Warehouse For Sale Baton Rouge

Warehouse For Sale Baton Rouge

Warehouse For Sale Baton Rouge – Leasing / Renting Commercial Offices – For Rent – Baton Rouge LA, Patriot Drive Industrial Warehouse Offices / Commercial Property For Rent

Business OFFICE 1ST FLOOR. 1, 301 Business OFFICE 2ND FLOOR 150 Office warehouse 2, 387 Total area – 3838 sq. m.

Warehouse For Sale Baton Rouge

Professional office space with superior amenities and decor. Office Space for Rent, Business/Commercial – Office Building for Sale or Lease

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Office Space Patriot Drive Baton Rouge, LA 70816, 1,301 SF Office / 2,387 SF Warehouse Professional office space with premium amenities and finishes.

The floor plan includes: 2 standard offices, 1 large office or conference room, lobby, waiting area, kitchen, 2 break rooms, plus an additional office upstairs. Fully insulated storage. 12 top doors with electronic remote control. 16 Eave Height, Office Space – Industrial Business Park, Warehousing/Distribution

Leasing method: In addition to financing, accommodation and leasing, we provide general contracting and construction services for this construction project.

Build-to-Suit Construction Company in Baton Rouge: Allows business owners the flexibility of ownership based on their limited involvement in project design and construction and lack of financing. You usually sign a long-term lease and may or may not own the office at the end of the lease term, depending on how the lease is drafted. Meet Industrial Warehouse at 1855 North Blvd, Baton Rouge, LA. This impressive place is in a great location, surrounded by a cultured community and everyday workers. With over 10,000 person miles and traffic on 19th St and Northern Blvd, this store offers a great opportunity to grow your business. Over 16,783 square feet and sitting on 1.07 acres, this store offers ample space for all your needs. It has three bay doors, three phase power, deck drainage and recent updates including a new roof, electrical and fresh paint. There are signs on both sides of the building that provide a unique look and advertising opportunity. For added security, an electric gate and barbed wire fence provide peace of mind. Located near popular businesses such as Exxon, Gallery 14 and Ivy’s Lawn Mower Supply, this store benefits from a strong neighborhood presence. Also, with a good income from home and many customers within walking distance, your business will be successful in this location. Don’t miss this great opportunity. Contact us today to quote and secure industrial storage for your business at 1855 North Blvd, Baton Rouge, LA.

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