Day Care Centers Las Vegas Nv

Day Care Centers Las Vegas Nv

Day Care Centers Las Vegas Nv – Cassandra Hall, who lives in North Las Vegas, used to babysit four children, but had to close four years ago after carpal tunnel surgery.

After being fired from her hospitality job, she is now trying to get back into the childcare industry, which is suffering from understaffing and has become the focus of government officials busy with new federal funding.

Day Care Centers Las Vegas Nv

Hall received a $10,000 grant from Wonderschool, a black-founded organization that expands educational opportunities for young people, and went through its rigorous 12-week program. All were funded by USAID dollars and will allow him to open a quality early childhood education center at home called Children of the Way Learning Center.

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“I’ve always wanted to have my own daycare [again],” said Hall, whose center will open in late September for children ages 3 1/2 to 5. “Wonderschool gave me a great opportunity to come back.”

With approximately 177,000 children under the age of five in Nevada, there are only 445 licensed child care centers in Southern Nevada and 195 licensed child care centers in Washoe County. Experts say they are not sure how many places are needed, but note that many zip codes have three children waiting for each place.

Gov. Steve Sisolak used federal funds to launch a $50 million investment program to increase child care assistance for high-income families, and created $1 million child care centers in Reno and Las Vegas this year to support donors.

The $1.5 million Nevada Strong Start Child Care Services Center (CCSC), also known as a child care center, opened to help increase child care resources by adding and updating information and tools through free online services. Wonderschool-powered centers are a public-private partnership between the Children’s Cabinet, the Nevada Division of Welfare and Supportive Services, and the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to address the child care crisis.

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“We are working with many of our partners to encourage people to seek child care assistance and help them get a good education,” says Karissa Loper Machado, head of the DHHS Division of Child Care and Development. “You have to have a staff that has ongoing skills and cares about the kids.”

Wonderschool is an online digital platform that prepares people to open and run high-quality childcare businesses in 15 cities across the country, and fosters a community of donors and families. Through the platform, providers can manage their businesses and resources online, build community, receive training and share updates with their families in one place.

Machado said the Las Vegas center has served about 80 childcare jobs a month since opening in February.

“[Providers] are treated as clients and partners in the child care environment … in an environment that has many partners who are committed to helping child care providers with professional development, building education, all of that,” she said.

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Hall said she received a lot of support from Wonderschool staff and found the program challenging but doable.

“The hardest thing for me was just getting on the computer and learning how to upload and download,” Hall said. “What was most difficult for me, I didn’t know how to work professionally.”

In 2021, the Education Week research center ranked last in Nevada for early childhood education, referring to programs that focus on the emotional development of children from birth to eight years old. These things affect the well-being of children. 76 percent, which is lower than the national average of 84 percent.

With this background, early learning experts fear that new resources may not benefit the community because they expire after two years, and long-term labor shortages may hamper development.

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Machado said maintaining trained and available child care workers is a challenge for the state because wages are low, as are wages – workers start at $9 to $13 an hour and typically earn up to $18 an hour with a degree. college or experience. . An hourly wage of $18 would increase annual wages to just over $37,000 a year for a full-time worker.

Tiffany Tyler-Garner, executive director of the Children’s Advocacy Alliance, said efforts to address Nevada’s child care deserts — a term used to describe areas where there aren’t enough caregivers in line with needs — must include ways to improve the lives of child care workers. and compensation to traders, especially when considering the economic situation.

Tyler-Garner said: “It’s good that they are making money. “I think they should invest more money… because we also need to look at how we build strength and especially how we build capacity in that work. .”

Wages are low, he said, because in the past government reimbursements did not cover the cost of running a childcare business.

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Latasha McCall is the director of Acelero Learning in west Las Vegas – a day care center that is part of the federally funded Head Start program. He said that securing the right staff is a challenge.

“Low-wage teachers … are the lowest on the totem pole,” McCall said. “No one wants to do these jobs because of the stress level… and then there is no money. You can’t survive, you can’t support your family.

Despite the new funding and resources, McCall said the quality of early childhood education has declined over the years — a job that used to attract passionate teachers who wanted to make a difference in children’s lives, but has become harder to recruit. . . to fill in the gaps.

He also said that the curriculum in Head Start programs is of high quality and focused on education, but many times the educational programs are not well run due to the large amount of money and little interest in the field. More mental health services are also needed to address the behavioral problems of today’s children.

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“You have many methods now and you have a lot to learn to be successful with the children in these programs now,” he said. “Because again, kids with extreme behaviors that their families don’t want to support have different problems.”

Hall, on the other hand, said he is not concerned about personnel issues. She said the “play-based” daycare doesn’t require a lot of staff and plans to charge a reasonable fee for her services, which include early learning fun, home-cooked meals and personal care.

Hall said the job is often suitable for retirees and people living on Social Security or fixed incomes who want to supplement their income due to low wages.

“It just depends on what the person is looking for,” he said. “Some people are probably just looking for part-time [work].

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The country’s childcare crisis came into focus in 2020 as businesses began to reopen due to the closure of CCIDIDs and parents struggled to return to work. This prompted courts across the country to pass hundreds of child care bills using the COVID-19 authorization that expires in 2024.

According to Annette Dawson Owens, director of school readiness for the Children’s Advocacy Alliance, Nevada lawmakers focused on improving child care conditions before the onset of COVID-19, focusing on closing access to at-risk children. He said that the attitude towards childcare has changed over the years, both locally and nationally.

“It’s about learning, not just babysitting,” Owens said. “High-quality childcare because we know that these early years are enriching, and [it] changes the trajectory of a child when he or she is prepared and ready to go to kindergarten with these high-quality learning experiences.”

He said Nevada’s low record in education includes scores related to the state’s investment in school readiness, such as preschool. Day care administrators used the Quality Rating Improvement System (QRIS), similar to public school systems, to encourage day care to focus more on education, and Owens said officials saw significant progress in Nevada before the pandemic.

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“We have to move on,” Owens said. “But the conversation, the awareness, the will, the understanding of the [final] investment and how they’re going to help the state of Nevada — I think that’s where we’ve come a long way in changing the mindset.”

LaTasha McCall, director of Acelero Learning Center, a center that has served people in childcare for more than 20 years, in North Las Vegas on Tuesday, Aug. 16, 2022. (Jeff Scheid/Nevada Independent)

Denise Cross, owner of Goddard School Preschool and Daycare in Somerset in Reno, said low enrollment years combined with the pandemic created a storm for day care in Nevada, causing many teachers to quit.

“With illness and distance learning, there are things that are not registered by the teachers,” said Cross.

Division Of Child & Family Services

During the epidemic,

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