Retired Shih Tzu For Sale

Retired Shih Tzu For Sale

Retired Shih Tzu For Sale – We are happy to introduce our beautiful parents. All of our dogs are AKC registered and are excellent examples of the Tiny Imperial Shih Tzu. Our main goal is to provide health, fitness and beauty. We strive to find the best so that your new family member can bring you many years of happiness.

Elle is such an attractive girl! Our daughter is Savannah and she brings us very little babies. He has a wonderful, thick white coat and a very short and stocky body. Sweet disposition.

Retired Shih Tzu For Sale

Redman is an excellent example of a Liver colored Shih Tzu. It’s hard to find a more perfect face than this. A tall nose on a cute face, a cute baby with the most beautiful eyes! So beautiful and also she has a short and curvy body. Redman’s color changed to Shades of Cream as he grew up. Just beautiful! Shih Tzu is street wise!

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Missy is an adorable chocolate and white girl with big brown eyes and a small chocolate nose. She is a very sweet girl and loves to play and often becomes the ring leader when she is out playing. Missy wears solid and party colors of black, chocolate, blue, cream and gold.

Little L is the son of DJ Redman and Elle (Tia). He is a real cuddly breeder and produces great puppies. She is blessed with big beautiful eyes and a high nose which gives her a baby doll face. It also has a Perfect L.ite Short Backed body.

We are excited to welcome Little Essie to our dog family. She is a very cute and adorable girl with doll face, big beautiful eyes, small nose, short legs and cute dress. She is a gold and white party girl. Looking forward to the new year 2023 puppies.

Introducing Little Ali as a new mom here at Shih Tzu Alley. She is a gold and white party girl that pulls 8 1/2 pounds. Nature is very sweet and loves everyone. Ali is from Missy and DJ so she is a 2nd generation dog for us. We expect its first end in 2024. More images to come as it grows.

Retired Danbury Mint Shih Tzu Dog Christmas Tree Lighted Figurine

Michael is a handsome young man with very large black eyes and a thick red beard. He has the most amazing personality and gentle nature. She smiles a lot and loves to kiss. He is an amazing dad and passes those beautiful eyes on to his puppies.

Miss Sadie is our gold and white party girl. That is great!! It has extremely thick fur with symmetrical highlights and black ears. Super big eyes!

Sadie has a very calming personality and incredible warmth. He likes to be accommodated and will follow you wherever you go.

We appreciate the beautiful Savannah puppies that Savannah has produced and look forward to more great puppies from our daughter Elle. Savannah will be staying at Shih Tzu Alley.

Southern Shih Tzu Rescue

Emb-R is a dark red and white Parti-marked coat girl with big dark eyes and awesomely thick fur. He is charming and has a very outgoing personality. He loves his toys! Emb-R now lives in Henderson, NV.

We are very proud of Boots, now Bumble. This is a creamy white party dress with a resourceful and quirky personality. He now lives with Sharon in Lake Elsinore.

The money is two years old and he is in early retirement. Mr. Personality now lives in Orange County Jan. He is a very happy boy! Dedicated to the Healthy Heritage of Shih Tzu Puppies Dedicated to the Healthy Heritage of Shih Tzu Puppies Dedicated to the Healthy Heritage of Shih Tzu Puppies Dedicated to the Healthy Heritage of Shih Tzu Puppies

We’re biased, we know, but when you share your love with a Shih Tzu, you usually don’t want another dog breed. Our dogs are specially bred for softness and sweetness. Nothing beats a sweet kiss and the tail to greet you when you come home from work.

Beautiful Little Lmperial Shih Tzu Puppy Boy. For Sale In Saltcoats

For the past 11 years, we have carefully selected mothers who dedicate the first months of their lives to caring for their puppies. Our fathers create interesting traits in our puppies.

Our Shih Tzu puppies are slightly larger than the breed standard 9-16 pounds. Our males weigh around 20 kilos and the females 11-15 kilos. We do not breed Imperial Shih Tzu, so it is very rare to see an “Imperial Shih Tzu” from us.

Our original parents, Buddy and Abby are still with us and doing well. Abby had her last litter in 2015 and Daddy Bud has stopped producing puppies.

All our senior dogs live peacefully together and enjoy spending time together, especially playtime. Depending on the weather, we spend a good 3-4 hours a day outside. In the spring and fall, we tend to spend even more time outside. We all get cozy together at night in a room with air conditioning and heating.

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Due to the number of dogs, we always have open dog crates. Our dogs are on a current vet program that focuses on major treatments including rabies and Lyme.

That little chrysanthemum face! Those big dark eyes look sweetly at you! Originally bred for the Chinese royal family, the “Lion Dog” is happiest as your companion. For dogs of their size and mischievous small breeders, they make best friends and are very loyal. Their coat, which comes in many colors and shades, can be high maintenance, with daily brushing and regular walks to keep it tidy. Although they are fun, they can have a stubborn streak. You will not be angry with them until they return to your heart!

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We are near Pittsburgh, PA, but travel frequently from Northern Virginia, West Virginia, to Hampton Roads, VA. When the puppies are born, we plan our trips. Frederick MD for DC; For the people of Winchester VA Blue Ridge; and Portsmouth VA for Hampton Roads and Eastern North Carolina. Since we don’t drive in the DC metro area we use the 17 through Fredricksburg and I95 south through Richmond. We traveled to Elizabeth City, NC, and Canton, OH to meet the new young parents. If you live outside these areas we can find a common meeting place.

The Maltese Shih Tzu (malshi): Best Dog Ever!

A $100 deposit is required to house your puppy. We require a deposit of $300 to insure your dog after your dog has been examined and taken at the vet’s initial shots. Sometimes, for whatever reason, people change their minds at the last minute and we can easily deal with that. It holds your deposit until the dog is returned to you and does not make the puppy available to others. Our job is to find a loving home for our puppies and return them in a timely manner so that they bond well with their new family.

CashApp Deposit is the easiest way to send a deposit, especially if you can’t see your child before you pick them up or drop them off. The best and preferred payment method is cash on delivery. There have been regulatory issues in the past. We no longer accept PayPal.

It’s a good question, but it’s not often asked. The short answer is – No. We have been successfully raising puppies for over 12 years and achieved higher than normal success rates without visitors to our facility.

Over the years, we have developed a good working relationship with other farmers who have different opinions on this issue. After consulting with veterinarians and other breeders, our main conclusion is that while no one is intentionally exposing dogs to disease, the potential is too great to allow visitors to visit. Create a clean, warm and clean place to raise dogs. You can see your parents if you want.

Things To Know About The Maltese Mix Shih Tzu 2024

The recent parvovirus outbreak in Michigan proves that it is too safe for us to allow visitors. Many fine farmers may have different policies on this; we choose to keep our facility closed to avoid unnecessary risk.

We are open for travel with a daily round trip of around 400 kilometers. We do not go to heavy metropolitan areas – DC, NYC, Philadelphia and outside of these less trafficked areas we would love to meet you. During my Hampton Roads trips, I have a friend who is generous enough to let me stay overnight in North Carolina and retrieve my dogs in Richmond before returning to Pennsylvania. As this economy has affected us all in different ways, my travel time has gotten a little tighter and more targeted and organized.

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