No Win No Fee Employment Lawyers Uk

No Win No Fee Employment Lawyers Uk

No Win No Fee Employment Lawyers Uk – Landau Law is one of the UK’s leading employment law firms, exclusively serving employees and senior managers. In fact, we are the only employment law firm in the country that deals exclusively with individuals. We have a very high success rate. Feel free to use the contact form or call us on 020 7100 5256

As UK employment lawyers working exclusively for employees and senior management, we are always happy to handle cases for a fee or free of charge if that is your preference. In doing so, we recognize that this is often an attractive solution in times of financial uncertainty.

No Win No Fee Employment Lawyers Uk

Many employment lawyers do not like to work without success – for free, because the risks are too high. While risk is obviously an important factor, we have worked together on behalf of employees and senior management for over 20 years with great success. We are therefore in a good position to assess these risks. On the other hand, our experience and successful results give us the confidence to offer a no-exit and no-fee financing method wherever possible.

What Is An Ex Gratia Payment?

How it works is simple. If the case is not resolved, you do not pay us. Your rates therefore depend on negotiating with your employer which is right for you. If the case goes to court, fees will be added to the amount awarded on your behalf. In most cases we can maintain a level of 25% plus VAT more than we negotiate with you or make money for you. If there is an offer to pay, the additional amount we negotiate or recover in court will be part of the free and fair share.

The ultimate goal is always to try to reach a negotiated settlement without the need for litigation, which is the preferred option for many employees and employers. We have a very high success rate for resolving disputes, especially if your claim is valid.

Not all cases can be accepted without a waiver or free of charge, but we will do our best to do so if this is a payment option for you, regardless of where you are in the UK. If you provide a lot of detailed information, we may need to charge a small fee to start properly examining everything and advise you on the merits of your case. It is also published on our free legal advice page.

We are truly a public employment law firm, and our clients range from municipal employees and bank managers and banking companies to those working in small and medium-sized businesses (or government officials) in many employment sectors in the United States. The government.

We are regularly called upon by the press as UK employment law experts. These include the BBC, The Guardian, Sky News, LBC News Radio, ITN, Radio London, Talk Radio, Radio 5 Live, The Wall Street Journal and The Independent, The Times, and The Telegraph.

In addition, Philip Lando has written several times as a contributor to The Guardian as an expert on labor law.

We are happy to provide you with a free evaluation of your case*. Contact us on 020 7100 5256 or send us an email. Hello! If you want to know more about us before you pick up the phone, this is the page to read!

Aston is a law firm specializing in employment law. Established in 1989, we provide specialist and niche advice to a diverse range of clients, from international organizations to small family businesses and individuals.

Whistleblowing Employment Law Solicitors Landau Law

Committed to providing valuable assistance to people facing career challenges in the workplace, Astons offers a special No Win No Fee service.

If you read on, you’ll meet an experienced team of careers experts who can offer advice wherever you are in the country. They can give you free professional advice on a range of issues including unfair dismissal, age discrimination, sexism, pregnancy and maternity discrimination, racism, bullying, redundancy, TUPE and accommodation agreements.

Dealing with employment issues in the workplace can be very complex and our team of experienced lawyers can quickly understand the issues involved and provide you with the advice you need. In short, we aim to provide an efficient, effective, efficient yet friendly service.

After graduating with a 2.1 (Hons) degree in Business and Law from the University of Salford, a Diploma in Law from the University of Birmingham and a Postgraduate Diploma in…

Post Office Horizon Representation

Stacey joined Astons Solicitors in October 2011 as Business Development Manager to lead the company’s sales and marketing…

Anita qualified as a lawyer in 2005 and has worked in private practice in local and national law offices. Anita has extensive experience in advising employers and employees…

Hannah joined Astons Solicitors in May 2018 after spending the last 10 years of her career in another employment law practice…

Jean joined Astons Solicitors in 2011, bringing with him solid management experience and extensive experience in support functions…

Is It Worth Using A Lawyer To Go To An Employment Tribunal?

“Rachel helped me with the problem and was friendly and clear in problem solving. She advised me on what to do and when there was a problem…”.

“Rachel helped me with the problem and was friendly and clear in problem solving. She advised me on what to do and when there was a problem…”.

Lauren Emery became my attorney in the contract with my employer. Both Lauren and her secretary, Gaine, were very professional and made sure the process went as quickly and smoothly as possible. The Aston team is also very welcoming, which was much appreciated as I was going through a downsizing process for the first time. Highly recommended.

I cannot praise Edward Aston enough. He provides quality and responsive customer service. I had a difficult work case that Edward not only won, but also found a good solution for me. Throughout the process, Edward and the entire Astons team were always very professional, answering my questions and emails within hours of receiving them, giving me great advice and above all, he and his team gave me great support throughout the process. . He advised and guided me throughout the process and found the best and most suitable lawyers. His performance on court is exceptional.

Keep 100% Of Your Compensation

Lauren Emery was very nice. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Top notch service and expertise. I will recommend him and Astons Solicitors.

I spoke to a few local employment lawyers and finally decided to contact Astons lawyers. It was a wonderful decision! I dealt directly with Edward Aston who was very professional, knowledgeable and approachable. Most importantly he won my case…what more could I ask for! Highly recommended company.

I highly recommend Aston Solicitors. Edward Aston was informative, prompt and professional. Continuous communication and excellent service from all staff.

What types of wages and benefits should be the same? How to apply for flexible working? What is equal pay? What is a payment agreement? Read More Frequently Asked Questions We are always happy to handle your case at no charge. Simply put, there is nothing to pay if we cannot reach a settlement or win in court. This is often an attractive option when your financial security is uncertain and other payment methods are not available.

Tesco Equal Pay

Most employment lawyers do not like to work without a salary or fee because the risks are too high. While risk is obviously an important factor, we have worked at staff and senior management level for many years and are well placed to assess what those risks are.

It works simply: our fees are a percentage of the Court’s fee or salary. If the case doesn’t settle or you win in court, you won’t pay us a cent in fees.

We like to be open and honest, so if your employer has already given you an offer, we will use our percentage of what we can negotiate to beat their offer. We believe that this is the right way to be rewarded for the work done and the results achieved.

Not all cases are eligible for a no-benefit, no-charge arrangement, but we will do our best to accommodate you if this is your preferred method of ordering from us.

Gross Misconduct Employment Solicitors Landau Law

In the first assessment we will discuss your individual situation, how we can help and advise you about your situation and what we think is the best solution for you. The time and cost of the initial review will depend on the complexity of your case and the number of documents to be read; This is usually between £500 and £750 plus VAT.

After this review, we will give you an idea of ​​the cost, route and what to expect. Now you can decide if you want to continue teaching us.

We will always explain all your options. If so

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