Lawyers In Fort Worth Tx

Lawyers In Fort Worth Tx

Lawyers In Fort Worth Tx – Texas constitutional law is the foundation on which our Fort Worth law firm was built, and it’s why we’re still going strong today. With more than 130 years of combined construction law experience in Texas, Harrison Stack attorney seeks a resolution for Texas contractors, owners, subcontractors, architects, engineers and buyers. Our attorneys represent many of the leading contractors and professionals in Texas. Feel free to browse our website, no hard hat required.

They believe that right is right and wrong is wrong. If you’re right, they’ll go to the wall for you.

Lawyers In Fort Worth Tx

Harrison-Stack, PC is clearly our strongest business partner and is directly responsible for the success (and survival) of our company.

Fort Worth: Retired Judge Clifford Davis Helps Law Students

Although the construction industry is risky, it is comforting to be represented by your own company.

I always make sure that I know that not only do we have the best legal support available when (professional liability) issues arise from time to time, but that the lawyers have the experience of specializing in design and construction. Knowledge of the industry.

We like to work with many Harrison stacks, PCs. Build the team and make them all professionals with an attention to detail and a deep understanding of construction issues that is unmatched.

Steele & Freeman is pleased to offer this book of advice for you and your company to all contractors looking for “the best” in the industry.

Lovelace Law, P.c.

I can truly say that our company has benefited from our association with you and the great team at Harrison-Stack, PC.

The specific way you present this advice often convinces us that we are your most valuable customers.

You and your colleagues provided guidance on policies and procedures, insurance, installation, credit claims, contracts, subcontracts, land planning, tax planning and all other aspects of our company, explaining all the issues in “English clear” always.

We rely on their ability to provide us with the right advice and counsel to prevent problems from arising and problems when they do occur.

Fort Worth Divorce Lawyer

As we grow, you become an integral part of our leadership team. We appreciate your honest and fair approach to all matters.

The understanding, responsiveness, honesty, integrity and reputation with which your company conducts its business is why we are proud to represent you. us in all legal matters.

Whenever we need your information on matters, both legal and business matters, you are always very responsive and can be reached at well done.

In those times when conflict is unavoidable, it’s good to know the partners at Harrison-Stack, P.C. Understand construction and the problems and conflicts that arise from construction, and it can change you completely.

Robert Green — Mallory, Lollar, Holt & Associates, P.c

Harrison provided good advice to the team on the floor and defended when needed. I am very proud to represent Harrison Stack and will recommend them to any company that needs great service.

Ramtech wants to be measured by the number of happy customers, not the number of subscriptions. We have found the best way to work with your company.

We feel we were valued for the services provided, and the results we received justify using this company.

[Mr. Harrison’s understanding of the construction industry along with his educational background in engineering and law make him the most useful person in dealing with government agencies, owner groups, professionals, as well as and the general contractor and special contractors.

Twelve Wick Phillips Partners Recognized As 2020 Texas Super Lawyers

In the few cases in which we were involved in litigation, or at risk of litigation, Steve Harrison and Henry Stack were excellent in representing Byrne, effectively reducing our burden.

Steve was a licensed engineer and worked before going into law, so he easily understood engineering problems and was able to translate them to opposing attorneys who were not talented in resolving a dispute that was not able to control. .

You have represented our members many times and they always appreciate your efforts and are very satisfied with your representation.

Mr. Harrison is professional in every way and we are pleased to present our company at reasonable prices. We consider him a valuable asset to our company.

Fort Worth Under 21 Dui Lawyers

As a business owner and chairman of our board, I cannot begin to describe the comfort Steve and Henry have brought to me and our senior management to protect our company. Jason Stephens is a strong advocate for his clients. And he spent all his law. Jobs represent individuals and families. Those who have suffered serious injuries or wrongful death.

Jason limits his case selection process, allowing him to fully immerse himself in understanding his clients’ losses and struggles while developing a recovery plan. designed to put their lives back together.

“When I do a case, my client’s problem becomes my problem, and I try to fix it.” -Jason Stephens What makes Stephens Law different from other law firms in Fort Worth?

“What makes my law office unique is that I and my team treat people like we treat our families. We are always involved in the struggles of business people. the night and think how to solve the problems of my people, how to win. their subject, the way to get the compensation they deserve. I love helping people, I love what I do, and it’s more than just a job – it’s my calling,” said Jason Stephens.

About Jason Stephens

Jason and his talented support team are dedicated to helping clients find answers, move toward healing, and find the financial compensation they deserve to put them on the road to recovery.

Jason takes customer trust seriously and always strives to serve his customers and the community with respect and integrity. Jason’s clients say he’s a passionate, tireless lawyer – he’s a difference maker.

Jason also obtained the largest auto accident verdict in the United States in 2022 and is in the Top 10 Trucking Trial Lawyers in Texas by the National Trial Lawyers Association:

Jason Stephens is an award-winning trial attorney with over 25 years of experience and a long track record of success. He has logged many hours in the courtroom and secured some of the largest convictions in state and national history. In 2004, Jason won his 5th jury decision in Texas and 47th in the United States.

Top 10 Best Car Accident Lawyer In Fort Worth, Tx

A few years later in 2012, Jason Stephens was acquitted of an accidental 8th count from a Texas jury. And in 2022, Jason won a $15.68 wrongful death settlement – the largest for a personal injury case in Grayson County, Texas. , according to VerdictSearch.

In addition, his legislative success in implementing safety policies has led to changes that better protect our children and our communities. In fact, in one instance, as part of a highly confidential financial decision, he forced an international church to implement new ways to protect children from sexual abuse in North America. and pursue a career in early childhood education. how are you .due process lawyers, like Jason Stephen, make a difference.

At Stephens Law, every case is treated as if it were a million dollar case—as if it were a very important case—and every case is carefully prepared as if it were going to trial.

This type of preparation, attention and commitment to quality, along with Jason Stephens’ personal and in-depth involvement in each case, ensures that the other party and their insurance company will take your claim seriously and give you a fair and complete conclusion. compensation. .and if they don’t, Jason Stephens and his team are experienced and ready and equipped to take your case to court.

Bhw Law Firm

Make no mistake, the lawyer you hire makes a difference. Insurance companies and their lawyers know who the real lawyers are on trial, they know who the “settlement mill” companies are, they know the lawyers who have never tried or won a case, they also know the lawyers who like to abusive. But then came the knock.

They also know some lawyers, like Jason Stephens, will be very persistent, will stand up for their clients, will dig and dig under every stone to move the case forward. their client, they will demand a high reward. heart Finally take the case to court, if justice requires it.

Jason Stephens has proven experience, a long track record of success and has achieved over $100+ million for his clients (actual dollars paid to clients after attorney’s fees and expenses).

Beyond these financial decisions for clients, Jason Stephens is known as one of the best injury lawyers in Texas, and he has received national recognition for his success. Some of the awards and accolades Jason has received include:

Southlake Estate Planning Attorney: Wills, Trusts: Free Call

You don’t get these rewards just by being a regular lawyer. If you are looking for an honest, compassionate, reputable personal injury attorney who will go above and beyond for you, Jason Stephens is an excellent choice.

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