Celebrity Personal Assistant Jobs Chicago

Celebrity Personal Assistant Jobs Chicago

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Celebrity Personal Assistant Jobs Chicago

Getting a job as a personal assistant requires all of your skills and abilities. You need to create a good resume, write a cover letter, and have perfect references on hand. The good news is that you are not alone.

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Resume writing is our forte and we are dedicated to helping you write a resume that best represents your experience and brings you one step closer to landing the job you want. We’ve collected seven personal assistant resume examples using proven techniques for success in 2024.

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I never wanted to be an assistant, well, I’m sure I didn’t even know it was a career option. Growing up in the 80s, I only remember secretaries like Melanie Griffith in Working Girl. At first I wanted to be a choir director. I went to Louisiana State University as an educator and actor, singer and dancer, with the ultimate goal of teaching music. Toward the end of my college career, I began to lose interest in music education, but became increasingly interested in public relations. My dad advised me to take business classes, and I’m glad he did (and that I listened). At first, I took PR classes because I knew I would eventually have to market myself and sell myself as an artist. Besides, taking a Music Business course was invaluable. The main focus of the class was reading the fine print of contracts and basic contract law.

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After college, I went to Chicago for graduate school and got a job in band sales on Broadway in Chicago. I learned what sales and marketing are and how to effectively sell a product that I love. However, I soon realized that my heart was in New York (and the career I so wanted), so I packed my bags and drove across the country.

After I got to New York, I played a show, went on tour and came back for three months between shows. I sent an email to everyone I knew and told them I would be in New York for three months. A friend contacted me to let me know he had a friend in New York who worked for celebrities and needed help. I interviewed for the second assistant position and got a job as first assistant to actress Anna Dever Smith. My duties included walking the dog, organizing the CD collection, etc., but most importantly, I worked alongside him in an exhibition he was producing. Being behind the scenes came very naturally to me and I did well.

As planned, after three months I left this position to go on another tour. Shortly after I started the oil business, I called Anna. He said firmly. “The day you get back to New York, you’ll be back at my job.” I will never forget that call. Of course, after that trip, I found myself back at Smith’s side.

Now I take on more responsibilities. I traveled with Anna all over the US and I was in Texas when she did her show,

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, which eventually became an off-Broadway hit. It was a fantastic experience and I learned what it takes to help and what it really means

Working as an assistant is what most people plan to do for their career. And I am often asked how I became a famous assistant. The truth is that most of us enter a role with another job. However, it takes years to learn leadership, interpersonal and office skills to really thrive in this career. And let’s be honest, we have to be jack of all trades. We need to be IT, HR, travel agency, master planner, able to keep many things in our head, anticipate the needs of our director, be detailed in communication and flexible in actions.

When I look back, I realize that I trained my whole life to be helpful. Without consciously doing so, I was constantly honing these skills. I also realized that I have a passion to always try new things. I have worked in sales, marketing, waitressing, stage management, business management, acting, IT, secretarial, mail room, copy room, personal support for actors and financial professionals and executive assistant in finance and real estate. . It may sound strange, but I use the skills I learned in all of these jobs every day. Think about your life. Don’t you do the same?

I am often asked what the biggest difference is between executive and celebrity personal assistant roles. For me, the tasks are very similar, but what I often respond to are personal learning limitations. Especially when you’re working in someone’s home, you really need to start understanding boundaries on a different level. For example, I make it a rule that I never enter my employer’s bedroom unless I am invited or have express permission to do so. This same quality can be realized in the business environment as well. you will never go to their office alone; Are you going to knock or pop in and ask if they have a minute to talk to you? It’s about recognizing personal space and not occupying it.

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I always say that what separates a good assistant from a great assistant is that a great assistant knows when to adapt or when to introduce himself. Knowing this balance is important.

My personal passion comes from being able to support someone who is doing “good” in the world. When I was working as an entertainment assistant, I did all the background work so that my director could try something, challenge people in their way of thinking, make them cry or laugh and let them love something because that’s what entertainment does. what It provides me. It’s not just about moving papers from one pile to another. What I do behind the scenes allows my employer to make a positive difference in the world.

I’ve been lucky enough to work for employers I’m happy with, but on the other hand, I’ve also worked for employers I don’t know. So I have to ask myself.

What do you really like about your career? How can you do more of the things that make you happy?

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Take classes, connect with other helpers by joining a professional organization, and meet other people who naturally understand you. Finding happiness in your career requires discovering what things in life really make you happy, and that’s hard. For me, the field I’m in is what drives me. And finally, in general, I know how to do it.

Assistants manage the lives of the world’s most successful people. There is a great sense of leadership in this. With the support of a good assistant, directors can do the hard work and effectively make a difference in the world. They need someone to handle the logistics of their lives so that they are free to think and act on bigger issues. Love is also in being a leader. As we all know, wizards rule the world.

Patrick will be a featured speaker at the Executive Leadership Support Forum in New York on June 27-28 and September 12-13. To find out more about volunteering in your career and join the conversation, check out one of the 22 ELS forums.

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