Craigslist Cars For Sale By Owner In Des Moines Iowa

Craigslist Cars For Sale By Owner In Des Moines Iowa

Craigslist Cars For Sale By Owner In Des Moines Iowa – We sold a 2007 Honda Fit Sport on Craigslist for $2500. It was impressive how quick and easy the whole process was.

We recently found out that we have an old car and don’t need to buy a new car. So selling the car was not an option. With two older kids in college, we have more cars in our fleet than makes sense. So our beloved (type) 2007 Honda Fit Sport with 129,300 miles would cut short grass.

Craigslist Cars For Sale By Owner In Des Moines Iowa

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Torque News and the entire staff are Kelly Blue Book fans. We have respected company partners and have used many of these sites in our articles. We also found KBB to be the fastest and best car appraisal tool online. So, we start with that.

Amazingly, the people of KBB have created a program that allows car dealers to “go to KBB”. Basically, this is for local sponsors who participate in the KBB instant payment program. Our agent here is Bill Dube Hyundai. We know the market very well. On the other side, where we shop and buy coffee.

Bill Dube Hyundai immediately responded with a $1,785 offer for the Fit. Although they didn’t give us a full discount, it seemed low when we were presented with a Honda Fit listing similar to what we saw online. Bill Dube Hyundai also followed up politely by phone and email. good people Not forced but helpful. We will consider selling new cars in the future.

Our next decision was to use CarMax. However, like KBB, we expect a few. Our research also shows that we should visit, and with our warning orders we prefer to skip this part. On the return trip, we expect CarMax to take approximately two to three hours to inspect the vehicle. Both parents work full-time and the kids don’t want to waste time.

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Before choosing Craigslist, we looked at other popular online options. However, we also encountered the registration process. It is very difficult. We spent about 30 minutes learning how to use it and then decided we’d rather drive the car into a ravine than deal with the problem. In this article, we will omit the name of the organization. Let’s say this becomes a problem on a site with a well-known name.

When I say “we” in this post, I mean my wife and I. Generally, in the context of Torque News, “we” refers to our Torque News organization. In this case, I’m not far off. My wife occasionally writes guest articles for Torque News and its affiliate sites. In all cases, we are a partnership with our various talents. Although we don’t have a Craigslist account, my wife shops online more often than I do, so I took a picture and wrote a short description of her car and she sent it to me. I was in the room from the time he started until he finished. It took him less than 10 minutes from the time he sat down for the shipment to go up with an asking price of $2,800. Finding that the market value of the car was $2,900, we set our asking price at $2,500. Will we win $3K? Perhaps it is time and effort. We don’t want to bet anything. Our goal is not to get “top dollar” for used cars. He sells as quickly as possible for the best price for the buyer.

Just 10 minutes away on Craigslist for five bucks we had the opportunity to buy a car sight unseen. The first was from a small used car dealer. He gave us a bank check or money order for $2,500 and said he could be home to close the deal in 45 minutes! Obviously, we can’t act quickly. So we asked him to come in an hour. He is in the drop.

The buyer saw the car, gave me permission to take pictures and put his trademark on it. He asked us to sign up and send the title to the correct mail as my wife (the owner) was out. He handed us a banker’s check (our cash option), reached for the key, and the deal was done. By my watch, less than an hour and a half had passed since the Craigslist ad was posted. We don’t have to take the car anywhere, and we don’t have to let anyone inspect it.

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Our “proof of one example” article is not intended to be a comprehensive review of Craigslist’s policies, and we do not intend to imply that everyone will have this experience. All we can do is share our findings and wish other used car dealers the best of sales.

John Goreham is a lifelong car nut and engineer in recovery. John’s focus is on technology, safety and environmentally friendly vehicles. In the 1990s, he was part of a team that built a solar electric car from scratch. This is the role of the battery thermal control designer. For 20 years, he applied his engineering and marketing skills to high technology and published numerous articles in technical journals such as Chemical Processing Magazine. He left that job in 2008 to pursue his dream of becoming an automotive writer. In addition to Torque News, John’s work has appeared in many American newspapers and he contributes reviews to many automotive outlets. You can follow John on the Torque News Facebook page and view his LinkedIn profile

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Forum Michelin: Finally, How Your Tires Can Extend Your EV Range (and Save You Money) – Armen Hareyan launched a new series last week on Garasi called 5 under 5, which showcases five vehicles priced under $5,000. in Los Angeles, while a second group came from across the country in Des Moines. As the used car market continues its downward spiral, this article will show you that $5,000 cars do exist, but there aren’t that many used car buyers.

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As a bonus, 5 Under 5 will also show you how different the car market is around the world. Some may be fast and luxurious cars at this price, while others may be less so. Regardless of ownership, this article aims to provide examples of vehicles ranging from what is considered a good daily driver to projects that may require a financial return.

Here are five cars I found after a little reading. I focused my research on the city of Atlanta, including Sandy Springs to the north and Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport to the south in its area. Some of these are not too far outside, like Morrow and Stone Mountain, which are less than 25 miles apart, and the metro area is large. Note: We do not know this seller and have not seen any of these vehicles. We only share it based on what you see in the ad, so take out your wallet at your own risk.

Who doesn’t appreciate an old Honda Odyssey? Especially in this dark purple color that’s fit for a loyal member of minivan royalty. It’s done over 200,000 and after the latest it seems the inside looks clean which is amazing. God knows these inner things are broken by children. From candy stickers to extra ice cream and car nightmares, it’s hard to find a van interior that looks this good.

When it comes to mileage and mechanics, these things are usually not a big deal, but as always, performance information should be questioned. It’s also a good idea for those who keep track of timing belt changes, but if it’s on their hands, it makes sense that they drove over 100,000 miles to do it. After a quick search, it appears that the Honda J35 timing belt should last 105,000 miles or seven years, whichever comes first.

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For those looking for a tough Radwood that can also be a good run, enjoy the glorious body of the Chrysler C: the late 80s New Yorker.

Inside it is a chair! Something good

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