Assisted Living In Des Moines Iowa

Assisted Living In Des Moines Iowa

Assisted Living In Des Moines Iowa – Just minutes from downtown Des Moines, Iowa, Copper Shores Village offers small-town charm and big-city comfort. With services ranging from 55+ independent retirement to assisted living and Alzheimer’s care and dementia support, you can find the perfect retirement home.

Our location on Copper Creek Lake offers peaceful views, hiking trails, and the perfect opportunity to cast a line out on the water and take in the sunset views. Residents enjoy Copper Creek fishing, a variety of recreational and wellness activities, restaurant-style dining, educational and lifelong learning opportunities, and more. Floor plans include 1-2 bedrooms, a full kitchen and laundry room, and up to 1,089 square feet of square footage. ft.

Assisted Living In Des Moines Iowa

Just ten minutes from downtown Des Moines, people have the best of both worlds – a quiet small town feel like home or an exciting day in the city.

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Just minutes from downtown Des Moines, Iowa, the village of Copper Shores has small-town charm with modern conveniences. We are close to Copper Creek Golf Course, Cinema Multiplex, shopping malls and across the street from our world famous Iowa State Fairgrounds.

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Municipants, the nation’s leader in senior retirement and care, is proud to announce the acquisition of two Lifespace retirement communities: Deerfield in Des Moines, Iowa and Grand Lodge in Lincoln, Neb. Deerfield and Grand Lodge for August 1, 2021. Posted by Angela McKenzie on Monday, January 08, 2024 at 9:23 am. Angela McKenzie / Review of January 8, 2024

Iowa has long been known as a compassionate state, so it’s easy to see why it ranked seventh in’s latest senior citizen report. Between the low cost of living and no state tax on Social Security benefits, the Hawkeye State is perfect for retirees looking for a welcoming and affordable place to live.

Assisted Living In West Des Moines Ia is the leading online destination for caregivers looking for information and support on caring for parents, spouses and other loved ones. They offer thousands of original articles, helpful resources, advice from over 50 industry leaders, a community of caregivers, and a comprehensive list of caregiver services.

Using expert analysis, has created an online guide for seniors and families who want to learn more about helping in the Des Moines metro area. In addition to pricing information for the city and surrounding areas, the guide provides additional information about the city and links to free local resources, including organizations that can help you. will have benefits that make life support payments easier.

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