Titan Tire Des Moines Iowa

Titan Tire Des Moines Iowa

Titan Tire Des Moines Iowa – Breast cancer is a hot topic. Almost everyone was affected in some way. The same goes for whether you or a family member were touched, or whether a friend or neighbor was touched.

Since 2015, Titan International has been making pink tractor tires for charitable organizations to raise awareness and fundraise.

Titan Tire Des Moines Iowa

1954 in Norfolk, Iowa, late last month. A John Deere 50 tractor is wearing pink tires at a special Two Cylinder Club exhibit at a local mall.

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Owned by local resident Jerry Koch, this tractor has participated in many events to raise funds for the John Stoddard Cancer Research Center in Des Moines, Iowa. Fair organizers were able to raise about $5,000 by offering hay tractor rides.

Scott Sloan, Titan’s production manager, decided to see if the company could make a set of pink tractor tires for spring breast cancer awareness in 2015. – Scratched white wheels used in Jug’s Pitching Machines and small gray wheels made for other customers.

Sloan talked to Marty Marrow, Titan’s vice president of composites, to see if it was possible to make a pink tire. Marrow’s wife had been battling cancer for five years, so he said yes and began creating an organic rose arrangement. It worked, but unfortunately the late October sun bleached most of the pink on the tires. Ilik went back to the drawing board and found an inorganic compound that he hoped would not fade.

Plant manager Lester Brewer said many people who work in production wanted to be involved in making the special pink wheels because breast cancer awareness is an important topic to all of them. He also noted that the factory workers enthusiastically dealt with the problem of producing pink tires on the black tire production line.

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Sloan told Traction News that the two hardest parts of making pink tractor tires are finding a pigment formula that doesn’t fade quickly in sunlight and keeping the production line clean enough to actually produce pink tires. The carcass is the first manufactured part of a regular black tire.

In the next stage of the production process, the pink tread is cold-pressed from the rubber compound and the pink pigment is mixed. The rest of the manufacturing process is normal. Inserting the tread inside the pink tire stiffens the tire. The Des Moines City Council will consider incentives for $500 million on Monday. The USD expansion is planned by Krause+ and its partners. (Drone photo courtesy of City of Des Moines)

The city of Des Moines owns the Dico Superfund site on the southern edge of downtown and will assume responsibility for the cleanup under an agreement to be considered by the City Council on Monday.

The city, the US Department of Justice, the US Environmental Protection Agency, Dico Inc. filed a proposed consent decree in US District Court. and Titan Tire Corp. Titan International is also involved.

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If the City Council approves the settlement Monday, it will be sent to the courts and could take months to review, said Deputy City Manager Pam Cooksey.

Cooksey said the city probably won’t take possession until spring. The site was once a tire and brake factory and later a chemical warehouse and factory. Water and soil pollution is high.

City Manager Scott Sanders said the city will spend about $500,000 to exempt several buildings from local taxes using local tax receipts. The city is expected to spend about $250,000 a year to “operate, maintain and preserve” the building.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has approved the demolition of the most contaminated buildings and the replacement of decades-old equipment that removes contaminants from groundwater. The money is 11.5 mln. dollars expected to be paid to Dico and Titan Tire.

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Sanders said plans for the site remain unclear after the initial cleanup. He said the city is protected from additional financial liability, but must limit excavation due to widespread groundwater and soil contamination. He didn’t rule out public use of the site, but said the first work in the next year or two would focus on cleaning up the building and preserving the property.

Sanders said he was glad the problem was resolved after many city officials, including former City Manager Eric Anderson, worked hard to resolve the case.

“We’re very excited to start this project and move forward after decades of doing this with retired workers,” Sanders said. “Our main goal is to eliminate existing pests and solve environmental problems.” “It really enhances the aesthetics of the area, which is a very important gateway to the southern part of our downtown.”

The 43-acre site is adjacent to Hubbell Realty Co.’s new Gray’s Station residential and commercial development and close to other apartments and businesses in the growing area.

Titan, Dico To Pay Epa $11 Million Over Des Moines’ Toxic Site

Titan agreed to donate the site to the city and pay $11.5 million to the EPA, according to a previous court order. USD and interest. By the way, the price of the land is $297,000.

Titan International, Titan Tire Corporation and Dico share the desire of federal, state and local government officials to return the Dico site to productive use and settle once and for all the more than 20-year dispute over the property. Titan President and CEO Paul Reitz said in a statement, “As a major employer in metro Des Moines, Titan Tire Corp. is particularly pleased to be a part of the deal, which, if approved, will accelerate the city’s redevelopment.

The city announced plans to build a police station on the site in 2017, but Sanders did not directly respond to questions about whether the plan was still under consideration.

The Des Moines school considered building an athletic stadium there, but later settled on a joint plan with Drake University to build a facility near the Knapp Center and other university athletic facilities. In the past, a private developer had floated the idea of ​​building an amphitheater on the site, but pollution concerns always raised questions about what the EPA would allow on the site.

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The consent decree does not specify how the land will be used, but says that “certain residential” uses will be prohibited and general use will be restricted due to contamination of the area. The city is responsible for maintaining the asphalt pavement on the site and will leave the building slab to cover the contaminated soil.

“Protecting human health and remediating contaminated sites for reuse are at the heart of the Superfund program,” said EPA Region 7 Administrator Jim Gulliford. “This agreement ensures the long-term protection of Des Moines’ drinking water supply and gives the city the opportunity to develop the area with community assets.”

The city has hired a consultant to evaluate the site and estimate costs based on that work. Sanders said it’s unlikely the city’s liability will exceed current estimates.

The site has been on the EPA Superfund list since 1983. Republican presidential candidate Morrie Taylor, whose Titan Tire Corp. he headed in 1996, bought the property in 1993.

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Taylor has been downplaying the dangers of chemicals for years. His company has won tens of millions of dollars in lawsuits brought by the EPA over nearly 25 years, but has not paid them.

In 2017, US District Judge Robert Pratt ruled against Titan Tire and Dico Inc. pay EPA $11 million to sell buildings to avoid cleanup. Last year, the 8th Court of Appeal upheld this decision.

That same year, the EPA declared the Dico site one of 21 sites nationwide in need of “urgent and intensive action” as part of President Trump’s goal to open up the most profitable sites for development.

In addition to degreasers used in tire and brake work, solvents, pesticides, and herbicides were stored and distributed at the site from the mid-1940s to the early 1970s.

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Dicko’s operation released solvent TCE and other toxic chemicals into the groundwater, and the EPA maintained treatment towers for decades to remove the contaminants. EPA issued such an order in 1986. july

The site is close to Des Moines Water Works’ main treatment plant, which serves 500,000 customers, and the Raccoon River, a source of drinking water and a popular waterway for kayaking.

Dico Superfund site on the southwest edge of downtown Des Moines. (Map courtesy of Des Moines)

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