Personal Injury Attorney Bellingham Wa

Personal Injury Attorney Bellingham Wa

Personal Injury Attorney Bellingham Wa – Personal Injury Judgments Tidiman V. ALL STATE INSURANCE COMPANY – URRY VERDICT $300,375.00 Michael Montes V. State Farm Insurance Company – Zweber vs. $1,071,064.10. State Farm (personal injury) – Jury award $1.3 million Car accident – $375,000 out-of-court settlement.

If you or a loved one is injured as a result of negligent medical treatment or injured in an accident caused by the willful or negligent conduct of others, you may suffer physical and emotional pain, as well as financial loss. As experienced personal injury attorneys in Bellingham, we understand what you are going through. Over the past four decades, we have helped thousands of accident victims in and around Whatcom County recover monetary damages for their injuries.

Personal Injury Attorney Bellingham Wa

A personal injury claim should be filed as soon as possible after the accident, or after the injury or other damage occurs, as all personal injury cases have limitations. The rule of law is that you have a limited amount of time from the date of your injury to file a claim or your case will not be viable. In Washington state, the statute of limitations for personal injury claims related to negligence is generally three years from the date of the accident.

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Please note: Although injured parties should file a claim as soon as possible, they should never accept a settlement until they know the true value of their claim. In many cases, it can take a year or two to realize the need for medical care, and the cost of medical bills is a significant part of the settlement. Contacting a personal injury attorney after an injury is the best way to determine the value of your case and successfully navigate your personal injury lawsuit.

Both personal injury and personal injury cases ultimately aim to compensate the injured party for damages caused by the negligence of others. Personal injury claims are filed against the insurance company or the person or entity that caused the injury. If personal injury claims cannot be settled through negotiation, the plaintiff may be subject to a personal injury lawsuit. In court, a jury award replaces negotiation.

Because forty years of experience matters. Since Michael Tario opened his Bellingham personal injury law firm in 1979, the personal injury attorneys at Tario & Associates have helped thousands of injured people obtain full and fair compensation and equitable treatment for their injuries. We fight tirelessly for you, our injured clients. Our goal is to help you get back on your feet physically, emotionally and financially.

We have the resources, experience and knowledge to represent you and maximize your recovery for your injuries and other financial losses. Our network of respected experts in the fields of medicine, accident reconstruction, psychology, and engineering can help us validate your claim and obtain full and fair monetary awards to fully compensate you for your injuries and financial losses. Tario & Associates, P.C. Including pain and suffering, disability, mental and emotional harm, lost wages (past and future), medical expenses and more.

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If you need help with your personal injury claim, you don’t have to worry about paying big out-of-pocket costs. This is because we represent our personal injury clients on a prompt fee basis, and our firm passes most of the costs to our personal injury clients. When the case is closed with a refund, our firm will be reimbursed for any out-of-pocket expenses incurred by us in a settlement or a judge or jury decision.

Our law firm offers a free consultation where we will discuss your personal injury case and your rights. If you cannot come to us, we will come to your home or hospital bed to see how we can help you. Contact us today to confirm your appointment!

If you need personal injury/personal injury help, you can trust our law firm. An overview of some of Tario & Associates, P.C. Personal Injury Client Satisfaction:

Michael caused me personal injuries after being hit by a drunk driver. He was professional and worked hard for me to get the best solution. I highly recommend it. His assistants are also very nice and always ready to answer questions. – Kathy, Mr. Terrio acted for me in a personal injury case related to a car accident. I was injured and my business suffered a huge loss. Mr. Tario helped me get medical care very quickly so that all my needs were met and all my losses were compensated. I thought his education was excellent! Very impressive and I will use it again if needed. – Chris I have used the services of Tario & Associates on several occasions and have had nothing but good results. Michael is thorough and very knowledgeable. He and his staff handled my problems as if they were their own. Tario & Associates does the job right! – Kiran

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Contact our Bellingham personal injury attorneys through our contact form or call our office for a free consultation. We also make home and hospital visits for those who cannot come to us. Our goal is to always treat you with respect and care as we fight for a fair resolution that includes full compensation for your financial and physical and psychological damages.

There are several types of personal injury claims. The only way to find out if you have a case is to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced personal injury experts. We will thoroughly evaluate your accident and injuries and discuss your rights.

In most cases, hiring a personal injury attorney, even if it seems like a small matter, will result in better results. Tario & Associates, P.S. We help injured clients every step of the way and are ranked among the best personal injury attorneys Bellingham and Washington State have to offer!

Remember this important point: the insurance adjuster works for the insurance company, not you. Insurance companies exist to make money. Adjusters are trained and take special classes to learn how to convince people not to hire an attorney. They also often learn to be friendly and show a willingness to pay fairly. Usually this is far from the truth. If you’ve received a settlement offer, you need to know if it’s fair. Unless you’re an experienced personal injury attorney, it’s difficult to judge whether an offer is fair or worth your case. Tario & Associates, P.C. An experienced and knowledgeable attorney should be consulted. Our attorneys have reviewed thousands of cases and are at the forefront of current and up-to-date information on what a case like yours might cost. It is not uncommon for our attorneys to charge five to twenty times more than what the insurance company is offering.

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Our clients do not have to pay for personal injury claims. We offer personal injury cases, which means we won’t pay until you receive financial compensation. Our fees are the percentage we receive from you in personal injury cases. If we are unable to win your case and collect money for you, you will not be required to pay attorney’s fees. Washington law requires clients to pay law firms out-of-pocket expenses.

Our firm advances our costs for personal injury clients and does not require clients to pay these costs upfront. When cases are closed with financial recovery, out-of-pocket expenses will be reimbursed from the settlement amount received by our firm.

Depending on the severity of your injuries, medical bills and other financial losses, such as lost wages, can be devastating. The type of injury affects the compensation awarded in personal injury cases. A plaintiff may seek damages for pain and suffering (physical and emotional), medical expenses, lost wages, disability, disgorgement, home care, rehabilitation and enjoyment of life. The amount awarded will be calculated for each aspect of your injuries. Settlements of interest may vary.

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