Online Coaching Apps For Personal Trainers

Online Coaching Apps For Personal Trainers

Online Coaching Apps For Personal Trainers – As a trainer I am very happy to have this app to track and control what my clients are doing when they are not with me. They also like to post progress pictures or messages to encourage each other through a physical chat board. Another great feature is the video tutorials, creating your own exercises and choosing a video to demonstrate the exercise.

I love that my customers can watch their games and I can watch them; They are able to check every game. I love finding easily accessible plans and templates and adding “plans” from new people!

Online Coaching Apps For Personal Trainers

The app is easy to use and facilitates ongoing communication with customers, helping them be responsive and stick to the plan. Customer service is also fantastic – very responsive.

Online Coaching — Fit’n’sane

I love using this app as a personal trainer! Short videos, easy navigation, and informative messages enhance this app for customer retention.

Thanks, I’ve been using it for two days with the first one and I can’t be more critical that it’s perfect for everything I need to help my clients with new exercises and renewing their right way. And they always help me. And how they go with their routine and change it to adapt it now to their 5 stars

Do whatever you promise. Starting a new business with local and remote customers? This is the app for you. I love it.

I love the app. This is a great way to create a sense of community within your customer base. Plus, it makes my gaming life easier! It is worth more than dollars.

Online Fitness Coaching

My customers love how I can communicate with them through the app and how I can order toys and track everything for them.

I have been using it for 12 months. It’s a great way to stay connected and build community with my fellow PTs. New updates are constantly coming out and I always need feedback to help design and maintain software that runs smoothly and efficiently for my business.

It is very easy to use. Fortunately, the games are still available and the video is available if needed. I can access my trainer 24/7 and update my stats! Very easy!!

We built it to have all the powerful features you need to run your business and create a great customer experience, while maintaining ease of use.

The 20 Best Online Coaching Platforms For Personal Trainers

We have designed each section specifically for desktop, Android and Apple devices. So you and your customers can have the same experience on an iPhone, iPad, Android device or laptop. That is why it is the highest rated application in Apple Store and Google Play Store. We use cookies on our website to provide you with the best user experience. By using our website or services, you agree to our Terms of Use.

We will create a demo sandbox with exclusive access and you can try this sandbox demo as you want in 3 days.

Finding online software for personal trainers can be a real challenge. Reliable programs should integrate other aspects with the advertising page to provide customer engagement and management.

Is a versatile management plugin for appointment-based businesses. This job can be used for personal trainers and gyms.

Best Personal Trainer Websites (tips & Ideas)

With Google Calendar Sync, you can connect your social calendar to Google to show how busy you are and avoid double booking. It allows teachers to completely customize their textbook pages based on their WordPress website design.

You can manage all customer records, staff calendars, locations and services from the book page. Zoointegration allows you to schedule special training sessions by book editors.

With an integrated payment gateway, you can make online payments and savings for textbooks. Using employment information management systems, you can send information and reminders about any changes related to employment and payment status.

Pricing: There are two pricing plans depending on the number of network locations. The standard plan costs a one-time fee of $79 which includes future upgrades. If you want to connect to multiple websites, you can get the SaaS version for $459.

Personal Training Online Forms

Mypthub is a dedicated app for fitness professionals and gyms offering desktop and mobile apps to facilitate fitness, training and planning. Customers can track their progress, including personalized calendars with features, multimedia options, calendar settings to avoid conflicts, waiting lists and attendance management, and regular announcements. It also integrates with fitness trackers like Apple Health and Fitbit.

Pricing is simple: $49 per month or $42 per month if paid annually. Both plans have similar features.

SimplyBookme provides an online booking system for all service businesses. From the many options available, you can choose a mobile responsive template to test your book page.

It’s easy to find private lessons and classes for individual teachers or staff groups. You can add images of your team’s services to the media page and create images on your home page.

How To Choose The Perfect Online Personal Training Software

There are many login options like Facebook, Instagram, Website Widget, Google Maps, Book Page, and website registration through Simplebook. Additionally, you can use reports, insights, gift cards, marketing, and POS symbols to enhance your experience.

You can also check out our Calendly blog,, and Acuity Calendar in-depth comparisons for more information.

TeamUp, launched in 2012, is advanced management software for gyms, studios and trainers. It offers flexibility, unlimited customer service, and an unwavering commitment to customer success.

Features include class assignment and visibility, multi-discipline management, CRM, payroll and analytics, as well as Zapier-like purchasing operations. Make it easy for customers to book and manage meetings, refer friends and buy memberships. Ideal for teachers looking for a reliable and affordable system for home or mobile use.

The Best Personal Trainer Software For Your Business

Pricing: Team-up packages are based on the number of purchases from customers that don’t have the features they need. Prices start at $35/month for 0-50 customers with a 50% discount for the first 6 months. You can check the prices here:

On the settings side, there is a custom built widget, which can be integrated into your website. You can allow customers to book individual classes on their own or schedule class sessions.

Since mobile communication is a high priority for educational programs, Setmore is compatible with Android and iOS devices. In addition, there is a custom integration with Zoom and Teleport that allows customers to book and attend appointments from the Sitmore Manager.

Price: Whether you are a single instructor or your training team, you can access your account for free with up to 4 users. To get different payment options and other payment methods, you can get it for $9.

Reasons To White Label An App As An Online Coach / Personal Trainer

Picktime is an appointment, interview and class scheduling app. You can link all your external calendars to one bookable calendar to avoid double booking and balance busy hours with personal work hours.

Square, PayPal, and Stripe integrations allow you to view payments online and create an invoice in real time. In addition, it is integrated with many online meeting programs such as Zoom, Meet, Teams, GoToMeeting and Jitsi where you can connect meetings from its manager.

Price: Free and paid versions are available. The free trial lets you add 3 employees, 2 sites, and resources with multiple built-in apps. While the plan starts at $10, it offers time zone switching, attendance tracking, notifications, and more than 15 integrations.

10to8 is a structured exercise program suitable for health, wellness, fitness and corporate professionals. Help increase client bookings for personal trainers, yoga instructors, and fitness instructors.

Ways That Marketing Online Coaching Is Different From Face To Face Personal Training

Features include an online registration page for individual classes or groups that can be accessed via the website, email or Facebook. Allows you to manage multiple employee schedules, room and external calendars.

The app supports personal information and appointment details for better preparation and provides automated reminders and confirmations to improve customer relationships and reduce no-shows.

Price: 10to8 has free and paid options. Free account allows you to add 2 employees and get 100 appointments per month. With the original version, you can add 3 employees, get 100 jobs, and increase your brand options.

It integrates with Outlook and Google Calendar, integrates with websites and Facebook pages, and features a custom interface. Provides SMS and email alerts to prevent missed notifications and allows for liability management. The app supports PayPal and Stripe for online payments and integrates with various apps.

Online Personal Training — Gary Heshiki Fitness

Prices range from a free plan (50 posts, 50 users) to paid plans starting at $8 for 100 posts and unlimited users.

Bookdin is an appointment scheduling app designed for health, beauty and fitness. It can be written through websites, social media or email to support a wide range of customers. Features include resumes, custom forms for customer information, and detailed ads for tracking and reporting. Customers can pay in advance or pay online and receive notifications of new books and customer reminders.

Plans include a free trial (unlimited calendars, bookmarks, up to 5 months) and start at $29 with unlimited appointments and calendar settings.

Appoint Fix is ​​a fitness, fitness and beauty scheduling app. You can find the app on Google Play, App Store or download it for PC.

Best Gym Workout Apps

Appointfix gives you control over your booking process including payment

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