Kellogg Credit Union Cd Rates

Kellogg Credit Union Cd Rates

Kellogg Credit Union Cd Rates – Kellogg Credit Union is a small credit union located in Omaha, Nebraska that serves current employees or family members of the Kellogg Company. Working with them on SEO, they approached us to modernize their look and refresh the overall brand. We start with a brand analysis to determine its target audience, strengths, weaknesses and competitors. We work closely with key members to define their mission statement, how they want to be positioned and their core values. When it came to developing the look for the logo, we reviewed our brand strategy and focused on how to connect with its members. We want to represent how they know each other on a personal level and how they always try to do their best for the members. After several rounds of logos, we came up with a logo that represents the members and the community. The “Kellogg” center font is modern and clean with a soft “Credit Union” underneath. We chose to keep the original red color and add a pop of light fuchsia to cool it down. We use images that evoke this joy, safety and connection with Kellogg members.

Sleight Advertising created a detailed brand guide that embodies Kellogg’s mission and identity. This guide can be used internally and externally to ensure consistent branding.

Kellogg Credit Union Cd Rates

We designed a series of articles to launch the new Kellogg brand. A direct mail piece announcing a new look and a bright future for the credit union to its members. We redesigned their newsletter to reflect the new brand and help curate the content. The stationery is designed to match the new look, as is the single sheet. 5 Good Thrift Tips to Help You Curb Your Holiday Spending The high expectations of the holiday season can tempt us to blow more gas than we can afford. Not only do we have bills to deal with after putting up the decorations, but 43% of respondents to a veterans survey said the added cost makes it harder to enjoy the holidays. Now is the time to plan so your December spirit doesn’t end in January. Bill We asked five frugal experts what they do to avoid overspending on vacation. Donna Friedman, author of “Your Playbook for Tough Times,” says you need to identify your spending triggers. Want to make the holidays even more magical for your family? Can you hold anything but a lot? Knowing what drives your spending can help you curb it. Here’s what he recommends:

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For Tiffany Aliche aka “The Budgetnista” working with a list, the first step is to know who you plan to give to and how much you plan to spend. Make sure your gift budget fits the overall holiday budget, including shipping, decorations, food, travel and entertainment. Her top tips:

Match your vision with your values. The blogger, who writes under the pseudonym Mrs Fergle Woods, said her family’s thrift was “bigger than the holidays”. He notes that while the weather is “amazing and fun, it’s no reason to put your emergency money in.” His advice:

Mary Hunt, author of “Debt-Proof Living,” blogs at Everyday Cheapskate Learn the difference between cost and value. He says it’s important to understand that your credit limit isn’t a license to spend. Try this instead:

Planning to save is essential to saving, says Gary Foreman, founder of The Dollar Stretcher. “If you don’t have a plan, you’re going to overspend,” he said, noting that some people don’t finish paying for Christmas until April or May. His advice:

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