Criminal Defense Attorney Palm Beach County

Criminal Defense Attorney Palm Beach County

Criminal Defense Attorney Palm Beach County – Being charged with a crime is a serious matter that requires immediate attention and the intervention of an experienced attorney. Attorney Gerald T. Salerno is a former Assistant State’s Attorney with over 17 years of experience in the criminal justice system for clients in Palm Beach County.

You have rights protected by the United States Constitution and the Florida State Constitution. Mr. Salerno works around the clock to ensure that these rights are always protected. Contact us today at 561-969-9677 to discuss your legal options and concerns and let this experienced and dedicated attorney answer all of your questions.

Criminal Defense Attorney Palm Beach County

Legal protection is available for you and Mr. Salerno is committed to exhausting and maintaining these legal defenses and to ensure that you are treated with courtesy and respect in all legal proceedings. M. has 17 years of experience working as a prosecutor in criminal proceedings, first as an assistant state attorney, and then as a defense attorney in criminal cases. Salerno has years of experience leading juries and guiding you, the client, through the most difficult situations. We are committed to the successful defense and resolution of your case.

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Mr. Salerno sends God to my work! She was thorough and articulate in gathering information and representing me and my children in a very convenient divorce/custody case. During the trial, I witnessed his high level of honesty and persistence. I highly recommend Mr. Salerno. I am very satisfied with the results of my work.

Choosing an attorney to represent you and your legal affairs is a daunting task. When great results are obtained from a humble professional lawyer, it is only fitting to share the experience so others can find great results. Mr. Gerald Salerno’s Legal Tournament has become my home and I love it. I will definitely call him if I ever need a professional.

Gerry is a shining example of the “perfect” professional lawyer, very experienced, caring and knowledgeable. For the first time in twelve years, we had a predatory client who demanded ten times the price of the software we developed for him. He harassed us and threatened us with a huge lawsuit, so we panicked and called Gerry, who immediately put us at ease with his extensive knowledge of our options.

Mr. Salerno is the best lawyer I know. When I started the divorce, I represented myself and then sought legal help, but it didn’t go well. Years passed and nothing was done. I got stuck again and then I met Mr. Salerno. All the stress was gone from day one. Everything was so simple. My ex-husband’s lawyer filed for dismissal and my stress and anxiety increased to the point of a breakdown. Mr. Salerno was always very confident that it would be good and it was! In the end, I got everything I wanted through divorce and mediation. Consider hiring Mr. Salerno, you won’t regret it!

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Replied the gentleman. Salerno called him on Sunday morning and agreed to meet that day. I was very surprised and pleased. He listened, gave advice and decided to take on my difficult task. It was really three different jobs and he didn’t hesitate. His price was very fair. All three cases remain open, but he is working on them all simultaneously and diligently. He always answers all my questions without a problem and keeps me informed. He is a lawyer who truly cares about his clients. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a lawyer. Thank you so much for everything!

5 STARS!!! I went to Attna Salerno with a high conflict child support case and she didn’t take me kindly through the process, but she was very quick to respond to all my questions/texts and even encouraged me along the way. This guy is the real deal…Honestly, I have never dealt with such a kind and down-to-earth lawyer…My only regret is that I didn’t find him sooner…Nellie L. King Nellie L. Owner of Law Offices of King, P.A. in West Palm Beach, Florida. Attorney King practices criminal defense exclusively in state and federal courts and has handled thousands of complex criminal cases throughout his career, including murder, sex crimes and drug trafficking. He has represented clients at all stages of criminal cases, from investigation through law enforcement agencies, through the process of filing a lawsuit with the state bar, and through jury trials. lawyer. King also represents clients who come to him after being referred by another attorney for post-conviction litigation, such as complaints or motions alleging ineffective assistance of counsel.

Attorney King is recognized by his peers as a leader in criminal defense. In 2011-2012, Attorney King was elected President of the Florida Criminal Lawyers Association. FACDL, proudly known as “Freedom’s Last Champion,” is the premier volunteer bar association for criminal defense attorneys in Florida. Attorney King is committed to the ideals espoused by the FACDL, which seeks to advance the education of criminal defense professionals, promote the sound administration of criminal justice, and promote the integrity and independence of the legal profession. Attorney King is also a past president and board member of the Palm Beach Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.

Attorney King was presented with the University of Mary Washington Distinguished Alumnus Award in June 2012 in Fredericksburg, Virginia. The award recognizes Nellie for her significant accomplishments and contributions to the legal profession and community, as well as her leadership contributions that inspire UMW students. While at Mary Washington, Nellie served as Chair of the Honorary Council and twice received Guest Citations for her service and leadership at the institution. Attorney King currently serves on the Mary Washington Alumni Board of Directors and leads the UMW South and Central Florida Regional Alumni Network.

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In 2012, Attorney King was elected to the Board of Directors of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, a national organization dedicated to ensuring justice and due process for people accused of crimes or misdemeanors. NACDL was founded in 1958 and has approximately 10,000 members in 28 countries. In February 2012, Attorney King testified at the NACDL Regional Task Force on Post-Conviction Restoration of Rights and Post-Conviction Status hearings on Florida’s strict restitution policy. He is also a frequent lecturer on criminal law topics, presenting at the 2012 NACDL Midwinter Meeting and Workshop on “After Registration: The Collateral Consequences of Sex Offense Convictions,” as well as at the NACDL State Youth Correctional Network Annual Conference.

Since 2022, attorney King has been a member of the American Bar Foundation (ABF). ABF has been an independent non-profit organization for almost 70 years. ABF seeks to advance the understanding and improvement of the law through research projects.

NACDL President Nellie L. King swore in 8 NACDL members to the US Supreme Court.

Lawyer. King is admitted to the Florida Bar, as well as the United States District Courts for the Southern, Middle and Northern Districts of Florida, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit.

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Lawyer. King graduated from Mary Washington College in Fredericksburg, Virginia, where she majored in International Relations/Russian Studies. lawyer. King then attended Nova Southeastern University School of Law, where he won the Feinreader Mock Trial Competition for his oral skills, as well as various trial advocacy awards.

1995 – Selected by the Faculty of Law to represent Nova Southeastern at the Nationals Moot Court Competition in Atlanta, GA

1995 – Member of university team selected to compete in the Robert Orsek Memorial Moot Court Competition sponsored by the Florida Bar

1990-1992 – Elected by the student body as president of the Mary Washington College Honor Council

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1988-1990 – Elected by the student body to serve as a representative on the College of Mary Washington Honors Council

1991 and 1992 – Visiting Citation – Recognized by the governing body of the College of Mary Washington for service and leadership, especially for implementing the revised Honors Constitution

1991-1992 – Mary Washington College President Shirley L. and Jean D. White Scholarship for Leadership and Service to the Institute.

1991-1992 – The Mortar Council is a member of the cap and gown division of a highly competitive scholarship, leadership and honor society.

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Lawyer. King also believes in giving back to the local community. lawyer. King currently serves on the board of directors for South Florida Boys City and is the current chair of the Judiciary Task Force for Palm.

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