Rvs For Sale In Oregon By Owner

Rvs For Sale In Oregon By Owner

Rvs For Sale In Oregon By Owner – Looking to sell a motorhome on Craigslist?   My husband Daniel and I bought our beloved Volkswagen Rialta through Craigslist and it was an incredibly painful experience. We had never owned a motorhome before and had no idea what we were doing. Luckily for us, it all worked out in the end, but it was really frustrating.

This article tells the whole story—complete with a shady merchant, a pool of dark water, and an eight-person hero. Thank you for learning so much from what happened. I’ve compiled a list of RV shopping tips and resources at the end of this article to help you avoid those pitfalls. To learn more, check out our Rialta reservation information and continue our America’s Greatest Road trip.

Rvs For Sale In Oregon By Owner

The Volkswagen Rialtas is a 21-foot long vehicle built on the Volkswagen Eurovan chassis. Winnebago produced these cars from 1995 to 2005, so they are rare today. Recently, Rialtas have won fans with their innovative designs – especially the telescopic shower that folds away when not in use.

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As much as we love our Rialtas, they are not for everyone. They have a very low load capacity and fill easily. Getting the engine working on Realtas can be tricky and things go wrong (trust me, they do). Parts are getting harder because they have been made for over 15 years.

I looked out the kitchen window as rain fell from the dark sky. My husband Daniel and I recently purchased a 2000 Volkswagen Winnebago Rialta 22HD sedan – and I am very concerned that we are being ripped off. We bought an RV on Craigslist from a guy who was a little disappointed. In fact, the minute I contacted the licensing office, I knew we had a problem. The title transfer papers were small. We will do our best to register the vehicle, if we can. Such a dream.

Rewind the clock to the afternoon of Friday, May 15, 2020 – Daniel and I were on a road trip. We were looking for the perfect home. Specifically, we wanted a small RV with decent gas mileage that would keep us comfortable.

After checking the Craigslist ads, we decided to move to the Portland/Vancouver area. There are many cheap RVs for sale in the area that we want to check out. These are popular cars and we are afraid they will break if we don’t hurry. Meanwhile, RV dealerships are reopening after being closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We were definitely motivated to beat the crowd. Daniel and I are masked and ready to look at cars on a social level.

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It was a five hour drive to Vancouver, so we went down that same day and spent the night. That way, we will be able to reach traffic the next day. I picked a few events, starting with a 2000 VW Realta across the state line. I just read about Rialtas, and I am really interested in these small houses. They are rare, so I can’t wait to see one.

The next morning, Daniel and I drove to the Portland suburb of Clackamas to visit the Rialta. When we arrived, we were at several RV parks. A chain link fence surrounded the building, which was full of cars and other vehicles in various states of repair. The customer arrived late so another employee ushered us in.

The Rialta was everything we hoped it would be. Daniel and I enjoyed exploring inside, looking in cabinets and playing with tools and furniture. We received a package with the maintenance history and all of the car’s original manuals. It appears to be in pristine condition. We were happy.

But things started to get weird. If the engine is on it will not start. After several attempts, it turns out that the vacuum is more deadly than the door pegs. Our manager was upset and believed that another employee had the job of polishing the keys. Apparently, they have to drive the lot from time to time, sometimes leaving the keys behind. This may sound strange, but it seems to make sense. So, we pulled the truck over and tried to cross the Rialta.

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After several failed attempts, we got our next red flag – the car was out of gas. We also noticed that the oil cap was missing. Daniel and I looked at each other with growing concern. But what is this place?

The customer arrived 50 minutes after the agreed time. He didn’t look at her like I expected. He was a young man in his twenties – with a luxury car and an expensive watch. He wasn’t the type to get into recreational vehicles, but what did I know? However, this guy knew the Rialta and walked us through all the systems and functions of the car.

The salesman brought gas and filled the tank. At that time the car left and we jumped. He took a can of oil from another car in the stock, and soon we were ready to take it in for inspection.

At 21.6 meters long, the Realta is very comfortable to drive. Daniel and I took turns driving the roads and highways for 20 minutes. The car runs great and everything works. We loved each other.

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Despite the red flags, Daniel and I decided to continue selling. We had planned to pay cash but there was a catch. We arrived in Vancouver in a hurry and did not plan to bring money. All banks are closed on Saturday evening. It’s a relief. We have to wait until Monday when the banks reopen.

To make matters worse, our bank does not have a branch in the Portland/Vancouver area. The nearest branch is in Olympia so we went there the next day. After arriving in Olympia, we found a hotel near our bank. It was bright again on Monday morning, we went to the bank and got the money to bring the Rialta home.

After going to the bank, Daniel and I drove two hours back to Clackamas. The salesman was waiting for us and showed us a temporary office in a converted room. We gave him money, he began to count carefully, and then took out the title.

Here I noticed something different. The previous owner (Walt) is still listed as the owner of Realta. Walt and his wife kept the car and later disposed of their interest in the car. The person we bought it from didn’t have the car registered in his name, but his name is written on the back of the title deed as the seller.

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I didn’t know enough about how programming works to understand that this would be a problem. So, we decided to move forward and hope for the best. The seller sent a deed of sale and promised to be available to help if problems arose during the transfer of ownership. That’s all.

As we passed Realta, I began to worry that we had made a big mistake. Something was off about the whole situation. First, the papers are fishy. How do we sell a car when our names are not on the title? Also, I was surprised to open the garage door which was still inside. Why is it still there? Over time we noticed that the black water (waste) tank was half full. It’s not the end of the world, but it’s not great either.

The next day I called the Washington State Department of Licensing. I explained the situation and realized that a key paper was missing. We wanted to send the bill of sale from Walt (the original owner) to the person we bought it from. This shows the chain of command and shows that nothing was forced. I thought it would be difficult to do these articles, if it wasn’t possible, I wouldn’t be there.

The license agent explained that there were other ways, but we would have to do it ourselves, and contact the original owner.

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Surprisingly, the seller was unable to produce the first bill for sale. He promised to deliver

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