Insurance Claim Lawyers Near Me

Insurance Claim Lawyers Near Me

Insurance Claim Lawyers Near Me – What happened to our laws in Singapore? Can a lawyer estimate legal costs for a car accident?

Application reference number: MA-20211106-0045 of 06/11/2021, MA-20211118-0381 of 11/18/2021, MA-20211210-0274 of 12/10/2021, MA-20211118-0381 of 18 /11/ 2021. /2022 & MA-20220601-0054 of 01/06/2022

Insurance Claim Lawyers Near Me

As of today, my 6th investigation has been submitted to your official trustee and this matter has been delayed for 6 months and 1 week since your decision to close it.

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In your last email to which you responded on May 31, 2022, you requested that I contact my current attorney directly if I had any clarification on the status of my claim and I did so in my response of June 1, 2022 .Very clearly explained in post the question. With reasons and screen message from my lawyer because I don’t trust lawyers.

In the event that you (the Public Trustee) are the victim of a complaint from the lawyers (former lawyer, defendant’s lawyer and current lawyer) about this and you tell me to contact my current lawyer directly about the situation. work well. My accident claim. This seems ridiculous, I complain to the regulator about my lawyers and the regulator wants me to go back to these lawyers?

Now from the Whatsapp screenshots that I am attaching to you on May 31, 2022, you can clearly see it through my communications and WhatsApp messages from May 26, 2022 with my current lawyer’s manager, accepting this “waiver of all legal costs”. Just to finalize this offer if I accept it but change my mind later on May 31, 2022! May I ask, can I still trust these attorneys and does the attorney have to “honor his word” for what he said and texted me? After that my court ordered the balance of $1,263.00 to still be with them and they have not responded to me to this day. I had a strong feeling that this lawyer was going to drag things out like the defendant’s lawyer is doing in this case and then accuse me of delay and sue me again for legal costs! I wonder if it is ethical to sue these lawyers because they are taking advantage of the victim who is already claiming less than the actual amount of their claim. This is how we “come out of the dark”!

1) Previous attorney: Did not do a proper job making false claims without my advice, did not fully turn over all documents to my current attorney when they handled this matter, and may even put me in danger. The hearing before his client began to drag on and I left it for no reason to prolong the first hearing. (Is this a mistake?)

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2) Defendant’s attorney: He made an offer a few hours before the hearing started and expected me to accept his very low offer. The previous hearing was adjourned. As a result), the spouse is directly harassing the plaintiff (not a party) (does this count as negligence?) and delaying my entire hearing because he has a new position and a new one. The law firm was replaced by his current firm and the matter was transferred to the new law firm. Last minute before the start of the second hearing, my current attorney threatened me not to proceed with the second hearing, issued 3 court orders and delayed payment that the state court had ordered to pay these 3 court orders . It was all on record because of his dirty tricks and he started charging me $3,700.00 in legal fees for the delay!

3) Current lawyer: I didn’t do a good job after accepting the case, without checking all the documents and the money request to make sure everything was okay, which caused me all this unnecessary stress , this delay and this real complaint. Cause damage. … etc

As a victim of this accident claim, my benefits have been delayed 6 years, 6 months and 1 week to date due to the mistake of these unscrupulous attorneys! I hope that your side, as the designated authority for car accident compensation, can make a quick decision and I appreciate your response to me on the situation as soon as possible. THANKS!

PS attached the recording that the current lawyer manager called on May 26, 2022 via WhatsApp and he wants me to decide within the day if I can accept his offer. May 26, 2022 The Whatsapp massage shows very clearly, I accepted the offer and he mentioned twice that the offer to waive all legal fees must be approved by the Public Trustee!

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(If the lawyer was not negligent (error) and caused his client to lose a legitimate claim, he will not agree to waive all legal fees.)

1/7/2022 This is the second time I have not heard from the official trust when they mention again that my file will be closed in 1 week after 7 months of investigation and still no response! So I have no choice but to write to Law Minister K. Shanmugam for help.

I would like to emphasize once again that “English is not good”, I do not harm anyone and I am a simple person who works honestly, the most important thing is that I am not an “idea ” and I have the courage to report what happened to me. So everyone knows! I believe that I, my loved ones and my children will be blessed without spoiling anyone! The incident involved insurance, car accident claims, lawyers’ actions… which Singaporeans may experience one day.

Today this type of incident may not happen to you, your loved ones or your friends, but you cannot guarantee that one day it will happen in the future, so don’t do LOL or funny comments here! In good spirit, if you find it difficult to understand or too long to read or if you do not like what I have written, you can choose to leave this content at any time, not to criticize or like this content. or promote your personal services. …. What we do every day is God’s business – thank you!

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*I stopped posting updates @ Very bad experience with an accident claim, can a public representative determine legal costs related to a car accident? (Material Area) Because some people are very free to promote their products and raise this issue.

Monday July 4, 2022 at 5:25 p.m. My current lawyer sent me an email with a letter attached from the Public Trustee.

(c) The amount of $7,490.20 paid as a pre-law balance by your client to his account no. To Party Fees and Expenses (“P&P”) paid by the defendant’s insurer and recovered by you.

*Even if all 3 attorneys waive all legal fees, it will not satisfy my legitimate claim for the accident.

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07/06/2022 It is advisable to report this matter to the Law Society as it is up to them to take it seriously to protect the people of Singapore!

Please contact me via email below before 5pm on Wednesday July 13th. This case has been going on for a long time and since the PTI took its decision, I think it is better that we go ahead and close the case. If I do not hear from you by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, July 13, I will proceed as suggested by PT.

Hi Stanley Yes. So should we wait to hear from PT on this? I hope to hear from them this week if they have more details. Please check your side. They seem more receptive to you than us. We will keep you posted if we hear from them. Sincerely

* I have forwarded all communications by email to the Public Curator, so that he can expedite the discussions mentioned by the Public Curator convened on July 6, 2022.

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I contacted my attorney on 07/20/2022 and he responded that your trustee has not responded to the legal fees you mentioned in your consent letter dated 07/01/2022. Forgiveness is misunderstood.

As you called on 06/7/2022 and 07/14/2022 and mentioned that the lawyer misunderstood your consent letter and you will send it again to get the legal fees waived. Do I think this is just a misunderstanding since you said the public defender could have easily responded immediately to the attorney and clarified the matter to close this case and why is there another delay?

As of the end of this month, July 2022, there has already been an 8 month delay in the handling of this matter by your official trustee. I hope this time

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