Bankruptcy Lawyer San Diego Ca

Bankruptcy Lawyer San Diego Ca

Bankruptcy Lawyer San Diego Ca – More than 12 years of experience serving 1000 customers with a success rate of 99%. Contact our office today to schedule a free consultation with an affordable San Diego bankruptcy attorney.

Special promotion with limited time!! San Diego and Empire Counties Only $975 attorney fee for all Chapter 7 cases

Bankruptcy Lawyer San Diego Ca

The only requirements are that you live in San Diego or Imperial County and qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Attorney In San Diego

After months and perhaps years of deliberation, you finally decide to file for bankruptcy. But how much does it cost to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy? The question of how much to pay in a bankruptcy case has always been one of the most difficult questions for most people. Most people have never filed for bankruptcy before and don’t know what the “right” price is for a bankruptcy attorney.

What’s even more difficult is that most bankruptcy law firms are unwilling to be upfront about their fees. Sometimes they require an in-office consultation to ensure cost-effective pricing. The MacLean Chung Law Firm in San Diego County doesn’t work that way. For all San Diego County Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases, we offer special rates for every Chapter 7 bankruptcy case we accept.

** In California, 95% of Chapter 7 bankruptcy costs typically range from $1,800 to $3,000, including all filing fees ($338) and credit report fees ($45 to $100 per person). Some bankruptcy attorneys will charge $4,000 or more for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case.**

** Our fees for San Diego County are $975 (attorney’s fee) + $338 (filing fee) + $45 per person (credit report fee). If you file, your bankruptcy case will cost $1,358; And if you file with your spouse, your bankruptcy case will cost $1,403. If you require a payment plan, add $200 to your total bill. You can make 4 monthly payments ($389.50 per month for one payment or $400.75 per month for co-payments) and we will not process your case until your fees are paid in full. No need to trade or ask for discounts with MacLean Chung Law Firm.**

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Please check “Frequently Asked Questions” for answers to the most common questions people have about bankruptcy.

Our law firm has been in business for over 12 years and we have helped thousands of people file bankruptcy. Our success rate is an unmatched 99.99%! We are one of the cheapest bankruptcy attorneys in San Diego. Please call and get quotes from several bankruptcy attorneys, we are confident you will choose our firm. Not only are we one of the cheapest bankruptcy attorneys, we are also one of the best in all of California.

. There is nothing cheap about the bankruptcy services you will receive from The Law Firm of MacLean Chung. All of our clients receive the best bankruptcy services throughout California. Our service and representation will never be compromised.

Contact the bankruptcy attorneys at McLean Chung Law Firm to learn more about our affordable, low-cost bankruptcy options.

Bankruptcy Attorney San Diego

Our bankruptcy attorneys offer the most informative and stress-free advice in the industry. Contact us today to speak with an attorney. The bankruptcy experience of Gupta Evans & Ayres, which has been involved in more than 500 bankruptcies over the past 10 years, covers a wide range of situations.

In. Gupta and his assistants were very helpful in our bankruptcy in 2010. Losing our home was very difficult, but they guided us through the process and everything went very smoothly. After 10 years we have built our lives and there is no need to repeat this experience. Our credit is also at the highest level. We will always remember Mr. Gupta’s team of legal experts! Tanya C. – Vista, CA

Ajay Gupta, our founder, is one of only 14 attorneys in San Diego County certified by the State Bar of California as a Bankruptcy Specialist. In. Gupta’s expertise in bankruptcy law allows our firm to focus on more complex bankruptcy matters that other firms may not be as skilled at, such as:

From receivership and structured non-bankruptcy resolutions to company conversions to confirmation of Chapter 11 plans, Gupta Evans & Ayres has likely been involved in almost every aspect of bankruptcy at some point.

Fdcpa Claims San Diego California

We have filed over 500 Chapter 7 bankruptcies as well as a large number of Chapter 13 bankruptcies. Additionally, we have helped hundreds of San Diego residents eliminate debt and achieve a new financial start through bankruptcy protection.

Ajay Gupta, our founder, is one of only 14 attorneys in San Diego County certified by the State Bar of California as a Bankruptcy Specialist. In. Gupta’s expertise in bankruptcy law allows the firm to focus on more complex bankruptcy issues that other firms may not be as skilled at, such as:

Bankruptcy Case Stories Read some of the cases below where we have helped resolve bankruptcy disputes. Many names have been changed for the privacy of our users.

Smarter is a private money lender with several investors organized as a partnership. Smarter provides loans to borrowers to purchase a 230-acre plot of land in Alpine. Unbeknownst to Smarter, the borrower had been fraudulently taking money from investors for years using false accounting records. The house of cards the borrower built collapsed within a year of Smarter’s loan, and the borrower then sought bankruptcy protection when Smarter took action to foreclose.

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BSF buys other mortgages. They are in the process of obtaining other deeds, foreclosure, title and case development with both the borrower and the first position lender. At one point, a number of debt securities were taken over, but BSF was unable to negotiate a deal with either the senior lenders or the borrowers. BSF’s interest in this property is threatened by a pending foreclosure by a senior lender.

Our company is a successful construction and building services company based in San Diego. Through some creative claims by the Chapter 7 trustee, the client found himself the subject of a lawsuit (known as an adversarial proceeding) filed in pending bankruptcy proceedings against an unrelated debtor. The Trustee is of the opinion that certain non-debtor corporate assets constitute the debtor’s alter ego and such assets belong to the bankruptcy estate. As a result of these allegations, the administrator focused on our client and decided to prevent and return the money transferred to our client as part of its construction services.

The size of our firm allows us to provide clients with direct access to a high level of legal expertise. Our attorneys are available and ready to handle our clients’ legal issues directly.

Happy Hour June 2021 Our team gathered for Happy Hour at our favorite spot, Carnitas Shack Downtown. October 7, 2021 / By Tim Gupta Evans & Ayres July 2021 Happy Hour We hosted a get-together at The Carnitas Shack Downtown with our team and clients on .28. September 2021 / By Tim Gupta Evans & Ayres August 2021 Happy Hour To accommodate our friends in the North Country, we are hosting a Happy Hour at Ballast Point Miramar. September 28, 2021 / By Tim Gupta Evans & Ayres

San Diego Bankruptcy Attorney

If you have a client who is considering Chapter 7 or 11, or is in the process of litigation with someone who is using bankruptcy as a weapon, contact us to see if we can support you and them.

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