Delaware Divorce Attorney Free Consultation

Delaware Divorce Attorney Free Consultation

Delaware Divorce Attorney Free Consultation – You’ve decided you’re ready for a divorce, but what should you do next? Even before the meeting a

, it is necessary to learn how this method works. You’ve come to the right place for an overview of the divorce process.

Delaware Divorce Attorney Free Consultation

Divorce (or divorce) is the termination of marriage, annulment and/or reorganization of the legal obligations and responsibilities of marriage, thereby dissolving the marital bond between the spouses according to law of a country. and/or country.

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Divorce should not be confused with divorce, which means that the marriage is void; by legal separation or legal separation (the legal process that allows a couple to legally separate without ending the legal marriage) or by de facto separation (the process that ends ‘the couple’s informal relationship). The reasons for divorce are different, ranging from gender differences, lack of independence of one or both spouses, to personal conflicts.[ 1]

Legal Requirements for Divorce You must first think about how to file for divorce. Typically, this is the county and state where one or both of you live. First, find out if you meet the state’s requirements. If you or your spouse are in the military, you can apply at your current location. However, there are laws that protect active members from civil lawsuits. As your divorce attorney, we will help you resolve this issue.

To complete a divorce petition, first consider whether you are seeking a “no fault” or “fault” divorce. A wrongful divorce is for things like abuse or adultery; Read more in the article below. If you don’t have children or have a lot of assets, a “general” divorce may be possible. With the children, the child custody and support forms must be completed.

When you file your divorce papers with the court, you must “serve” them on your spouse. Generally, this means that another adult must provide the document to your spouse. You can use a professional server or save money by asking a friend to deliver the documents to you. If it’s domestic violence, the police in some states will issue a document without paying the usual fee.

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Maybe your partner just gave you divorce papers. You still have the opportunity to tell the court what you want and don’t want in the divorce. Be sure to “respond” within the time frame specified by state law.

Most divorces are settled by agreement that both parties can agree to. Even without a formal program, you and your partner can use a “collaborative” divorce process from the start, or you can go to a “dispute resolution” professional.

If your case goes to court, you will need to present evidence, possibly including testimony, so that the judge can decide to pay the estate. It will be easier if a lawyer represents you in this case. You can also appeal or change the marriage decree.

Are you considering divorce and wondering what the process will be like? Below is a general outline that describes the sequence of events for most divorce cases. Remember that every divorce is different, so there will be issues related to each of your divorces with these steps.

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Legal Separation: Some states do not have laws that allow couples to enter into a legal separation. In these countries, you are married until the court decides. If the law in your state allows for legal separation when one spouse leaves the home, your attorney will ask the court to enter into a separation agreement. This agreement protects the interests of the spouses and the children of the marriage by ensuring that both parties fulfill their legal obligations.

If your state does not have laws that allow legal separation, the next step is to contact your divorce attorney or file a petition with the court yourself asking for a hearing to obtain an order. the agreement. This is done after filing for divorce in countries that do not have divorce laws.

If negotiations are unsuccessful and there are unresolved issues, a court date will be set. During the trial, both parties have the opportunity to try their case before the judge. It is important to talk to a divorce attorney about proper behavior in court so that you can present yourself well to the judge. The judge will consider all the evidence and make a decision based on what they think is best for the divorce and the outcome.

After the judge has made a decision, the divorced parties will sign the final divorce decree. The final decree determines how the marital property is to be divided, custody orders, child support and any support ordered, and other issues related to the divorce.

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If you think the court’s order was unfair, you can file a motion to appeal the order and ask for a new trial. This motion is presented before the judge who issued the order and not many judges will disobey their order. You should not be surprised if the court rejects your proposal. If the court denies your request, you can appeal to the higher court.

Temporary marriages where there are no children or matrimonial property to divide will be effective immediately. If you have children and have accumulated assets during your marriage, you should not be surprised that divorce can seem long, time-consuming and sometimes confusing. Please be patient, the Family Court system works hard to protect the interests of all parties involved in a divorce case.

Feel free to call us for a no-obligation consultation about your situation. No matter how difficult this time in your life may be, you will have a caring partner in our divorce attorneys to help you. Yeager Law Firm LLC prides itself on providing quality representation from our compassionate and experienced attorneys. We work diligently for all of our clients and use our unique combination of knowledge, initiative and focus to see Delaware family law cases to a successful conclusion.

Our clients are people dealing with all types of family law. The legal process can often be confusing or intimidating. We understand. Your satisfaction is important to us, which is why we take the time to build a genuine relationship. We respect our customers and want to build trust, often at a time when customers are most vulnerable. Yeager Law Firm LLC is committed to serving you and your family. You can expect good service from a competent and reliable lawyer.

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For the safety of our employees and customers, we reserve the right to require masks in the office in accordance with CDC guidelines.

Julie H. Yeager, Esquire Delaware Certified Family Law Attorney Delaware Divorce and Certified Mediator Delaware Certified Family Law Judge Delaware

Ms. Yeager was a pleasure to work with. I would recommend the firm to anyone who needs family legal advice.

Julie H. Yeager, Esquire provides skilled and knowledgeable counsel to clients in a variety of family law matters in the state of Delaware. He is a tough judge with thousands of years of court experience.

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Julie is a certified divorce and custody mediator and family law mediator in the state of Delaware. Helped create an educational program and assist in the training process to certify more than forty new mediators through the family law mediation course offered by the Delaware Family Court beginning in 2019 .by the judge. Julie helps clients resolve separation and/or divorce issues, including support, custody/visitation, and property division, without having to go to court or appear before the owner. a role in the court.

Julie has been an attorney since 2005 and has been practicing exclusively in family law for the past 10 years. He received several appointments in his field. Julie has been named a Top Attorney for Family Law and/or ADR Mediation by Delaware Today for six consecutive years (2018-2023). From 2009 to 2018, he represented parents with children as a federal contract parent attorney. From 2015 to 2018, Julie was on the Council’s Improvement Project Steering Committee, which works to ensure children in foster care are safe, healthy and have an endlessly positive experience. . Julie leads the Parent Involvement Project.

Julie received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Villanova University and graduated from the Honors Program in 2002. She received her Juris Doctor degree from Temple Law School in 2005. Julie founded The Yeager Law Firm LLC in 2011. He specializes in family law. . . in the state of Delaware.

Julie is an active member of the Delaware legal community. He was elected president of the Family Law Section of the Delaware State Bar Association in 2017, vice president in 2016, and

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