Internet Provider In Las Vegas

Internet Provider In Las Vegas

Internet Provider In Las Vegas – Kwikbit has begun providing high-speed, low-cost internet options to Las Vegas mobile home communities, including the Worry-Free Mobile Home Community of Northeast Las Vegas. July 6, 2023 (Sean Hemmersmeier/Las Vegas Review-Journal)

The Minnesota-based mobile home park internet service provider has begun expanding its service in Las Vegas.

Internet Provider In Las Vegas

Kwikbit Internet began providing Internet service to a carefree mobile home community in northeast Las Vegas near Nellis Air Force Base on Thursday. According to Kwikbit, this is the company’s 28th mobile home park in the United States and fourth in Nevada.

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Kwikbit’s internet speed is one gigabyte per second and costs $50 per month without a contract, said Pete Buchner, Kwikbit’s vice president of marketing. Cox offers a gigabyte of Internet speed for $99 per month, according to its website.

Buchner said Kwikbit offers lower prices because the company’s infrastructure costs are lower. The company uses existing terrestrial fiber optic lines and leases them from companies that own those lines, he explained. It then transmits the Internet signal over fiber optic lines through devices installed in mobile home communities.

Kwikbit operates in two other mobile home parks in Las Vegas before launching the service last February in another Reno community.

Buchner said Kwikbit focuses its services on mobile home communities because its deployments are low-rise structures that can reach many customers in a given area. He also said many internet providers aren’t investing in high-quality fiber optic network options for mobile home communities.

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“It doesn’t make economic sense for them to invest in fiber optics for 200 to 300 homes in a real estate community,” Buchner said.

Kwikbit has no plans to expand its services outside of mobile home communities, and Buchner said there is plenty of room to operate in that market.

The Natural Housing Institute estimates there are 8.2 million mobile homes, sometimes called manufactured homes, in the country, housing 21.2 million people.

“We think there’s a lot of pie and we just want our piece,” Buchner said. “It’s a huge untapped and frankly neglected market.”

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Buchner said Kwikbit, which has been operating nationwide for two years, has found that mobile home communities using its service have seen higher rents and fewer people moving out. He estimates that about 15 to 20 percent of people will initially sign up for Kwikbit’s online service, a number that will gradually increase as more residents turn to the company.

The company plans to expand to 100 mobile home communities by the end of the year. Buchner said the company will focus on several U.S. hubs, including Las Vegas, Phoenix, Dallas, Northern California and central Florida. Buchner did not provide details on when Kwikbit will expand to other Nevada mobile home communities.

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