Austin Divorce Lawyer Free Consultation

Austin Divorce Lawyer Free Consultation

Austin Divorce Lawyer Free Consultation – A consensus agreement can be based on the willingness of two people who want to work together to avoid unnecessary disputes by taking a simple and clear approach from the start. A divorce settlement requires a commitment from both partners who want to change in a different way than a traditional divorce.

The Evans Affirmative Action and Family Law Firm includes an experienced board of attorneys licensed to practice family law whose mission is to guide clients through the entire process, from securing children, property, money and assets to innovation and creativity. ordinary court. If necessary, to order the execution of a legally binding agreement approved by the court.

Austin Divorce Lawyer Free Consultation

Overall, the convention was neither a success nor a failure. The main goal of the Evans family law team for a client following a divorce settlement is to create a positive environment for life after the divorce, avoid unnecessary disputes, promote cooperation and facilitate the healing process.

Cohabitants And Unmarried Families

Compare Plans Joint plans are best for couples who can trust each other to be transparent about their finances, property values ​​and child-related issues.

There are no winners or losers in custody battles, children are parents’ greatest assets. The long-term damage to children caught in a custody battle between parents is great.

Fear of “losing” custody of one parent will increase conflict with the other. Instead, being emotional and leaving it up to the judge to decide what is best for your child can cost you lives and money. Even if there are “winners” and “losers” in the judgment, children cannot see or control the difference. All that is seen, heard, and understood is conflict.

However, for good parents who want to avoid this and can work together to create a parent-approved plan, there is a better way. This is where a declaratory agreement can be effective. The conciliation process at Evans Family Law Firm encourages cooperation and agreement between parents to make decisions that they know will be in the best interest of their children.

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Why leave these important decisions in the hands of a judge (our judge) who has never met you or your children and only knows you through the evidence presented at sentencing?

Contact the probate attorneys at Evans Family Law Firm, who are ready to provide you with many ideas and options for parenting plans, custody arrangements, and visitation, including an agreement if your situation requires it. . The Divorce Agreement process is inexpensive, quick to resolve, and gives parents the freedom to control the parenting process and the outcome of their divorce.

“I highly recommend Evans Family Law. I had never hired an attorney before and was very nervous about the process. I met Jimmy for the first time, who put me at ease. Later I worked with Elizabeth who was very helpful and she is so lovely. I felt It felt like I was in good hands during my difficult and stressful time. Jim, Elizabeth, Jen, and everyone at Evans Family Law are kind, respectful, caring, and great to work with. Katharine Hostetler

As long as both parties avoid agreed disputes and have full communication throughout the process, this can be resolved effectively and quickly. If the documents are signed on time, then the license agreement can be completed in 120 days or less. There are exceptions, but these can usually be resolved quickly if all parties stick to the plan.

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Texas law requires all couples to wait at least 60 days before finalizing their divorce. During the waiting period, the couple will work with a family law attorney to agree on a settlement, including child custody, visitation, property division, money, alimony, and other options. .

After the Final Judgment of Divorce is finalized, you and your spouse file an objection to the Final Judgment. Once approved, you and your spouse will be asked to sign and return to the attorney. For your convenience, you can submit all signatures electronically via any display device.

The first case is presented to the court in the name of the appointed person, and then it is divided between the two parties to ensure truth and consent. No agent is “documented”.

After receiving initial approval, staff will create a working copy of the final step removal for your review. One of our staff will make changes based on your changes, and then an attorney will be assigned to review with you and complete a final draft that meets the terms of your agreement.

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Once both parties have signed the agreement, you must make an appointment with our office to finalize the agreement in court. This step is called “testing”.

About the Firm The Evans Family Law Firm specializes in family law in Central Texas.

Our practice manager and founder, James W. Evans, better known as “Jimmy,” has been board certified in family law since 2010 and was recognized by Texas Monthly as a Texas “Super Lawyer” in 2015, 2016 and 2017. With extensive family law custody and divorce experience, Jimmy brings courtroom and legal experience to help couples trying to reach an agreement and support couples who can avoid divorce.

With Jim’s legal and family law knowledge, he is able to find solutions that meet the needs of the entire family. For reasons of frivolous divorce, Evans believed that “legal equality” was not good for the family; This is a question for the parents and the parties themselves to decide what is best. You may need help and advice on how to deal with issues related to your home, how to take care of debts, financial obligations, the special needs of your spouse or children and other issues related to care and supervision.

There are times when clients need guidance on how to handle family business issues, buying a home, business or home renovations, how to manage debt or arrears, and other matters that require legal advice.

We believe that if we can celebrate couples who have agreed to divorce, that’s what we want to give back to our community. Our commitment to couples working through a formal divorce is to guide you through the process, take the stress out of the process and give you the confidence you need. The judge agreed. We will do our best to advise you and help you find a workable solution that works for you and your family.

Our divorce attorneys handle all types of divorce cases approved in Williamson County, Travis County, Bastrop County and Hays County. Our Autin divorce attorneys offer free consultations and can often work via telephone conference or electronically, such as Skype, if necessary.

“If you’re looking for a divorce attorney like me in early 2020, let me tell you I love you. you will be fine Contact Jimmy and his team, ask questions and see. I apologize profusely for what I did. Jimmy won and he explained how to get a divorce when my ex and I were planning to go through the process, his team made the process as smooth and enjoyable as any.

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“I could not have had a better experience with Evans Family Law. The divorce was not easy, but Mr. Evans and the Evans Family Law team made it easy. I appreciate Mr. A’s honesty throughout. He answered every question I had. And he Did the changes quickly (thanks Dina) Divorce was not successful, no problems, thankfully. Good job Julio de Lalata in court and I was out in less than 30 minutes. Thank you!!” – Elizabeth Sykes (see review on Google Maps)

“Jim and his team were very professional and understood that this was a very emotional time for us. He explained the process and was patient. Our divorce was uncontested and when we met my ex-girlfriend he was comforting. So any problems or emotional issues Avoided, the process was exactly as Jim described.

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