Space Coast Credit Union Interest Rates

Space Coast Credit Union Interest Rates

Space Coast Credit Union Interest Rates – As the third largest credit union in Florida, Space Coast Credit Union is certainly no stranger to the world of financial services.

Open since 1951 and currently providing banking services to approximately 400,000 members, Space Coast Credit Union (SCCU) has a leading presence in Melbourne, Florida and surrounding areas.

Space Coast Credit Union Interest Rates

But does Space Coast really offer better value and service for your money than a traditional bank?

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While it’s no secret that credit unions often offer better interest rates than banks, they’re also more selective about their membership.

But credit unions offer other advantages and benefits not found at traditional banking institutions, and their unique approach to banking is sure to appeal to many.

In this detailed Space Coast Credit Union review, we take a closer look at how it compares to traditional banks and other credit unions so you can decide for yourself where your money belongs.

Verdict: Stellar Financial Service’s membership requirements are easy to meet and the “small town” feel of local branches puts residents at ease.

SCCU has 58 chapters in 14 different Florida counties and membership is open to anyone who lives or works in those counties. SCCU is the financial institution of choice for many Florida residents.

Plus, you can expect its staff to be well-informed and qualified to answer detailed questions about a wide range of financial products – from car loans to wealth management. .

Service Space Coast Credit is worth it because they offer many services in convenient locations.

Although its interest rates are not as competitive as online banks, many local branches offer peace of mind to customers.

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With more than 50 branches at SCCU, customers can do their banking wherever they travel.

Plus, SCCU is member-owned, and the more you participate in the credit union and use its products, the more member rewards you’ll earn.

Rewards are based on level of participation and can range from bonuses on your CD to free bank transfers, free checks and more.

Credit unions also offer a wide range of financial services, from checking and savings accounts to home and auto loans.

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However, the overhead costs and staffing of these multiple branch locations make interest rates on SCCU savings accounts slightly lower than those at online banks.

However, being able to walk into a local branch and be met and greeted warmly adds extra confidence and comfort to many customers.

Many customers admire not only the expertise of the staff but also their friendly and courteous demeanor.

If a customer has a question about their car loan, home loan or other product offered by Space Coast Credit Union, they know they can get a quick and satisfactory solution over the phone or in person.

Online Credit Union Banking

The Company’s fraud detection and monitoring service actively monitors customer accounts and transactions, and immediately blocks and alerts the customer when account activity is suspected.

A sudden spike in use of your debit card at the gas station can cause your card to be deactivated immediately – something no consumer wants to see happen down the road.

Users also report being locked out of their account or suddenly having their debit card declined, then having to argue with support to prove account ownership just to verify themselves and regain access.

These headaches often seem like an unnecessary burden to consumers, somehow tarnishing what could otherwise be a flawless credit union experience.

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However, unlike Space Coast Credit, they don’t offer CDs or investment products, so if you’re looking for more ways to grow your money, SCCU might be a better choice.

However, among the products they offer, Launch FCU offers them at a slightly better price, so you need to consider your financial goals before making a decision.

If you live in the counties served by Space Coast and have launched an FCU, you should also consider these credit unions.

Community Federal Credit Union is open to residents of Brevard, Indian River, Orange, Osceola, Polk and Volusia counties in Florida.

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Navy Federal Credit Union is open to members of the armed forces and their immediate families and has a branch in Satellite Beach, Florida.

Get car loan approval in less than 10 minutes. SCCU also works with multiple dealers to help you get a car loan and your car in one place.

Get a credit card backed by Visa Financial Strength. SCCU offers both secured and unsecured Visa credit cards, as well as low-interest cards for students who want to build a credit history.

Shorten the road by renting RVs, motorcycles and boats. With loan repayment terms of up to 144 months, driving home in the car you love and taking the long-awaited trip of a lifetime could be closer than you think!

Auto Loans & Financing

Get the cash you need with a personal loan. SCCU offers secured and unsecured personal loans up to 2x your gross monthly income.

Low mortgage, mortgage and construction. Space Coast CU offers both fixed and adjustable rate mortgages as well as jumbo, home, FHA and construction loans.

Buy a Second Home in Florida A fixed rate mortgage can make the dream of buying beach property a reality.

Refinance your current mortgage. Whether you want a lower fixed rate or want to take advantage of today’s historically low mortgage rates, you can easily refinance your mortgage through SCCU.

Looking For A New Home? Lock In Your Rate Asap

Use your home equity as cash. A home equity loan provides a cash lifeline in emergencies or to help pay off large debts such as tuition or home improvement projects.

Grow your savings with checking accounts, CDs and IRAs. Whether you’re saving for a big purchase or a golden retirement, SCCU offers savings accounts with great interest rates that can help you reach your goals.

Open a checking account that fits your goals and lifestyle. Whether you’re a student earning money from your first job or looking to set up a health savings account for unexpected medical needs, SCCU has several no-fee, no-interest checking accounts that can help .

Invest wisely with money market accounts and wealth management services. SCCU is unique among credit unions because it offers high-yield money market accounts as well as wealth management and investment services.

Order Free Checks

Enjoy additional benefits as a credit union member. These benefits include discounts on home insurance, GAP insurance, life insurance and more.

Space Coast Credit Union offers a mobile app through Google Play and the Apple App Store that allows customers to securely manage many common banking services.

Members can easily use the app on their phones to deposit checks, pay bills, check account balances and transaction history, and transfer funds.

And while the app is secure, the interface itself feels a little dated because it doesn’t take advantage of the higher resolutions and larger screen sizes of today’s mobile devices.

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Many users complain that the “Check Deposit by Photo” feature routinely rejects their submissions due to imperfect lighting and other issues.

This can seem like a pain and hassle in something that should normally be very easy.

Thanks to its commendable customer service, convenient office location and wide range of financial products, SCCU is worth considering.

It’s not hard to find a Space Coast Credit Union branch or ATM on the Florida coast that handles the most common complaints people have about credit unions — they don’t have nearly the presence of big banks.

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Such accessibility, friendly and knowledgeable staff, wide range of services and better prices make SCCU a good choice for those who want the specialized financial services offered by credit unions.

If this form of banking appeals to you, Space Coast Credit Union is a welcome alternative to traditional banking.

And while the rates may not be as competitive as smaller credit unions or online-only banks, they’re still generally very reasonable.

With all of these positives in mind, it’s easy to see how Space Coast Credit Union has maintained and grown its loyal customer base over the past 67 years.

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