Community Choice Credit Union Westland

Community Choice Credit Union Westland

Community Choice Credit Union Westland – October 20th is World Credit Union Day! Don’t fall for fake lottery scams Month Cyber ​​Security: Protect your payments

Should your next car be electric? Finding the Best Way to Pay: Cash, Credit or Loan Back to School Review: Welcome to Summer Youth Education Searching for Homes During the School Season Save your information on our upcoming!

Community Choice Credit Union Westland

Should I leave money at home? How to spot a study scam Everything you need to know about student loans August is Health Month

Gem Award Winners

Summer Sharing the Light: Plymouth Pollinators: How to Start Independent Retirement Planning with Early Grown Children A Beginner’s Guide to Credit Cards

Divorce Tips: Rebuilding Your Finances With Lunch Brownie Big Savings

How to Force Yourself to Work Retirement Tips: Is Refinancing Worth It? Some facts about Hillman High School can’t be captured in a QR code.

How to Spend on Entertainment Good Paying Habits for Earth Day Avoid School Loan Scams Spotlight: Starkweather Academy Students Prepare for Their Financial Literacy Future Financial Literacy Month Resources Feed the Finance Forum

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National Credit Education Month: Raise Your Score! The best way to spend your school paycheck: “March is Reading Month” Addison Elementary Building financial habits that ultimately go back to charity How to protect against identity theft!

Is buying or renting your best option? School Spotlight: Miller Elementary Celebrates 10 Years of Partnership! Prepare your kitchen and start saving 10 Tips for ATM Security Scam Alert: Phone scams can cost you.

Safety Tips: Multi-Factor Adjustment School Recommendation: Safe Savings for the 2021-2022 School Year Will Inflation Hold Up in 2022? Tips for Undergraduates: Planning a College Study.

4 Ways to Get Smart Online Tips for Retirees: Planning a Unique American Retirement & Celebrating 30 Years Gaylord Intermediate! Beware of Cryptocurrency Scams Celebrating 10 Years of Warm Hearts and Homes

Chaldean Commerce Business Guide By Valerie Cholagh

Tips for Using Skip Payments Black Friday / Cyber ​​Monday Tips School Districts Welcome Community Sponsorship Is Early Retirement an Option for You? #GratefulThursdays is back in preparation for International Thanksgiving!

Beware of gift card scams. Keep the money flowing after the pandemic with an easy DIY Halloween costume

Everything you need to know about car loans.

Six Reasons to Turn Your Secret Documents into ESTatements on 9/11

Credit Union Starts Foundation To Promote Housing, Workforce, Mobility

The Pros and Cons of Buying Now, Pay Later 5 Steps Before Making a Big Purchase How to Save on Summer Tips for Students: Make the Most of Summer

Tips for Retirement: Staying Essential Tools for Every Homeowner School of Homeowners: Communication and Engagement During the Summer Credit Union is 70 years strong.

Thrive in a Multigenerational Workplace Lewiston Elementary Volunteers Celebrate the Holidays Understanding Financial Empowerment 5 Surprising Facts You May Not Know Creative Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Financial Preparation for a New Baby Tips for Empty Nesters: DownsizingSchool Spotlight: Celebrate March and April with our community partners! Free Financial Literacy Month Resources How to get the most from your online banking

Parkside Credit Union Expands In Westland

How are you a keeper? Tips and tricks to keep your data private School Light: Orchard Hills students are still smart! Save money when shopping online and beware of corona vaccine scams.

Five Steps to Take After a Financial Disaster Wayne Westland School’s Partnership with the Financial Community How to Make Homemade Food Easy (and Cheap!) Check out what you need to know about 2021 Black History Month holiday accounts.

Beware of Heartbreak with Romance Scams Teriyaki Slow Cooker Chicken Thighs School: Plymouth University Chartered Academy Students Expand Their Lives Fast! 5 Ways to Reduce Post-Holiday Stress January is National Blood Month, 5 Reasons to Donate Today!

Everything You Need to Know About Bankruptcy 5 Ways to Cut Your Fixed Expenses Beware of Debt Collection Scams School Highlights: Online Financial Resources for Liberty High School and High School Students 3 Staying Light (and Safe!) Hearts and Homes Year 9 Holidays: You click, we donate!

Wings Financial Federal Credit Union

Financial Health in Global School Spotlight: Rosedale Elementary, Creative Partners How to Celebrate Thanksgiving During COVID-19 Beware of Jury Scams #ThankfulThursdays are back!

