Pediatric Dentist Des Moines Iowa

Pediatric Dentist Des Moines Iowa

Pediatric Dentist Des Moines Iowa – At Children’s Dentistry of Central Iowa, we are on a mission to inspire dental health in our youth and are excited to introduce our Cavity Free Club! This exciting startup celebrates free open source testing in a fun and useful way.

How it works: Every child who doesn’t have an empty stomach during their dental check-up gets a chance in our monthly drawing. Reward? An opportunity to welcome a new friend into her life.

Pediatric Dentist Des Moines Iowa

Join us to fill dental visits with fun and prizes. Embrace a cavity-free future and beautify your smile at the No Cavity Club! One lucky winner is drawn each month, adding excitement to every visit. At Children’s Dentistry of Central Iowa, healthy smiles are the best treatment!

Iowa Find Project

Dental exams, cleanings and pain relief Dental appointments can be fun! At Children’s Dentistry, we specialize in creating an environment where children can look forward to their next cleaning and checkup. Find out more here!

Sealants, fluorides and retainers All our dental products are made especially for children. Find the right size and foil that is suitable for children and does not scare them. Our expertise in baby sealing will make this process easy. Read the book!

Consult orthodontic pediatric dentistry and check your child’s teeth and alignment before it’s too late. Our highly trained staff is adept at identifying problems that can be resolved with appropriate treatment. Learn more!

Emergency Dentistry Choose dentistry for all pediatric emergencies. Our calm and relaxed environment will take the pressure off you and your baby – because we know things can be stressful. Click here for more information!

Meet Dr. Barnard Grimes Ia, Grimes Pediatric Dentistry

We strive to provide the best dental care and services for your child. Our staff is equipped with the highest industry standards for language learning. After four years of dental school, there are two to three years of additional education in children, dental development and growth, disease, clinical dentistry, therapy (bite problems), and behavior management.

Ph.D. Whitmore is adept at calming anxious children, gaining their trust and making every visit enjoyable for everyone. We take a unique approach to meet the unique dental needs of every child who walks through our doors. Learn more about Dr. Whittemoore and his staff!

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