Personal Injury Lawyer Gatineau

Personal Injury Lawyer Gatineau

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Municipal law covers all matters relating to the rights and duties of a municipality, metropolitan, regional district municipality (RCM) or other municipal body, such as display matters, real estate development, demolition, acquisition rights, expropriation, flood and sewer backup. , permits, municipal liability, property taxes, city planning, zoning, etc.

Personal Injury Lawyer Gatineau

Chain of command: Arbitration, commercial law, civil law, civil liability, construction law, insurance law, labor law, municipal law, real estate law

What Does A Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

A power of attorney, also known as a power of attorney, authorizes one person (the principal) to another person (the agent) to enter into one or more legal transactions with a third party on their behalf and…

New Home Construction – Case Acceptance and Implications Category: Arbitration, Commercial Law, Civil Law, Construction Law, Municipal Law, Real Estate Law

At the end of a home building project, after accepting a job, be careful not to accept the job unconditionally or make a final payment if a problem is discovered. I have a general contractor who accepts…

Building a new home – who can work on a construction site? Category: Commercial Law, Civil Law, Construction Law, Municipal Law, Real Estate Law

How To Choose The Best Personal Injury Lawyer In Stuart

Building a new home is a very exciting project! Earlier this month, we reviewed the necessary planning, as well as licenses and permits to obtain before construction begins. Now, with your plans, licenses and permits…

Arbitration: A Useful Dispute Mechanism Categories: Arbitration, Commercial Law, Civil Liability, Insurance Law, Labor Law, Municipal Law

When a dispute arises, litigation can be lengthy and expensive. It can also cause anxiety in some people. It is important to know that there are options for conflict resolution, going to court is not the only thing…

Did the municipality hurt you? For property damage, bodily injury or otherwise, you have the right to seek compensation and file a lawsuit against the municipality. But beware, special rules apply for returns. Really, he…

Reasons To Hire A Professional Personal Injury Lawyer

Snow, ice and cold weather in winter increase the risk of falls and injuries when moving or participating in winter activities. The events may be random, but the municipality…

Can I take action against an intolerant neighbor? Category: Arbitration, Civil Law, Civil Liability, Municipal Law, Real Estate Law

Sometimes habits and behavior of neighbors can lead to conflict. Therefore, the Civil Code of Quebec provides rights and obligations between neighbors, as well as municipalities that amend or supplement the provisions by by-law. However, the law…

If I win, will my attorney’s fees be reimbursed? Categories: Arbitration, Commercial Law, Civil Liability, Insurance Law, Labor Law, Municipal Law

A question we often get asked is about reimbursement of legal fees. Indeed, at the end of the trial, can the opposing party recover the legal costs it has to pay? First of all, it is…

Should I hire a lawyer? Category: Arbitration, Commercial Law, Insurance Law, Labor Law, Municipal Law

In general, in civil cases, either the plaintiff or the defendant may appear in Quebec courts. However, there are exceptions to this rule and representation by a lawyer may be mandatory in certain circumstances. Legal Entities Company…

Official Notice: Indispensable Tool Category: Arbitration, Commercial Law, Civil Liability, Construction Law, Insurance Law, Labor Law, Municipal Law

Texas Personal Injury Lawyer

Formal notification is often the first step in a dispute. But how useful is it? Why is it so important? This article explains what you need to know about the official notification. Distinction requires official notification…

Civil justice categories in Gatineau during the Covid-19 pandemic: arbitration, commercial law, insurance law, labor law, municipal law

Below is a summary of what you need to know at the Gatineau District Office of Civil Justice during the COVID-19 pandemic: Expiration of unexpired prescriptions and time limits in civil cases, as well as civil time limits…

Hidden Mistakes: Learn How to Better Protect Yourself Category: Arbitration, Business Law, Civil Law, Civil Liability, Construction Law, Show All Categories, Insurance Law, Labor Law, Municipal Law, Real Estate Law

Combien Coûte Un Avocat Au Québec ?

There are many myths surrounding hidden defects. Many people initially think that the disadvantages are disguised to get a better price. Others say that hiring an inspector or expert will protect you…

The law provides that, with some exceptions, real estate transfer fees must be paid when transferring real estate. This is usually called welcome tax and is paid by the municipality. There are many exceptions to the rule…

Acceptance of legal documents other than bailiff category: arbitration, commercial law, civil liability, insurance, labor law, municipal law

Any legal action begins with the filing of a document known as a lawsuit. Basically, the authorization must give the document to the other party, or if there are more, to each of them… Have you or one of your property been damaged without an agreement between the two parties?

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A classic example would be someone who walks into a mall and accidentally steps into a poorly maintained hole in the floor, falls and breaks his arm.

There is no contract between the customer and the mall. However, the Civil Code of Quebec states that those in charge of shopping malls must act carefully and diligently to ensure that public spaces are well maintained to ensure the safety of customers.

The golden rule in tort matters is simple: first you must prove that there was reliance as defined in the law.

For example, if we go to a doctor, he cannot cure us. The doctor is not bound to perform the operation. However, he is bound to perform his duties to the best of his ability observing industry norms and requirements.

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Another example: A woman goes to the grocery store and trips on a puddle of clear shampoo. He takes the shop to court and is sure he will win. However, it was proved that the hostess went to the same place, in the same lane, and the shampoo was not poured out at that time. Another customer who was walking past the woman apparently accidentally knocked over the bottle. This happens sometimes. It is unfortunate for the woman, but the store is not negligent and not to blame; The store was not sued to compensate him.

For example, a person buys a house and notices that water comes in when the snow melts. The house was purchased with a statutory warranty against hidden defects and no intrusion defects were reported. In this case it is a violation of the law.

However, the insurance company paid him in full for the intrusion damage, and his brother-in-law, who does foundation repair, repaired the crack at no cost.

Even if the seller made a mistake during the purchase, the buyer is not entitled to any compensation from the seller if the problem is solved without cost.

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A beginner skier tries to avoid a shock and loses his balance and falls on hard ice. He is sick and the sky monitors put him on a stretcher as a precaution.

A scammer leaving the clinic got confused, flipped her skis against a wall and fell, breaking her pelvis.

In this example, the young skier is guilty. There are injuries in the form of a broken hip.

Our law firm can help you determine whether these three prerequisites are met and whether it is worth moving forward. The firm’s young, dynamic personal injury attorneys make a huge positive impact on the lives of their clients, dispelling misconceptions and shaping the future of personal injury law.

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When Oatley Vigmond looks at the talent and achievements of the next generation of personal injury lawyers, one thing is clear – the future is bright for one of Canada’s top-ranked personal injury law firms.

Otley Wigmond has been voted one of Canada’s top personal injury law firms by Canadian Lawyer Magazine since the award was presented in 2011. The firm attributes its top ranking to the talent and hard work of its strong associates, including partner Lara Fitzgerald-Husk . , Leanne Brown, Erin Murray, Karen Wigmond, Ben Irantaleb, Jordan Kaufman, Harrison Cooper, Charles Jung, Nicholas W. Smith, Marella Botros, and Rayanna Hamadi.

Associates recognizes its partners for this honor for their meaningful guidance and commitment to their clients. Otley Wigmond’s partners include James L. Wigmond, Brian M. Cameron, Robert M. Durante, Troy Lehman, Adam R. Klein and Kevin Henderson included. Grounding

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