Norris Injury Lawyers Birmingham Alabama

Norris Injury Lawyers Birmingham Alabama

Norris Injury Lawyers Birmingham Alabama – No matter where in the country, clients have expectations that determine their experience with your law firm. They want to know that you will do what you say you will do. How you do it can make the difference between a mind-blowing experience or a life-changing experience that never comes again.

It starts with the little things you promise to do. Are you calling at the scheduled time? By following through on the little things we say, we can show people that we mean what we say and that they can trust us to keep our promises.

Norris Injury Lawyers Birmingham Alabama

Keeping your promise to customers requires monitoring and evaluation. What are your non-negotiables? How do you manage feedback and have a level of customer satisfaction? The thing is, you may think you’re providing a great customer experience, but that only matters if your customers think so, too. That’s why it’s important to own and follow great moments or opportunities to meet or exceed customer expectations.

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However, you can only meet and exceed customer expectations that you know and set. You want to recognize the client’s monetary and non-monetary expectations, because at the end of the day, it’s not just the claim you get for the client that matters. It’s also about how you treat them throughout the process.

Yes, we want to achieve the best results for our clients, but we also need to provide them with a great experience throughout the process. This is possible because these two things are not mutually exclusive. And if you ever fail and receive bad service, it’s important to know how to fix the situation. Ready to learn more?

Listen to this episode of The Judd Shaw Way podcast with Stephen Norris, attorney and president of Judd Shaw and Norris Injury Lawyers. They discuss the ins and outs of the customer service experience and provide amazing service to aggrieved customers.

Hello and welcome to the Judd Shaw Way show, which offers tips for creating memorable customer service. I’m your host, Judd Shaw. In today’s episode, we talk to Stephen Norris about creating wow. We will discuss the ins and outs of the customer service experience. Stephen Norris is the president of Injury Lawyers, a personal injury law firm serving Alabama, or I hope, Alabamians, if I understand correctly. Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, Stephen attended the University of Alabama, Roll Tide for an unforgettable experience before earning his law degree from the University of Alabama School of Law. He is also fluent in German and Finnish, but we will try to make decent use of English today. Stephen shares my passion for customer service and has spent much of his time focusing on how to serve his clients throughout the life of a deal and maintaining that relationship after the deal closes.

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I’m from the old state of Alabama and here in New Jersey. You have a law firm there. I have a law firm. Does the customer service differ geographically, for example in the south and in the north?

The approach may be slightly different, but its importance and what you are actually trying to achieve will be the same. If they have interacted with your business, there is someone who can confirm or correct a misconception about you. If they think something negative, you have the opportunity to prove them wrong. If they think something positive, you have the opportunity to confirm it. The way to do it might be a little different, people behave differently socially, in the North maybe a little different in the South. But ultimately what you’re trying to do is give them confidence that you’ll do what you say and that you care about them.

I have had the pleasure of working with your law firm. I have toured many law firms across the country. This is my experience, the expectations are the same, you will do what you say, you will keep your word. How you do this can vary by style, industry, and even geography. Our customers come from all walks of life. So, even in New Jersey, our approach to our clients may vary from client to client. But the goal or what we’re trying to achieve is the same: to provide a truly first-class customer experience. In what ways do you do this in your law firm?

I think it starts with just doing the little things you say you’re going to do, even the little things like hey, we’ll call you at 2 p.m. Do you call them at 2 am? Do you call them at three or four o’clock? I will call you back within 24 hours. Do you call them within 24 hours or several days? My grandfather told me that being on time is one of the easiest ways to consistently show people that you will keep your word. And following through on the little things we say we’re going to do is a way to show people that we mean what we say and that they can trust what we say we can do for them.

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What are some ways to measure success in achieving great results and delivering on promises? So in our business, for example, we have non-negotiables. One would be to answer all calls immediately or within 24 hours at the latest. And we can track it, we know when the call came in, we can see when the call ended. We might know that there’s a note in our case management software that talks to this customer and addresses their concerns, or that a task or deadline is created to help this customer get the answer they’re looking for. . And our core values, one of our core values, is to be the knight in shining armor. How can you be a knight in shining armor and call someone in four days? So we can identify with our core values, but we also have ways to know if that promise is being fulfilled. How do you do this in your business?

You talk about checklists and numbers and look at details. I think it’s good on the one hand. I think before you get to that point you have to deal with things like: what are people saying about me to the community? What do the critics say? If people take the time to write you feedback, how you’ve done everything you can to make their experience enjoyable, to improve their relationship with you, it may not be a way to follow up, but it’s certainly a clue. . There is a way you can do it.

And conversely, if someone says something negative about you, if someone takes the time to write a review and talk about how you’ve ruined their day, I think the response people might want is often to explain why I’m doing good. work Therefore, this person is unjust. We did a good job, it’s their fault because… If you’re looking for good customer service, you want to impress people. You’re not looking for an outcast, you’re looking for people to have a really good experience with. And whether they have a right to feel that way, or whether your treatment of them is justified in making them feel that way, isn’t really the discussion you’re trying to have. You’re trying to ask: What can we do to make sure they have a good experience?

People often call us in difficult situations. A family member was injured or killed, injured and in pain for several weeks. They are not necessarily in the patient’s most comfortable state when they contact someone. Maybe they were unhappy with the insurance company when they contacted us. Can we admit it? Can we give them space and show that we understand that this can be a part of it? When it comes to tracking our reviews, we listen to them a lot. If someone calls and complains, I’ve recently had a situation where they told me that someone had mistreated our staff, said rude things to them, wanted us to do it, they just said we couldn’t handle their work. he did. I felt like we were told that they didn’t matter or were a member of his family

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