Las Vegas Nv Divorce Lawyer

Las Vegas Nv Divorce Lawyer

Las Vegas Nv Divorce Lawyer – Nevada Las Vegas Henderson Divorce and Family Law Attorney Nothing is more important than what we do for families

At Nevada Family Law Group, everything we do is focused on your family’s needs. From helping our clients through the difficult times of divorce and custody, to helping families grow through adoption, foster care and more. Our experienced team of attorneys and support staff have earned a reputation for excellence in handling simple to complex cases. Indeed, not only are our top lawyers successful in court, but they literally wrote the laws we live by. The team at Nevada Family Law Group is uniquely positioned to help you achieve your goals.

Las Vegas Nv Divorce Lawyer

Our team of award-winning attorneys, paralegals and independent experts prepare each case with the care it deserves. Each case is unique and requires not only an understanding of the law, but also empathy for each client and a willingness to do whatever it takes to prepare each step, taking nothing for granted in the process. Every Nevada Family Law Group client is treated like family, because when we’re done with a case, our bond is deep and lasting. No one works harder for your case than the attorneys and staff at Nevada Family Law Group.

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All of us at the Nevada Family Law Group believe in the importance of the family and the institution of marriage. We know from personal experience that successful marriages and families come at the end of hard work. We also know that not all marriages survive the obstacles that life can bring. Divorce and custody issues are often emotionally charged and financially draining cases in courtrooms today. Whether it’s the end of a dream of a happy marriage, or the fear of losing time with children, the attorneys and staff at Nevada Family Law Group help clients through the entire process. We design your legal strategy to fit your short-term and long-term needs and goals.

The team at Nevada Family Law Group approached my battles like a game of chess, anticipating my opponent’s every possible move and countering their moves before they had a chance to finish.

If anyone understands child transfer law, it’s Keith. He made it impossible; And with him in my corner, I was able to achieve better results than I expected.

By far the most caring and hardworking law firm! I used Jordan Garcia to represent me in my messy divorce. They put their heart and soul into my case and treated me like family. I will always be grateful to them.

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As a father, rumors and half-truths swirl about what’s going on with custody battles and it can be scary. Attorney Marilyn Kaston denied all this. I highly recommend Ms. Caston and the Nevada Family Law Group.

Friendly and helpful even when dealing with the worst case scenario. They took the time to explain my divorce case in a way that was easy to understand. I have recommended them to my colleagues and they have had the same experience.

I have handled high conflict custody matters for many years. I have worked with many attorneys and I can confidently say that Nevada Family Law Group is the best. If you’re looking for results, they won’t let you down.

Going through a divorce can be emotionally draining, especially knowing that the decision will affect you for the rest of your life. During this process, many questions arise: questions about children, property and your financial future. When going through the divorce process, it is important to have a third party who can help you make the smartest and most effective decisions that will set you up for a successful new life.

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Our Las Vegas divorce attorney will work hard to achieve the best possible outcome. We understand the many stresses and considerations that go into a divorce case. We will help you protect your assets and, most importantly, protect your rights as a parent.

Let our affordable divorce attorney help you through this difficult situation, so you can move on with your life and make a fresh start. Contact us and schedule your free consultation today!

Divorce is the official dissolution of a legally valid marriage by a court. Nevada divorce laws may have provisions not found in other states, especially if there are children whose welfare must be considered in the divorce.

Nevada courts cannot, with certain emergency exceptions, award custody if the child has not been in Nevada for six months prior to the divorce. In addition, those filing for divorce in Las Vegas/Clark County must take a COPE (Coping with Divorce) course if there are children whose custody will be decided by the court. Parents may also choose to try to resolve custody and other issues through mediation or collaborative divorce, where an experienced mediator helps both parties reach an agreement before asking the court to rule on the matter. Because a mediation settlement is voluntary and not legally binding, either party can reject all or part of the agreement.

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Almost the same as a divorce except that both parties remain married but live separately. A petition for legal separation must show that the spouse requesting the divorce (

) has a valid reason to leave the divorce and asks the court to order the division of property, child support and alimony. Once approved, legal separation provisions can be enforced by the court as if they were part of a formal divorce proceeding.

Is the formal dissolution of a marriage that was void from the beginning for any of several reasons. Among the reasons are:

Grounds for annulment can be used in a number of ways and the advice of a family law attorney should be obtained in such matters.

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In the case of a simple uncontested divorce, once all the proper paperwork is filed, the divorce can be finalized in less than a week. Anything but an uncontested divorce can take several months, depending on the complexity of the divorce regarding property division, alimony and child support.

In general, before filing for divorce, you should gather all relevant information and documentation about community property, financial records, an inventory of each spouse’s real and personal property, and an estimate of child support and alimony. Many couples choose to work through a lawyer when they begin their divorce. In this case, the lawyer will instruct the client about the information or documents needed for a particular case.

Nevada law requires that the plaintiff spouse must have lived in the state of Nevada for a period of at least 6 weeks, and this period must be verified by a resident witness statement filed with the divorce papers. As long as the court is satisfied that all other requirements have been met (eg giving a copy of the divorce petition to the non-resident spouse), the divorce is granted as if both parties were residents of Nevada.

The above answers apply to couples without children. If there is a child custody issue to be resolved, a Nevada court cannot exercise jurisdiction over the child unless the child has been a resident of Nevada for six months immediately prior to the divorce proceeding. There are exceptions that are allowed in emergency situations, but these exceptions, which are consistent with the Unified Child Custody Act, can be confusing and are best handled by the family law attorney handling your divorce.

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Yes. Since the divorce is signed with a court clerk, it becomes a public document and can be read by anyone.

An uncontested divorce is a divorce in which both spouses have previously agreed to share responsibility for property, custody of children, alimony and child support and have the court approve their decision.

An arranged marriage is a non-binding legal agreement made before the actual marriage that the future spouses will receive premarital “counseling,” agree to terms under which a divorce may be granted at some point in the future, and receive premarital “counseling” again. Divorce..

Because consanguineous marriage is recognized in only three states (Louisiana, Arkansas, and Arizona), Nevada courts can grant a divorce as long as the other legal requirements for divorce in that state are met. When a divorce is granted in Nevada, the divorce is valid both in the state where the marriage took place and in any other state in the country.

Las Vegas Divorce Attorney

If there is a religious obligation to finalize the divorce, each man can decide for himself whether to fulfill that obligation, but no man can be forced by a court to participate in a ceremony or any other religious “obligation”.

In Nevada, alimony can be either “general” or “remedial.” Alimony is money paid by one party during a divorce

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