Credit Union Refinance Mortgage Rates

Credit Union Refinance Mortgage Rates

Credit Union Refinance Mortgage Rates – Below is a list of some of the largest credit unions in each province. Alternatively, you can check our website for a complete list of credit unions in Canada.

FirstOntario Credit Union is the sixth largest credit union in Ontario and has a strong presence in Hamilton, Niagara and surrounding areas. FirstOntario Credit Union loans are only available for real estate in Ontario. FirstOntario offers fixed, variable, convertible and premium mortgages with terms up to seven years.

Credit Union Refinance Mortgage Rates

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Kawartha Credit Union has 22 branches in Ontario spanning from Cornwall to Parry Sound, with a particular focus on Peterborough and Kingston. To qualify for a home loan from Kawartha Credit Union, you must be an Ontario resident. Kawartha offers fixed and variable rate mortgages along with home equity mortgages, farm loans and CMHC improvements.

With more than 92 branches in Ontario, Meridian Credit Union is Canada’s second largest credit union. Meridian’s vast array of mortgage products include home equity loans, construction loans, perfect loans combined with HELOCs, self-employed mortgages and hybrid loans. Meridian loans are only available to Ontario residents.

Access Credit Union offers home loans only to Manitoba residents through its many branches in Winnipeg and central Manitoba. In addition to traditional mortgages, Access Credit Union also offers home improvement loans, vacation home mortgages and home builder loans.

Assiniboine Credit Union is the second largest credit union in Manitoba with branches around Winnipeg. Assiniboine is open to Manitoba residents only. Assiniboine offers high interest rate mortgages, construction loans, self employed, investment property mortgages, vacation real estate mortgages, Islamic mortgages, commercial mortgages and renovation mortgages.

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Cambrian Credit Union has 12 branches in the Winnipeg area and home loans are only available to Manitoba residents. Cambrian makes it easy to build a custom home with a construction loan. Cambrian also offers investment property loans, rental property mortgages, home mortgages and bridging financing.

Steinbach Credit Union (SCU) is the largest credit union in Manitoba and one of the largest in Canada. Open to Manitoba residents only, Steinbach offers new to Canada, non-income-tested mortgages, self-build and contract-build mortgages, leasehold mortgages, renovation loans, commercial mortgages and vacation home mortgages, along with variable mortgage rates.

Affinity Credit Union is the 11th largest credit union in Canada and is open to Saskatchewan residents only. Affinity offers personal mortgages, commercial mortgages and agricultural loans. For personal mortgages, you can choose from open, closed and flexible mortgages, comprehensive loans that allow you to combine other loans and products into one mortgage, and automatic HELOC offset.

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According to interest rate data collected by Average interest rates for 15-year loans and ARMs increased, while interest rates for 30-year fixed and jumbo loans decreased.

Although a gradual decline in prices is expected this year, the path may not be linear.

“Mortgage rates will be higher week-to-week, but will likely stabilize around 6 percent by the end of the year,” said Lawrence Yoon, chief economist for the National Association of Realtors.

Princeton Federal Credit Union

At its January 31 meeting, the Federal Reserve announced it would hold off on rate hikes and warned of three rate cuts this year. Changes in interest rates affect many areas of the economy, including the 10-year Treasury, which is the main benchmark for fixed mortgages.

“The 10-year Treasury yield, which serves as the basis for fixed mortgage rates, will have a lower trajectory, returning to above 4 percent in early 2024, but will decline as inflation eases and the Fed approaches interest rate cuts,” it said. Greg McBride, CFA, Financial Analyst. “For mortgage rates, it predicts a general downward trend – albeit a contraction – in 2024.

These prices are averages based on the assumptions shown here. Actual prices on the site may vary. This story was reviewed by Susan De Vita. All price information correct as at 07:30 on Monday 26 February 2024.

Today’s average rate for the benchmark 30-year fixed mortgage index is 7.30 percent, down 1 basis point over the past seven days. A month ago, the average interest rate on a 30-year fixed mortgage was lower, at 6.96 percent.

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At the current average interest rate, you pay $685.57 in principal and interest for every $100,000 you borrow.

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