West Des Moines Iowa Jobs

West Des Moines Iowa Jobs

West Des Moines Iowa Jobs – Is It Time To Get Your Teen A Job? If your teen is involved in many activities it may be difficult to find a suitable job for them, but there are many different types of jobs to look at. We’ve rounded up the best youth jobs in Des Moines. Check out all these options!

Do you know of any great jobs for teens in Des Moines? Let us know and we’ll add it to this list.

West Des Moines Iowa Jobs

Work where you play! Adventureland Resort’s motto is definitely summer in Des Moines. There are many opportunities to feed youngsters, clean rooms, check people or operate a machine. Some of the benefits include bi-weekly payments, discounts and free park admission, discounts and more.

Job Opportunities With Catch Des Moines

Beaverdale Estates is a retirement community located in the Beaverdale area. According to some local parents, they hire youths as young as 14 as junior servers. They work two-hour shifts and the retirement community works well with school schedules. This is a great opportunity for young people to learn customer service and responsibility. In turn, residents like to interact with young people.

Looking for a summer job? Campbell’s Discount can be a fun option! Campbell’s Concessions offers hand-rolled corndog stands and more. They have many vacancies for employment. A comprehensive web page provides the required information. If you are 14 or 15 years old, have a parent’s signature and a work permit.

Chick-fil-a love?! Your teen might love the job! A young worker at Chick-fil-A has many perks, including Sundays off. Additionally, they offer a great environment and really work to train their employees to be kind and helpful. Vacancies include band members and cashiers.

Daycare centers throughout the Des Moines area could use extra hands, especially when school is in session for the summer. If your teenager loves working with children and wants to work in education when they grow up, this is a great opportunity. Depending on the center, nights or weekends are in and often out! This can be a great summer job or an afternoon/evening job depending on your teen’s school schedule.

Car Crashes Through West Des Moines Home

Join the “True Blue Crew” at your local Culver’s! Many young parents say that this is a very good job because it allows them to fit into a schedule and do it well.

Fairway has always prided itself on providing a great working environment for young people. Some of the best benefits of working at Fairway are closing of all shops on Sundays, closing to public at 9pm, flexible timings for activities and school activities etc.

The Great Escape is a fun environment filled with games, bowling, food and more. There are many opportunities for your teen to apply.

Your local Hi-Vee store offers many opportunities for young people. Plus, they pay well and are flexible with students’ schedules and activities. When you apply to work at Hy-Vee you also have the opportunity to apply for Hy-Vee’s Fresh Market and Wahlburgers divisions.

Valley View Park West Des Moines, Ia

Age: 16 years + For most ice cream shops due to the limited number of child laborers associated with 14 and 15 year olds during the school year.

The perfect summer job! The Des Moines area is full of ice cream shops. A very fun way to spend your summer. You can also see many of his friends.

If your teen is looking for a great summer job in Des Moines, the Iowa State Fair is the place to be. They offer admission, access to thrill parks, giant slide, concessions and more.

Que’d Smokehouse was mentioned a few times by local patrons in Waukee, Iowa when I started compiling a list of youth jobs. It is nationally owned and cross-produced.

Crews Responding To Fire In West Des Moines

If your teen loves the water and the sun, lifeguarding might be a job for them! Des Moines, Iowa has many lakes and reservoirs that often hire and employ lifeguards. Remember that your teen must be certified and pass certain requirements. You definitely have a plan in mind. If you’re not a fan of outdoor lifeguard duty, check out Goldfish Swim School for lifeguard opportunities!

Lifetime is a popular fitness club in Des Moines, Iowa. Many may consider youth a lifeguard during the summer months, but they also offer other seasonal opportunities such as being a camp counselor, LifeCaf team member, and more. If you’re recruited, your teen gets a free lifetime membership too!

A good option is to work at your local theater. Youth may apply for the summer or academic year only. There are many movie theaters in and around Des Moines. Often, theaters offer flexible hours and your teen can get a discount on movies. Notice!

Your local parks and recreation offers children’s camps during the summer months. If your teen loves the outdoors, working with kids and being active is a great part-time job for them. Search your local parks and recreation and see what opportunities are available.

Capitol Notebook: Iowa Attorney General Sues Over Unapproved Stem Cell Treatments

Run and celebrate with the kids at Pump It Up! This is another great job for teenagers who love to work and play with children. Pump It Up is open at various times and works well with young people all year round.

School districts offer summer programs for children after school, such as parks and recreation. This is a great option if your teen is looking for a part-time job to work and play with the kids. Contact your local school district and see what options are available.

If your teen is full of energy and wants to focus on customer service, Urban Air Trampoline Park is a great choice. This can be a good part-time or year-round job. Definitely, a very fun activity for kids!

The YMCA offers many opportunities for youth to work as camp leaders, lifeguards, youth program instructors and more. Another great opportunity for your teen in the Des Moines area is working with children.

New Water Park Proposed In West Des Moines

Erin is a trusted resource and step-by-step guide for moms and families to find and connect with support in our community. They want families to feel comfortable reaching out and asking for help and guidance to point them in the right direction. She loves to travel and explore with her two children! WEST DES MOINES, Iowa – A West Des Moines officer is recovering in the Methodist ICU in Des Moines after crashing into another vehicle while on the side of the interstate.

“Please do not drive while distracted and always remember to slow down and yield to emergency vehicles,” Dena Kaufman said.

Although the cause of the crash is still under investigation, Dena Kaufman knows firsthand the dangers emergency vehicles face on the road.

Her husband, West Des Moines Police Officer John Kaufman, was waiting for a tow truck in his police car next to a vacant lot on I-35.

Inside The Jordan House, West Des Moines’ Stop On The Underground Railroad

“Within five minutes, he was rear-ended by the car. And this collision caused him to have a second accident and the first car he destroyed was two accidents in one accident. He suffered multiple injuries as part of that incident,” West Des Moines Police Chief Chris Scott said.

“During the collision, John’s skull was fractured by a forceful blow to the back of his head. There was a small amount of bleeding under the fractured area at the back of his head and in the front. His head suffered a whiplash-like impact when his car hit. Complications of his injuries included a blood clot in the sinuses draining his brain, where his medical team A blood transfusion was started, he remains in critical condition, but is stable,” Dena Kaufman said.

“Every day in this simple job, it could be the end of life to be honest with you. It’s on the horizon and cars are moving at high speeds on the horizon. And when there are incidents like this, the risk is going to get even higher,” Chief Scott said.

John has been recovering for several weeks but hopes to be home in time for the birth of his first child, Dena said.

West Des Moines Ob/gyn Associates

“We are pregnant with our first child, a boy, in the second week of December. John loves children and has wanted to start a family since we got married three years ago. We have been preparing our house for the past few months as we await his arrival,” said Dena.

“It’s terrible because of the trouble they went through, but we’re grateful.”

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