When is it appropriate to pay an invoice by credit card? 8 Ways to Spot a Fake School Bill Proposal: Stay Positive at Wixom Elementary! International Credit Union Day: Hoping for inspiration for the global DIY Halloween decorating community

5 Tips Anyone Can Celebrate the First Day of Fall in Style How to Make Your First Lift 3 Reasons to Switch to Digital Wallets Learn New Skills Without Spending a Dime

Back-to-School Guide to These Uneasy Times 6 Minutes Avoid scammers when the country reopens. 5 ways to celebrate National Financial Awareness Day. How can I refill it?

Here’s To The Hardworking Americans

Kids’ Corner Interview Preparation: Creating a Summer Budget with Cooperative Grants Helps Connect Families to Free Movie Nights How can I use job loss as a stepping stone for growth?

The Ultimate Guide to Offering Tickets in a Financial Crisis Everything You Need to Know About Holiday Spending School Lite: New high school teaches real-life skills with student-run credit union program. Products Partnership Summer 2020: 10 years of partnership

Creative Ways to Save on Energy Costs Self-Defense Ways to Beat the Quarantine Blues: Hillman High School Students Learn About Budgeting for the COVID-19 Scam Lesson How should I spend my stimulus check?

How to build your credit from scratch How to take care of your car during the school holidays Spotlight: Contributions from Plymouth researchers Besides saving money there are ways to spend your time productively at home. April is Financial Education Month

The Best 10 Banks & Credit Unions Near Westland, Mi 48185

Fun Activities for Kids at Home for Homeschooling Spotlight: What Gallimore Volunteers Do at Student Loan Union! Beware of Corona Scams Why You Shouldn’t Choose 2020 Brief “Thumbs Up for Charity” Starts March 9!

9 Dirty Spots to Avoid or Clean Up Winter School Light: High School Students Keep Savings on the Mountain How to Budget in 6 Easy Steps Build your image Beware of fake scams targeting college students.

Incidentally, everything you need to know about Home Loan School Lite: Wildwood Elementary students are smart! January is National Blood Donation Month, 3 Reasons to Donate Today Don’t cheat at the gym

Avoid these Airbnb scams this winter How to Prepare Your Home for Winter School Lights Using 20/20 Vision Christmas Financial Decisions: Bentley Elementary Students Take Advantage of Student Loan Association and Student Academic Development Programs Hearts and Holmes is back. You click. We donate!

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What are you thankful for? 5 Scams to Avoid This Black Friday School Lite: Celebrating Diverse Students at Kennedy Elementary How much should I keep in my checking account? 9 Ways to Thank a Veteran This Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Thursday is back!

By eating Butternut Squash and Chicken Chili5 Apps to Download Holiday Shopping Season School Spotlight: Ridge Wood Elementary Teachers Engage Students in Homeschooling International Credit Union Day is October 17th! Banking made easy with an updated mobile app! Ways to save money on food in college

The ultimate cheat sheet for after school shopping for our student-run credit union team! Do my child’s activities need to fail me? The Finance Association was selected “Best and Bright” for the 14th year in a row

Shred confidential documents on Shred Day – September 21st! Your guide to identity theft protection

Innovation In Large Organizations: Structuring Organizations To Combat Emerging Threats: Exploration Through Case Studies

Summer grant sharing helps local robotics team What’s the best way to pay for home renovations? Make some noise this summer with $100 in Sprint 7 Legends Money You won’t believe how you can get out of a failed marriage season.

Is fire a real goal for you? – Sponsored events in your community! What features should I look for in a new car? School Spotlight: Celebrate the school year with Field Elementary 8 side hustle ideas for extra income

We’re back with you this summer by sharing 8 ways kids can make money. School Spotlight: Addison Elementary students learn while doing! 6 Ways to Save Money on Camping Fees When Should I Put My Home on the Market?

Easy Spring Cleaning Tips Home Improvement School Hacks: Western Students Learn Budgeting Basics 8 Ways to Land a Cheating Job 7 How to Fix You’re Living Beyond Your Means Free Resources for Financial Literacy Month

Nicole Baker, Ccufc

7 Spring Ways to Make Extra Money Spring Gardening Tips Back to School: Coolidge Elementary Gets an Early Start with Financial Education 5 Ways to Pay Off Early Debt “Give to Charity” Starts March 11!

7 Reasons to Skip Wixom’s Grand Opening Home Review with Guest Blogger AlexSchool Spotlight: Mid-Mill Students Saving for Their Future! 8 Reasons to Love Credit Union Membership 6 Exercises to Improve Your Focus

7 Ways to Reduce Stress for Less The Ultimate Guide to Your First Apartment School: Gaylord Middle School Students Set Savings Goals Do I need an emergency and rainy day fund? 6 Ways to Help Pay for College

4 Financial Tips for 2019 6 Financial Mistakes People Make in Their 20s and How to Fix Them School Spotlight: Local high school students learn about credit.

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