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Equipment Rental Des Moines Ia

Equipment Rental Des Moines Ia

Equipment Rental Des Moines Ia – Welcome to Porter Do It Best Hardware & Rentals. Independently owned and operated since 1936, we have become a leader in the hardware industry, consistently providing the best service, parts and equipment in the area. Let us help you find the best the market has to offer for your specific needs.

Our staff has over 200 years of combined experience. We will do our best to use this experience to help everyone, and we will continue to strive to provide services that will satisfy everyone in the neighborhood. Trust us for your equipment, rental and equipment needs.

Equipment Rental Des Moines Ia

Our extensive inventory of premium brands has been carefully selected by our staff to provide the most serious consumers and professionals with the best the market has to offer. Grasshopper, Toro Commercial & Home Movers, Eco, Weber Grills, Yeti Coolers, DeWalt Power Tools, Lacrosse & Earth Carpet Turf Seed, Briar Ridge Forge Seed and more are some of the brands you’ll find at Porter Hardware & Rentals. Rest assured, we will stand by and service everything we sell.

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Spring has come! Let Porter Hardware and Rentals help you get ready to enjoy it all. We rent fans, seed drills, cultivators, hole diggers, etc. We strive to make it easy for you to get the lawn and garden you’ve always wanted. Our staff can help and advise you on maintaining the perfect lawn and garden using a range of proven products. Locklow Turf Seed, Scotts Fertilizer & 4 Step Program, Roundup, Ortho, Bonoid Weed/Insect/Fungi Control. When you’re ready to plant, start browsing Porter Hardware for beautiful vegetables, flowers, perennials, trees and more.

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