from other lawyers and business professionals, and we take care of them in a timely manner and solve their complex criminal cases. When Ron defends your case, you’ll find a respected lawyer interviewed by The New York Times, a published author and a trusted leader.

The government can use the strength of their testimony as a selling point,” said Ron Herman, who spent six years as a Florida prosecutor in sexual assault or battery cases and is now in private practice.

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Why you need a lawyer to represent you Learn more about why you need a lawyer to represent you. and he will go to jail or prison, possibly for a long time. The truth is that you have a choice, and with dedicated and intelligent security, an investigation may not lead to an arrest, and an arrest may not lead to a conviction. You have other legal rights, including under US and Florida law. You can be sure that we will claim and protect all your rights, and we will carefully investigate the facts of your case in order to use all the exculpatory evidence in your favor. Our priority is to investigate your case, use our extensive experience and knowledge of the criminal process, and get you the best possible outcome.

We handle the most complex criminal cases, such as white collar crime, focusing on each client. We understand the delicate nature of criminal charges and help high-profile clients navigate the complex and difficult process of government investigations, including grand juries, indictments, plea negotiations and, of course, trial. Clients we represent include:

Ron was promoted to head of the Business and Technology Council; Invitations were sent to the event committee on August 12, 2023

Florida attorneys are tough on criminals, but once you’re facing a criminal charge, you can’t wait – so don’t wait any longer! We are by your side and we will help you. If you or a loved one has been charged or is being investigated for a crime, call (888) 342-0622.

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We had the privilege of using the services of Herman Law, PA in one of our most difficult situations.

Although Herman took the case for a short time, he did more months than the other 3 attorneys combined in 3 years. He was very interested in the outcome of the case, showed concern for what our family was doing, and answered all of our questions. He was always in the know as the case progressed, listening to our concerns and requests. It’s good and it works. He knows the law and is ready to fight for it. Having him around us is a relief in dark times. I really admire his work. -Shannon Farrington

Since he was a diligent and honest person, he was moved to fight this issue as if his life was in danger. I have four lawyers in my case and he is the best, I recommend you find him. – Google user

“Mr. Herman is forthright and honest. He is committed to protecting your rights and is an expert in his field.” – Orlando Masso

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“Mr. Herman has been a great help to me. He spends hours of work helping my case. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a lawyer.” -Stephanie Griffin Welcome to Jason Gray Law, located in West Palm Beach, Florida. Jason Gray has introduced over 2,200 clients.

The outcome you face will depend on the outcome your attorney is fighting to achieve. Let’s work on a solution that will end your case or bring you legal consequences.

We have clients who have been falsely accused. An attorney can explain your position to the judge or prosecutor if the charges are dismissed or reduced. Let us help protect your rights.

If you have a license, soon, this problem will need to be solved. Don’t stay in the shadows. Holding is not necessary. Contact an attorney for help.

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Paying your ticket is an admission of guilt. Do not compromise or compromise your rights or safety without speaking up

Driving on a suspended license charge can affect your license, such as a five-year suspension, and land you in jail. We have a process to restore your rights and recover your debt. Call for a free consultation.

Being arrested does not mean you are guilty. Violation of a person’s “human rights” is a complex legal definition and unique to each individual. A DUI can have long-term consequences.

The system doesn’t care if you are a good person. The program doesn’t care if you have a family. Receiving a criminal charge affects everyone around you. Don’t put your life in the hands of someone who doesn’t care.

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You need someone who cares about you. Ask any of my over 2,200 clients and they will tell you that I am there for them and I will fight for them and I will always be with them. Palm Beach and Broward County Criminal Defense Attorney Douglas Leifert is happy to serve as one of them. experienced and dedicated attorneys at Leifert & Leifert Law Offices, a premier law firm. Having worked since 1990, Mr. Leifert has handled tens of thousands of criminal and traffic cases ranging from drug trafficking, larceny, misdemeanors, vandalism, shoplifting, leaving the scene of an accident and traffic tickets, both as an attorney and as an attorney. as a lawyer and defense lawyer. He appears regularly in all Palm Beach County courts and is respected by judges, prosecutors, law enforcement and his colleagues. Mr. Leifert has handled many cases during this time and achieved excellent results for his clients. Mr. Leifert has no disciplinary record with the Florida Bar and has had no complaints about his work. Mr. Leifert has been a resident of Palm Beach County since 1990 and has worked in the community ever since. Mr. Leifert has been a New Judge for Palm Beach County since 1997 and continues to serve in that capacity.

After receiving his undergraduate degree from the University of Miami, Douglas went on to earn his law degree from Nova Southeastern University. During law school, Douglas worked for the Palm Beach County District Attorney’s Office as a paralegal since 1989. After law school, Douglas was admitted to the Florida Bar and began practicing law in Florida in 1990, first as an attorney. Palm Beach County District Attorney.

Today, Douglas practices law with the team at Leifert & Leifert Law Offices

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