Onpoint Community Credit Union Cd Rates

Onpoint Community Credit Union Cd Rates

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Onpoint Community Credit Union Cd Rates

Summary: OnPoint Community Credit Union is Oregon’s largest credit union. However, its size does not diminish its commitment to providing quality personalized service and training to its members and community. It offers many banking options, and the credit union team provides members with the guidance and education they need to make the best financial decisions. OnPoint Community CU’s educational outreach extends to branches and members to state students, inmates and those recently released from prison.

Onpoint Credit Union Donates $62 Thousand To United Way

In March 2020, America’s society and economy were thrown into turmoil by the Kovid-19 pandemic. Many people are already facing their financial problems and the situation has worsened as financial institutions have temporarily closed their doors. Due to the global health crisis, many consumers cannot easily speak to someone at a bank or credit union, or access their accounts and funds.

OnPoint Community CU recently completed its largest expansion yet, opening 20 new locations at Fred Meyer stores in Oregon and Southwest Washington. Credit unions have $8.8 billion in assets for more than 450,000 members. And each branch maintains its freedom to respond to the needs of the community it calls home.

“We are a decentralized credit environment,” said Tory McVay, OnPoint Community CU president and director of sales operations. “Our branch is ahead in loan decisions.”

This means that branches have the autonomy to do what is best for their members. From financial services to educational resources to charitable giving, every CU branch of OnPoint Community is empowered to provide personalized customer service.

Working At Onpoint Community Credit Union: Company Overview And Culture

It’s all part of the credit union’s institutional mission to help its members live more economically and socially sustainable lives.

OnPoint Community CU prides itself on its service and flexibility, offering members the opportunity to bank the way they want. It also aims to help members understand their options and how they can take advantage of them.

“Members have told us they want more options to contact us,” McVay said. “We want to meet members where they are and give our members the opportunity to contact us directly by phone or digitally – whatever works for them – and not put it in a box and dictate how we want it. contact them. ‘Communicate with us and with us.’

Membership options include scheduling appointments with staff, eliminating waiting time in the lobby and opening digital accounts without entering a branch. OnPoint Community CU also offers offline services for those who want direct banking but want to avoid the crowds for health reasons.

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“We’re here to provide a service because we want to help keep people safe,” McVay said. “We do everything for our members.”

Another way OnPoint Community CU keeps members safe is with the remote lock function. Although it is not a new supply, consumption has increased since the beginning of 2020.

“We’ve shown members how easy it is to withdraw money at an ATM or on their phone, and they trust the technology,” McVay said.

OnPoint Community CU is also giving special consideration to members struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic. Credit unions have allowed them to waive fees, avoid minimum payment restrictions on some loans, offer some loans at 0 percent interest and waive CDs for the first withdrawal.

Your Friendly, Local Ceo

“We are quickly mobilizing the team and exploring what we can do with our existing products and services to help members when the need arises,” McVay said.

In addition, OnPoint Community CU offers free consultations with its financial advisors. Members can get advice and guidance on credit management, budgeting and starting emergency savings funds when these strategies are more important than ever.

McVay said, “There is no line to discuss with our financial advisor in the case.” “This is a free consultation that we are happy to offer in our community as a credit union.”

OnPoint Community CU has also partnered with Enrich to offer digital and interactive training courses. Members who do not have time to sit with an instructor can participate in self-directed learning at their own convenience. The program provides training in budgeting, retirement planning, credit management and other key financial topics.

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“Our training managers are heavily involved in this, and we have a tool on our website that members and non-members can use,” McVay said. “We will soon join Enrich and continue to look for opportunities to build on it and add new applications to the system to help our community find financial success.”

OnPoint Community CU not only offers online financial education and its affiliates. It also works in public schools by distributing financial literacy resources to students and preparing them for a healthy financial future.

“In 2019, we connected 3,500 students with personalized financial education and equipped them with the skills to achieve financial wellness, and we’re proud of that,” McVay said.

This success is due to OnPoint Community CU partnering with the Oregon School Activities Association to continue building relationships with students. It also allows credit unions to provide age-appropriate guidance and educational material to young students. Leadership team members are working to get teacher approval to resume direct work once they are safely back in the classroom.

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Also, OnPoint Community CU provides additional content for schools and teachers. This provides resources for teachers as they teach finance.

“Many schools have found that they need online financial education materials, Enrich is already built for that,” McVay said. “There are many great programs for personal finance trainers.”

“We even work with people who are incarcerated or just released from prison and need financial education,” McVay said. “It is rewarding and important to the community.”

People with a criminal record often have difficulty finding work and earning money. As a result, they often lack guidance in money and credit management. OnPoint Community CU’s efforts help protect their financial rights and keep them on the path to financial success, even if they are in the past.

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OnPoint Community CU is expanding its presence in the Oregon region. The largest branch expansion in the brand’s history will open 20 new locations in Fred Meyer stores. That’s the financial niche OnPoint Community CU wants to fill.

“We’re going into new markets and communities that we’ve never seen before,” McVay said. “When that happens, we have an opportunity to invest in that neighborhood and community. We’re really excited to make a real difference in every community.

By expanding its scope of service, OnPoint is also expanding its commitment to the economic well-being of the community, which extends beyond services and education.

“In 2020 alone, we have donated more than $1.65 million to directly address the region’s major economic challenges and growing community needs,” McVay said. “We have supported 318 winners in Oregon and Southwest Washington with a focus on diversity, equity, inclusion, education, youth services and community development.”

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OnPoint Community CU promotes volunteerism by offering vacation time that employees can use to volunteer with charitable organizations. Even if the job is training, paid leave is unlimited. By encouraging employees to make a positive impact, OnPoint Community CU ensures that more people have access to financial education and useful products and services, giving them a path to financial stability and sustainability.

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