Classic Cars For Sale By Owner Craigslist

Classic Cars For Sale By Owner Craigslist

Classic Cars For Sale By Owner Craigslist – So you have found the perfect project car. He was excited, but there was still a question in his mind: “What am I going to do with this?” Obviously, there are a million ways to write, but when it comes down to it, it’s “paste or reset.?” As simple as it may be, the answer to this question may be obvious for some vehicles, but for others it can be a tough call. Even if you are an auto enthusiast, deciding on classic car plans can be difficult. Hello.

The seller of this 1932 Plymouth in Whatcom County for $4,500 on Craigslist didn’t provide much information about it, but based on the brief description and one photo they provided, it appears to be original. There is little advantage in pre-war cars over the past, which is a shame, really. Such cars represent an important period in automotive history, one of rich technological development and great design. Unfortunately, as the seller said, I predict this car will turn out to be a hot rod. If you buy it, leave it alone and you can live amazingly well! I mean, look how those windows roll down!

Classic Cars For Sale By Owner Craigslist

Here are some super wild and cool Henry J hot rods and gizzards, can this be the order? This original, low-rust example has a very straight, physical base, making it a prime candidate for restoration. However, this car was designed with the goal of being the cheapest new car on the market, and it shows. It shows indifference and the model folds after less than three years. Add your own personal touch to the 1951 Henry J that sold for $7,500 outside of Atlanta and turn this once-in-a-lifetime ride into a true work of art.

Classic Cars From Northern California

Vintage Volkswagens continue to cost big bucks. It is very interesting to see people refurbishing the rusty parts of these common commuters into quality cabin rides. I wonder what will happen to a 1969 VW bus for sale near Haleyville, Alabama for $6,850. Although it has serious physical issues, it’s not the worst fix I’ve seen. The fact that it is mechanically ready for the road will certainly appeal to some buyers who want a small boat. Patina sold or not, one thing is for sure, this Volkswagen bus will deserve to see another dub.

Here we have Mopar Muscle. This 1967 Dodge Coronet RT is for sale in Syracuse, NY for $8,500. According to the seller, a 440 V8 runs under the hood and an automatic transmission helps control the car. New stops are around. You can take this thing to Joe Dirt or restore it to its former glory, depending on your skills and budget. No word on whether the car has matching numbers or is an actual RT car, but it was one of less than 11,000 made in ’67. If it’s original, if you do anything other than restore it, you’re in for a big bang.

It is difficult to say that 1959 marked the peak of the Finnish period in Cadillac production. Those wings make these cars fly, and this large and responsive 1959 Cadillac Sedan Deville is for sale in Bozeman, Montana for $8,500. With a flat roof and a rotating engine, it can be a start. A beautiful restoration indeed. Or if your heart desires, a personal hot rod or restomod. I always wanted a 59. Put this Cadillac under my tree!

So there you have it, five classic car projects for sale under $10,000, question, stick or restore? Let us know in the comments what you would do with each of these classic car jobs!

Classic Cars Of South Carolina

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Craigslist Find: Classic Gm Car Hoard

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Classic Cars For Sale Near Gilroy, California

We sometimes post classic cars for sale on Craigslist, Facebook and other online markets. We use the images in these ads fairly. There are also shops for sale, muscle cars for sale, vans for sale, station wagons, trucks for sale and other affordable vehicles for sale. If you want your car to be unique, contact us!

By clicking Register, you Auto History and Cars & Copy Media Co. Reader BobQ discovers dozens of classic cars and trucks recently. While not the greatest cars we’ve ever seen in one place, there are plenty of good ones to choose from, so if you’re looking for a plan to get you through the winter months, it might be what is good to see. Jade Cars is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and each one is priced individually, and you can find them all here on Craigslist. There were more than 12 in the collection, but some of them were sold, but there are many more to choose from. Thanks, BobQ, for the great advice!

There were two ’67 Chevelle’s, including a red 2-door hardwood and a blue Super Sport. Although we only have a complete photo of the red car, as far as we can see, it is complete and has been stored on the outside except for the wheels. No other information has been released other than an asking price of $21,500. We have two photos of the blue SS, but even with the additional photo, it’s hard to tell anything other than what it looks like. There should not be too much damage to the front and back. I can’t tell if the body paint is blown on this back or just painted, but the body needs some work. But with the 396 still under the hood, the $30,000 asking price could be in the ballpark.

This 1947 Dodge D150 pickup truck is so old and probably so cool that we got two decent photos. The truck looks good from everything we can see, including the side view, but that has everyone saying it’s good. He’s asking $35,500, and while I agree that’s a good deal, I’d like to hear more details before spending that kind of money.

Red Flags When Buying A Classic Car On Craigslist

There are a pair of 1979 Pontiac Trans Ams to choose from, one running, one not. The non-running car is equipped with an Olds-sourced 403 and automatic transmission and costs $12,500. The model runs in the same 403 and automatic and Y84 package. That will set you back $15,500. A second F-body numbers matching 1973 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 is $25,500. In addition, you can find much more. The Camaro sitting next to it is a red Chevelle in the picture.

1989 Fox Body Mustang GT 302, 5 Speed ​​$15,500, and a few more to choose from. The seller says these cars need restoration, but says they are all complete and solid builders. What are your favorite cars in this car?

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