Malpractice Insurance For Personal Trainers

Malpractice Insurance For Personal Trainers

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Whether you’re a freelance trainer, run multiple gyms, or teach virtual classes, personal trainer insurance can help protect you against personal injury to clients, property damage, or professional malpractice. In general, personal trainers must have a minimum of general liability insurance and professional liability insurance.

Malpractice Insurance For Personal Trainers

Large companies like Nationwide and Progressive can connect you with a provider that offers personal trainer insurance, or work with industry-specific providers like Insure Fitness Group. Some sports organizations also work with insurance companies to offer customized insurance policies to their members.

All About Public Liability Insurance For Personal Trainers

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Next offers specialized personal trainer insurance that typically covers general liability, professional liability, workers’ compensation and business property. These standard packages are then priced in three tiers based on your required coverage limits.

With Next, you can quote and manage your entire insurance policy online, as well as add more insureds and get insurance certificates at no extra cost.

The National Academy of Sports Medicine, or NASM, also partners with Next to offer general liability and professional liability coverage starting at $11 per month. Read the following overview of business insurance.

Personal Trainers Wanted

Hiscox offers general and professional liability insurance for personal trainers. Hiscox policies can cover you for work carried out anywhere in the world – so if you run international yoga retreats or boot camps, this insurer could be a good choice.

You can get a quote online from Hiscox. Some buyers may make the purchase online, or you may call and speak with a licensed agent. Read a review of Hiscox business insurance.

If you are looking for industry expertise, networking or additional resources, Insure Fitness Group may be the provider for you.

Insure Fitness Group offers business insurance exclusively for personal trainers and other fitness professionals. The company’s customized personal training policy covers general liability, professional liability, product liability, hire damages and stolen equipment.

What Insurance Do I Need As A Personal Trainer?

The Insure Fitness Group policy costs $179 per year, but only $59 per year for personal trainers.

Like Next, Insure Fitness Group lets you get a quote, buy insurance and manage your coverage online. Insure Fitness Group also offers its members discounts, exclusive content and other industry-specific benefits.

If you are (or are training to become) certified by the American Council on Exercise, you can participate in the exclusive ACE Liability Insurance Program.

This program, in partnership with Philadelphia insurance companies, offers discounted professional liability insurance rates to ACE-certified professionals. When you receive a quote or manage your policy, you do so through the PHLY system, not ACE.

What Is A Level 3 Personal Trainer?

ACE liability insurance covers general and professional liability, liability for sexual assault, product liability, medical fees and property damage. According to the ACE website, the one-year premium for this coverage starts at $172 and the two-year premium starts at $294.

Personal trainers must at least have general liability insurance and professional liability insurance. Two prominent certifying organizations for personal trainers, the American College of Sports Medicine or ACSM,

American College of Sports Medicine. ACSM Professional Indemnity Insurance | Fast facts. Accessed November 28, 2022. See all sources and National Academy of Sports Medicine or NASM

National Academy of Sports Medicine. A useful guide to personal trainer insurance. Accessed November 28, 2022. View all sources – Both recommend that their members purchase these two types of policies.

Personal Trainer Liability Insurance

ACSM and NASM recommend that you get personal trainer insurance even if you have some coverage from your employer. An employer’s policy may only provide limited coverage and is unlikely to cover services you provide independently. Your contract with the client or gym may also require you to show proof of liability insurance before starting work.

General liability insurance usually covers legal costs and settlement costs associated with third-party bodily injury, third-party property damage and damage to persons and the public.

For example, if the client trips over a barbell on the floor during a workout and breaks their arm, your general liability insurance will cover any medical, legal or settlement costs. Likewise, if you show a client a workout and lose weight, and damage their laptop, your insurance will cover the cost of replacing the computer.

Professional liability insurance, sometimes called errors and omissions insurance, generally protects you against professional negligence, errors or omissions, and breach of contract. This type of insurance covers the legal and settlement costs associated with these damages.

Physiotherapy Liability Insurance

For example, if you teach a fitness class and the participant later says it was too strict and they tore a muscle, your insurance policy will cover you if the participant sues.

If you run a larger fitness business – for example, if you own your own gym or employ other fitness instructors – you may need some of the following additional coverage.

Commercial property or buildings damaged by certain accidents, weather events or other perils. If you rent a fitness facility, the landlord may require you to have this policy.

If a water pipe bursts in your training area and damages the floor, your business property insurance will cover the cost of replacing it.

Personal Trainer Insurance

Medical expenses for employees injured or ill during work. Most US states require employers to have workers’ compensation coverage for their employees.

If one of your trainers trips over a yoga ball and causes a knee injury, medical expenses will be covered under your workers’ compensation policy.

If you leave the customer’s home and return the car to the garage, your commercial auto insurance will pay for the garage door repair.

If you store your customers’ health or financial information, such as credit card numbers, cybersecurity insurance can help cover the costs of notifying customers and recovering stolen data after a hack. Certain data breach coverage can often be added to general liability insurance, so you may not need to purchase it separately.

Personal Trainer Insurance: Best Options, How Much It Costs

Many insurance providers also offer a type of coverage included in a business owner’s policy, or BOP. BOPs typically combine general liability insurance and commercial property insurance and often include business interruption insurance.

According to NASM’s website, personal trainers can get professional and general liability coverage from insurance company Next starting at $132 a year. Insure Fitness Group offers bundled coverage for $179 per year.

In general, the greater the risk your business faces – and the more coverage you need – the higher your premiums will be. For example, a personal trainer who works from home will likely have lower business insurance costs than someone who rents space in a gym and has employees.

Think about how your business operates every day. Analyzing your risks can help you decide what type of personal practice insurance you need and whether you should consider additional insurance beyond general liability and professional liability.

Do Personal Trainers Need Insurance?

When you’re ready to look for different insurance policies, you can work with a broker, use an online marketplace, or contact insurance providers directly. Unless you have more complex insurance needs – for example, you run a gym with several trainers – you may prefer one of the latter options. Using the marketplace or getting quotes directly from providers can be more convenient and faster than working with a broker.

It is a good idea to obtain quotes from several insurance providers before making a decision. When comparing your options, consider:

If you need to add an additional insured or create proof of liability insurance, it’s helpful to understand how the process works with your provider in advance so you can complete these steps quickly after purchasing your policy.

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