Coastal Federal Credit Union Auto Loan

Coastal Federal Credit Union Auto Loan

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Coastal Federal Credit Union Auto Loan

In short: Credit cards can be either a credit card or a debit card depending on the customer’s usage. That’s why Shore Credit Union offers members a variety of loan options and the educational resources they need to use them. The credit union offers the CardNav app, which allows users to manage and track their cards and spending in real time. Coastal Credit Union aims to offer more products and services to help customers improve their financial situation, no matter where they start.

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Credit cards are a common financial tool and many people use them for everyday purchases. They can help users build credit so they can qualify for other financial products, including home and car loans.

However, many credit card holders don’t get the education they need to know which cards fit their lifestyle or how to use them properly. That’s why so many North Carolina customers turn to Coastal Credit Union for help, guidance and service.

Coastal Credit Union serves 16 counties in central North Carolina. It was originally created to serve IBM employees and today is an employer credit union. Its member organizations now include non-profits, schools and hospitals.

Coastal Credit Union has approximately 279,000 active members and contributes approximately $4 billion in assets to the credit union. Members also receive a variety of credit card products and services.

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“For several years, we’ve been trying to go through every conceivable avenue of card development,” said Joe Makka, vice president of communications for Coastal Credit Union. We’ve reduced our referral budget and now have something for everyone.

These include prepaid cards, everyday cards and secured cards. Shore Credit Union is a great product for members who want to earn points and cash back or build credit.

Credit unions provide the financial education resources consumers need to ensure credit cards are a useful tool to improve their lives.

Coastal Credit Union Visa® Premier Signature allows users to earn points that can be redeemed for cash back, credit, shopping, travel and gift cards. Cardholders can earn 3x rewards on gas, 2x rewards on stores and 1x rewards on other purchases. They can earn bonus points when they use the card with ShopSPOT in stores and online.

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“It’s aimed at someone who has a lot of credit, but someone who uses it as a credit card,” Mecca said. “This is someone who wants to use their credit card for most of their purchases and pay their bills every month. It’s a good credit card for high credit users.”

The Visa® Classic Rewards Card is an everyday credit product. The Visa® Premier Rewards Card pays less and offers 1 point per dollar spent. Customers can redeem those points for merchandise, travel and gift cards. As with the Premier Rewards Visa® Card, users can earn additional points when used with ShopSPOT.

“For someone who wants the right rate and the right payments, but has a balance or is looking to improve things over time,” Mecca said.

Finally, your Visa® Rate Advantage card offers the best credit union rate. There are no annual fees or fines.

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“We give you a low rate on everyday purchases, knowing you’re likely to have a balance, ensuring you get the best value card for every day,” he said. Here is the story. “There is also a safe way out for anyone looking to establish credit.”

The Coastal Credit Union CardNav app is a complementary digital app for credit and debit cards. The digital tool will make credit card use more manageable and will be delivered in partnership with CO-OP.

“You can change your card when you don’t use it and you can change your card when you want to use it,” Mecca said.

Once the card is deactivated, it cannot be used in any transactions, adding another layer of financial security. Since the card is disabled, it also reduces the time it takes to detect and report fraud.

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The app, available on iOS and Android, allows cardholders to set specific spending limits, so they can limit monthly usage and make sure they stay on top.

“It’s good for someone who wants to build credit and limit what they pay on that card,” Mecca said.

Users can set up alerts for deals, merchants, or other features they want to track. This feature makes it easy to track expenses and maintain a budget.

“It’s good for fraud prevention because when you see something unexpected, you can quickly see where the card was used and why,” Mecca said. “Members have more control over their cards than from outside of online cash registers and tracking.”

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Credit cards are a powerful financial tool, but they can be a double-edged sword that can hurt as much as they help. They want to learn how to use money correctly, safely and effectively. Coastal Credit Union knows and has the answer with financial education tools.

“We’re still trying to find financial or educational resources,” Mecca said. “We have a lot on our blog, we publish new articles on various financial topics, many of which involve spending and debt management. It’s a database and we share it on our social media channels and in member emails.”

Coastal Credit Union also hosts a financial education center on its website. The center includes interactive learning units divided into categories that include savings, loans and credit. Such prototyping allows users to self-study at their own pace.

Coastal Credit Union launched a financial wellness program in early 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic. The project is currently on pause, with the intention of resuming when face-to-face workshops are in order. Members can take a lifestyle survey and, based on the results, talk to a financial advisor about their situation and goals.

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“I did research and personally worked with one of our financial advisors,” Mecca said. “If you’re in one of the areas where you live or you’re in trouble, we’re going to work with you. We’re going to get you back in the future and be safe, and people like to come back. together.”

Coastal Credit Union members have access to credit cards that fit their needs. They also have access to tools, services and educational resources to help them use their cards safely.

Coastal Credit Union has moved away from face-to-face communication and other interactions, but has focused its energy and commitment on a member assistance program. The program helps borrowers manage debt, restructure debt and avoid foreclosures.

“This is a program we have been running since 2008 and we know that when people are in trouble, they just need someone to help them before they pick up,” says Makkah. “Sabela left a lot of people out of collections because it helped them take risks. And they broke their debt and didn’t stop giving thanks for that. That’s where we need to focus on what to do during the COVID-19. Widespread epidemic.

Coastal Credit Union is committed to helping members manage their finances and other businesses. The credit union is affiliated with GreenPath, which offers financial counseling and budgeting guidance.

“They do a lot of the individual work that people need to put things together that goes beyond the budget and working with a land-based credit union,” Mecca said. “Also, they help us with projects and develop a debt management plan for their external debt.”

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