Coin Shops In Des Moines

Coin Shops In Des Moines

Coin Shops In Des Moines – Get the best dollar deals on rare coins and paper currency from one of the strongest buyers in the industry. If you are located in Iowa and have a collection of rare coins that you would like to appraise and sell, Iowa Rare Coin Buyers can appraise your collection. This is a free, no-obligation service. We always try to purchase rare coins for our customers. Simply put, we did not find enough material to satisfy the interest of coin collectors.

Don’t sell your collection of American or foreign coins for less than their value. Our experienced coin buyers are ready to pay big bucks for rare coins and US paper currency.

Coin Shops In Des Moines

As rare coin dealers, we always want to purchase from Iowa coin collectors to satisfy our customers’ rare coin collecting interests. To facilitate this, we offer free appraisals for all rare coin collections and/or paper currency collections that we review for potential purchase. We are interested in all coins with collectible value or additional bullion: American and World, Ancient and Modern, Common or Rare. Our expert coin buyers are ready to view your collection and make an immediate, no-obligation offer.

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Iowa rare coin dealers are ready to evaluate your coin collection and make an offer. Our coin buyers have hundreds of years of combined experience and are experts in all coin-related fields, recommended by Lifetime Members of the American Numismatic Association (#6360). In addition to rare coins, buyers are also aware of the grading of U.S. banknotes, diamonds, gold and silver jewelry, silver sets, and watches. We regularly assist banks, real estate lawyers and private companies in the valuation and settlement of their clients’ collections. In short, you will not find a more experienced and knowledgeable Iowa rare coin dealer. State of Iowa laws regarding the purchase and sale of rare coins and bullion.

We work with all Iowa private coin collectors of rare US coins, rare foreign coins and US paper currency. Since 1990, our company has purchased more than $100 million worth of rare coins. Our Iowa coin dealers regularly appraise collections in Cedar Rapids, Davenport, Des Moines and Mason City. When you Google “rare coin dealers near me” or “rare coin shops near me” or “rare coin buyers near me” you want to find a company like American Rarities Rare Coin Company. Iowa Mom and Pop Old Fashioned Rare Coin Shop and Iowa Rare Coin Shop have been in business for about a month. We have a buyer for a rare coin near you. When you walk into Christopher’s Rare Coins, you’ll immediately notice that this is not your average coin store.

Christopher’s is a super store for rare coins and currencies. We have thousands of coins and pieces of currency on display.

The vast inventory of currencies far exceeds what retailers offer. From Large and Small Type Notes to $500 and $1000 Notes, National Notes, Obsolete Notes, Confederate Notes, World Notes, and Error Notes, you are sure to find something you will be proud of in your collection.

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Our selection of rare coins includes U.S. and foreign coins ranging from $1 to $10,000. We also stock antique coins, mismatched coins, tokens and medals, US mint and proof sets, commemorative coins, state quarters and presidential dollars.

Whether you are interested in US coins, gold coins, coins or foreign coins, Christopher’s is the place to go for all rare coins, coins and precious metals.

Christopher’s inventory of reference books and collector’s supplies is one of the largest in the Midwest. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced collector, Christopher provides all the coin albums, references and price guides you need to make your collecting experience enjoyable.

If there is a coin or currency you are looking for and it is not in our current inventory, we will do our best to find it and order it for you.

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