Craigslist Used Motorcycles By Owner

Craigslist Used Motorcycles By Owner

Craigslist Used Motorcycles By Owner – Watson On: My Craigslist Triumph Watson hits the classifieds to add another bike to his stable which leads him to find his ideal Craigslist Triumph.

In the past week I have had burns, a severe knock on my spine and now I am also cut and bruised. I have also been electrocuted, doused in petrol and some men took my money.

Craigslist Used Motorcycles By Owner

I might make it as a way to cheat, some people might agree that it is ok, but after a few months of searching I found what I was looking for in a second bike.

Honda 175, Should I Pick Her Up?

Some of you may remember that I was looking for an older one, with straight forward mechanicals and very different from my everyday Harley Davidson ride. It also needs some running, but with room for improvement so I can work on it over time. I was thinking of something British, like BSA, Triumph or Norton, because that would mean I could find parts and technical support if something totally blew me away.

I spent hours on print ads from local newspapers and eBay. Laughing at the ridiculous price, people want a collection of unmatched parts that come with a salvage title and a promise that the bike was last used. Everything I saw was either out of my price range, or looked suspiciously like a steal.

Then last week an ad appeared on Craigslist. Someone around the corner from me had a 1970 Triumph Bonneville Bobber that looked like an awesome bike on the face of it. The owner said he has had it for three years and spent some money and time there. The brakes are fixed, the engine is revved and the bike starts as advertised. More importantly, it is also in my price range.

Apparently, Craigslist has become a social media network for mass murderers and serial killers to meet their victims, so me and the owner of the Triumph agreed to meet a lot of people in a public place. So, I stopped by a nearby petrol station to check out the old British motorcycle.

The Hunt: Buying A Bike Off Craigslist

The Tramp owner has come first, which is a clear sign that this bike is running and when I saw it, I knew right away that this would be the bike for me. It’s not perfect by any means, but the things it needs to do do just that. Nothing came off and I was sure the engine was leaking oil from all the places you’d expect from an old British bike.

Everything the owner told me in his email stood by. I’m not worried, while the frame is a 1970 Bonneville, the engine is a 1972. I’m not looking for perfection, I just want to ride and use a second hand motorcycle. We discussed the price and I made an offer. The next thing I knew I had a Triumph Bonneville motorcycle sitting in my driveway.

Part of our deal consisted of the previous owner taking some time to walk through the bike with me to explain its value and how to do some basic things like starting it.

As it was an early success of the 1970s it was still magnetized from the side of the engine block and had no power. On the one hand it looks good and when you park the bike until you take a pipe and you stop the bike from the start. Although I think a smart person could easily pick up the whole bike and put it in the back of a pickup truck and take it with them if they wanted to.

Craigslist Shuts Down Personals Section After Congress Passes Bill On Trafficking

On the downside, magnetism means you have no choice but to go to the old girl. This, my friends, is painful in many ways. The owner went through the initialization process before handing over the bike to me. I notice how Amal’s dual carbs are as long as the oil is removed. Under no circumstances should I touch the throttle until the bike starts and the rest is up to me with a six-inch piece of metal ironically called a kickstart.

I spent my first afternoon on the bike with the new/old Triumph, and found that if you don’t time it, the compression will throw you off the bike and into the ground. While the chrome fuel filler cap may look cool, it goes right up against my knee, which is why I have an orange-sized colored bruise on my right leg.

I am proud to say, I got my bike and hit the road. If it’s England, the gear lever is on the right and the brake is on the right, it boggles my mind for a minute. But it drives really well, stops amazingly well and looks fantastic. I’m guessing here, but it probably weighs around 350-370 pounds since there’s nothing on it other than the saddle, motor, and frame. As a result, it feels much lighter than the larger and heavier Harley-Davidson.

Once I got in and drove, I felt like I was going 100mph but it was probably no more than 50mph. There is no way to know for sure because there is currently no speed. I also feel over exposed, but love how agile and direct it feels when moving.

Watson On: My Craigslist Triumph

It is also at this point that my right knee touches the top of the right spark plug. I received an electric shock through my body, which I can confirm must draw your attention to. I have to do something about it.

For now though, after the bruises and other injuries have healed, I’m looking to see what I can do with this win. The list is endless. But for now you’ll all have to excuse me as I’m off my schedule this morning and possibly the rest of the day because there’s a motorcycle outside that I need to start. Facebook marketing is bad. Full of scammers and ads. Eat hard enough, not too well.

Anyone who drops their money into an apparently bogus deal needs a lesson. Can we also talk about lowballers? A guy just offered me $75.00 for a $400 gas engine pressure washer…

I recently sold a commercial mower on CL, to a young guy who did lawn service. I met him halfway through the proposal and we both left happily.

Cool As Hell: Classic Fieds

Around here, Craigslist charges $5.00 per motorcycle ad, apparently for scammers and fake listings.

Just sold the bike on craigslist, had to list it twice but got my asking price because the bike was in showroom condition with few extras and not many models and years. This is not a Harley.

I’m lucky CL didn’t see anything crazy but someone sold 4 tires, I offered them a dollar less than what they were asking which is standard I guess what you do, so the guy complains, “They value what I do. Asked, but well…” and we agreed to meet. I went to the meeting place I wanted, they never came, without wasting time, and if the man stood firm on his price, I would have agreed and paid, but they thought it a better idea to walk away. is … stupid!

It looks like you met a crazy person. I don’t have time to tell about all the oddballs I encountered in CL. I almost always ask for what’s right and put “proven” or “fair offer considered” in the ad. I still have low ballers (usually 50% down) and flippers. I asked if I asked them to sell their car for half of what they thought it was worth, what they thought I was offering. I cringe even when I think about using CL because there is always a new story with the delt thing. But it’s a necessary organ I think. I do not respond to texts or messages from third parties, in order to eliminate scammers immediately. The motorcycle market in Vietnam is a complex one. In this article I will try to explain how to find a motorcycle for sale.

Behold! The Greatest Used Bike Ad Ever Posted

It is important to understand that Vietnamese people buy and sell motorcycles to each other with the expectation of going to a mechanic shop to check the engine and repair it. Old batteries, old tires and no brakes are typical of Vietnamese sales.

A foreigner might expect a motorcycle and everything

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