Divorce Lawyer West Palm Beach Fl

Divorce Lawyer West Palm Beach Fl

Divorce Lawyer West Palm Beach Fl – Eddie Stevens was sent to prison late in the case that had already been resolved. With his knowledge and skills, he was able to solve all problems in an efficient and pleasant way.

Obviously I made the right choice in choosing Carin to represent me in my marriage. I could feel Cara’s dedication throughout the program. He obviously worked hard for me and my interests.

Divorce Lawyer West Palm Beach Fl

Gina has been my attorney for over a year now and I was very impressed with how she handled my case. Gina is very professional, communicative and always looking out for the best in me. I highly recommend using it!

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Eddie Stevens is not only a great lawyer, he understands what it means to solve a difficult problem and has helped me through some of the most difficult times in my life. When I first talked to Eddie he made me feel comfortable and able to do whatever I wanted. I am so glad to have found him and to finally be at peace.

I want to share that the law firm of Stephens & Stevens PLLC in West Palm Beach, Florida is an amazing firm with incredibly talented attorneys who care deeply about their clients. Find out these days. They worked diligently on my sister’s divorce and fulfilled every promise – hard to find these days. And I was their client in 2018 – truly the best agency in Palm Beach County in my opinion!!! Lisa Turner.

I really appreciated the way Gina handled my divorce. He is clear and knowledgeable about how things like life insurance, homes, real estate, retirement accounts, etc. are used or discounted. He and the office staff were attentive and quick to respond to any questions or concerns I had. Definitely a lawyer who cares.

Eddie Stevens is highly praised, but he managed to exceed my expectations. I hired Eddie to represent me in my foreclosure, a matter I wanted handled professionally and quickly. Repairing my case was fine. Eddie and his assistant Emily kept me informed and made sure I knew every step both sides had taken. He went through the process and gave me options to solve my problem. Thanks for the effort! Five stars aren’t enough for Eddie and his merciless sidekick Emily.

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Carin represented me (the wife) in my divorce and my ex-husband represented her. I wanted to make this easy for me and my ex. Carin took the reins on all the legal issues, but let me handle the negotiations. He gave me advice on what could be achieved if I went to court and helped me write language in all of our agreements to protect my ex, give me what I want, and not wait in court. He was in my group (with a group of children) and we got along well with everyone involved. He got a divorce online with no animosity between me I couldn’t be more grateful. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs a divorce attorney!!

Gina was great, she always kept me informed and Emily was also quick to resolve my issue, thank you and all the staff.

He is truly one of the best in his profession, with an outstanding staff. Very nice and neat, with technical skills to boot.

Carin helped me get married to my boyfriend. He was efficient, efficient and informed all the information from the other side, he kept it informed all the time. I couldn’t have run this event without you. He not only gave me sound advice, but showed me the meaning of each chapter. That’s exactly what you want by your side, in any situation. I can’t recommend Carin and her team enough – thank you all!!

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Gina Szapucki takes what she does seriously and does it with all her might. He does everything he can to achieve the best possible results for us. He didn’t make decisions, but he taught us to give guidance so that we can make better decisions for ourselves. He is very patient and careful. I would recommend him to anyone who needs an attorney who does what he does.

Stephens & Stevens, PLLC is a Florida law firm that specializes in personal and family law. The company’s approach is to resolve serious disputes and issues of high value in order to achieve the best possible outcome for each client. September 1, 2022 – West Palm Beach, Florida. – Eddie Stephens and Carin A. Stevens, founding partners of Stephens & Stevens PLLC, were recently named “Best Lawyers” 2022 by Palm Beach Illustrated.

Stephens & Stevens specializes in multi-property divorce litigation, assisting clients with domestic law issues such as property division, business valuation, child and spousal support, child custody and visitation, modification of wills, relocation, same-sex marriage , and pregnancy. and postnatal contracts.

Palm Beach Illustrated partners with professional search services to compile a peer-reviewed list and determine the best attorneys in the area. Licensed attorneys are voted on to submit their recommendations, and those with the most votes are selected for the 2022 “Best Attorneys” list. The list is published annually in the September issue of Palm Beach Illustrated. In addition, Stephens & Stevens PLLC was recently established by the US. News “Best Lawyers” in the field of family law.

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“We are honored and humbled to be among Palm Beach Illustrated’s ‘Top Attorneys’ for representing Palm Beach County’s matrimonial and family law,” said Eddie Stevens.

Eddie Stephens, a sixth-generation Floridian, is a veteran attorney with over 25 years of experience. Stephens is board certified by the Florida Board of Family and Family Law. He received an AV Top Peer Review Rating from Martindale Hubbell, a professional body that reflects ethical standards and professional competence, and was recently named to the 2023 Best Lawyers in America by family law program.

Stevens has established himself as a leader in family law. He started a family law blog and has worked as a consultant in his field for the past eighteen years, writing articles and speaking to colleagues about new family law law. He is currently a member of the Board of Directors of Children’s Counseling, Inc. and the Palm Beach County Board of Directors.

Partner Carin A. Stevens spent more than 12 years in mental health and counseling before practicing law. As a mental health counselor, school counselor, and counselor for the Department of Children and Families, she brings a unique and compassionate perspective to the clients she represents.

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Stevens has helped thousands of children, families, and couples through difficult life situations. As a family lawyer, she uses mental health training and therapeutic skills to effect positive change for each client. Stevens was recently named to the 2023 Best Lawyers: America’s Watch™ for his work in the area of ​​family law.

“Thank you for being recognized by our teammates,” Stevens said. “This exciting achievement celebrates the hard work and dedication we provide to our customers every day.”

Stephens & Stevens, PLLC is a Florida law firm that specializes in personal and family law. The firm’s strong approach is to resolve serious disputes with high value cases to achieve the best outcome for each client. They are located at 400 Palm Drive, STE 111, West Palm Beach, FL 33409. For more information, call (561) 430-4350, email info@ss-famililav.com or visit www.ss-famililav.com Elizabeth Tenner is a partner in Greenspoon Marder wedding bands and family groups. A former Assistant Attorney General and experienced trial attorney in Orlando, Elizabeth (Beth) Tenner has dedicated her practice to a wide range of matrimonial and family law matters, including traditional divorce and cohabitation; LGBT same-sex marriage and family issues; maintenance; raising a child; maintenance; assessing the value of marital assets; prenatal and postnatal care; transportation; change; to force; Father; parenting and domestic abuse. Ms. Tenner is currently appointed and serves on the Florida Family Law Committee and the Florida Bar Appeals Committee “D.” Ms. Tenner also practices as a family law mediator and is in the process of being certified in that capacity by the Florida Supreme Court. Prior to joining Greenspoon Marder in 2008, Ms. Tenner handled more than 50 cases in the State Attorney’s Office as a prosecutor in the 15th Judicial District Court in West Palm Beach. He is a frequent lecturer on topics related to his family’s law.

Ms. Tenner remains active in the community despite her busy schedule and client needs, volunteering at the Second Harvest Food Bank and the League Food Store and has been a strong supporter of the Runway to Hope charity for several years. past.

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